OSRS Error Loading Your Profile [Firewall Error Fixed]

Old School RunScape (OSRS) is a Jagex’s official term for a previous version of the RuneScape game. The game was introduced from the August 2007 archive of RuneScape.

It is a backup of the RuneScape source code as it had been on 10 August 2007. It is also commonly referred to as OSRS or 2007scape. Ever since its release in 2013, the game has seen a massive increase in fan base.

OSRS can be played on Microsoft windows, OS X, Linux, iOS and android devices. However, most OSRS players play on Microsoft windows and apple iOS. OSRS requires internet connectivity for playing the game. This makes for an effective and fast communication between the game server and one’s gaming system.

OSRS firewall error issues such as ‘OSRS error loading your profile’ has been reported by multiple users.

Other common errors are ‘there was an error loading the game configuration from the website’ or ‘please contact customer service’. The problem can occur in both Mac and Windows, and its diagnosis and troubleshooting can differ on different operating systems.

Firewall and antivirus can be overprotective and could block the connection between the system and the game server. This is quite common especially to devices using third party firewall protection software. Firewall error is quite common with OSRS online games. 

Causes of OSRS Firewall Error 

OSRS connection problem can be caused by different factors, ranging from an inconsistent DNS to VPN or a firewall error. Below are some of the common causes.

An Antivirus/Firewall Restriction

Although most computers have firewalls or antivirus software protecting them from virus attacks and interference. There are however possibilities of these protections blocking RuneScape’s connectivity to its servers. This consequently prevents it from loading the game configuration from the server.

The Doman Name System Settings

Sometimes, the DNS configurations of the computer are set in ways that limit the connection to the game servers. Usually, it is advisable to look at one’s DNS settings to confirm if there is a problem with it.  “There was an error loading the game configuration from the website” frequently pops during the launch of the game.

Administrative Privileges

There are high possibilities that administrative privileges are required by the game. This enables it to access and make changes to folders present in the system directory. Consequently, the OSRS firewall error may occur where administrative privileges are not granted to the game.

Location Restrictions

Just like every other application or software, there are possibilities that the developers have laid restrictions. Restriction may be laid on areas to which the person’s connection to the servers may be rejected. For instance, it was discovered that players from particular regions in the US were unable to connect to the game.

Blocked Ports

Oftentimes, some ports may be blocked by your Firewall which is essential for the game’s communication with the internet. On such occasions, you see error like “there was an error loading the game configuration from the website”. This will affect connection to the game’s server entirely.

Java Version

It is not uncommon for recent updates to trigger problems. So, where the latest version of Java has been installed on one’s computer, the error might be triggered. This is because such a version of Java may not be compatible with all the features of the game. The game might be blocked from being able to retrieve its configuration file from the servers.

  1. Proxy/VPN: Using a Proxy or a VPN to login to the game via their browser for some may cause the issue. Thus, where one uses a proxy or a VPN, it is best to temporarily disable it or uninstall entirely.
  2. The extensions being used: If one is playing the game on one’s browser, disabling all extensions on it may be advisable usually. This is because some extensions, for instance, “Youtube Downloaders” are known to cause issues with the launch of the game.
  3. Game Cache:It is very possible that the Game cache that is being used to extract the launch configurations has been corrupted. As a result of this, loading the game configurations from its website may be impossible.
  4. Client Properties:It was discovered by some users that changing the URL from the RuneScape Launcher’s Client Properties fixed the issue. So, where one sets the RuneScape Client Properties URL to “www”, the client might be prevented from loading the game.

How To Fix OSRS Firewall Error

Of course, the goal of troubleshooting is to discover problems and then proffer solutions. Consequently, this post highlights the solutions to the OSRS firewall error below.  In solving the OSRS firewall error, the below may be taken into consideration:

SOLUTION 1:Fixing Internet Connection Issues

Since the OSRS commits its activities online, implicitly, a weak internet connection affects its productivity. Consequently, restarting the internet connection to fix issues may be a solution or an alternative network provider may be helpful. 

SOLUTION 2:Addressing Router Failure

Test your router; unplug the router for a minute. Then, plug the router back in and wait for all lights to turn green may be a solution. The Internet Service Providers may also be the cause of the problem.

So it is not a bad idea verifying from the ISPs if the issue is from their quarters. Also, on the router’s firewall, one may need to open the following ports – 443, 43594 and 43595. This varies depending on the make and model of the router.

SOLUTION 3:Uninstallation of older versions of Java & OSRS Client and installation of the latest version.

Although installing the latest version may provide a solution. However, at the same time and downgrading of the latest version may be advisable. This is because usually recent updates come with bugs. So, if one is using the latest version and is experiencing such firewall issue, a downgrade is advisable. A contrary position may be advisable if one is using the older update.

SOLUTION 4:Turning off all/any firewalls or disabling them. 

Getting to one’s windows firewall “add program” area, and clicking on port, then click specific port. Then add 443, 43594, 43595 to the box, when it asks if you want to add a program or port. Also, if you have firewall or antivirus software installed on the computer, you might need to add some exceptions. Exceptions should be added for: ‘java.exe’, ‘jagexlauncher.exe’, ‘runscape.com’, and ‘runscape.exe’. 

SOLUTION 5:Clearing Cache and Reinstalling.

  • To do this, the Run command mode will have to be entered by pressing the ‘Windows + R’ button
  • Then type ‘%appdata%’ and then pressing enter. After the appdata folder pops, the Jagex folder will have to be deleted. 
  • The jagex folder will equally have to be deleted from the local disk and documents folder.

SOLUTION 6:Restarting the computer.

Restarting of one’s computer has been known to solve a lot of issues. This ranges from internet connectivity, to firewall and profile loading issues. However, where the OSRS firewall error is persistent after restarting one’s computer. The best alternative may be to completely recover one’s computer to factory condition mode.


If any of the solutions may do not solve the problem. Recovery to factory mode may be a final solution. Remember to backup all important files as you will lose your entire file if you do not back them up. 

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