Outdoor Bug Zappers That Work

Everyone solves the problem of mosquito control in their own way. Most people use sprays and mosquito repellent creams or pills inserted into a special device that plugs into an electrical outlet and emits insect-killing chemical odors. However, such methods are not suitable for everyone due to various disadvantages. Such solutions can sometimes cause allergies, and their use is strictly prohibited due to the secreted toxins.

So, What’s The Solution?

It has recently turned out that technology has not bypassed the problem of protecting people from mosquito bites. Engineers and scientists have come up with devices that can help people forget about mosquitoes without resorting to standard measures.

And this is where an outdoor bug zapper from https://tbi-store.com/ comes in handy. Such a mosquito killer is powered by an electrical network, which, depending on the principle of operation, destroys mosquitoes and other midges in one way or another.

Such a solution has a lot of good features, and the following ones truly deserve your attention:

  • When using the exterminator indoors, the device can be turned off immediately after the destruction of mosquitoes in the absence of an influx of insects from the outside;
  • When used, the destroyer has a long-range;
  • Provided that the exterminator is used correctly, it has no harmful effects on people and pet;
  • A range of models with splash protection can be installed both indoors or outdoors;
  • The weak point of the mosquito killer is its lamp, which should be replaced once it goes dead.

Just like anything in life, there are some other negative aspects:

  • Devices with a large range take up a lot of space;
  • When using the exterminator outdoors, new insects will constantly be lured into the room (the device should be used with closed windows);
  • Periodic cleaning of debris is mandatory.

Controllable Efficiency

When choosing an electric insect trap, take into account some important features:

  • The devices work regardless of the area they are installed in. However, you should keep in mind that in sunny weather or drafts, the tool efficiency decreases.
  • Such constructions attract not only blood-sucking pests but also all flying insects. Thus, butterflies, moths, bees, wasps, etc. fall into the trap.
  • The most economical are solar-powered mosquito traps. During the day, the drive is charged, while it is turned on at night. Thus, you do not even spend money on electricity consumption. 

Solve the problem of mosquito control easily and fast – purchase the device that does all the magic for you. Check all the available options on the market, decide on the use case/your needs, and make a decision based on the above. Thus, you will avoid the situation of purchasing a wrong or non-matching solution.

Fly and Mosquito Traps – Types and Features

Currently, there is a large number of devices for controlling flying insects. Some of them can be used indoors, while others are intended for outdoor use. Although all the devices are aimed at the same, different mosquito traps come with different operating principles, which should be taken into account when selecting a solution for controlling flying insects.

Here are some of the options available at your disposal

Types of Fly and Mosquito Traps

Special UV lamps – They attract flies, mosquitoes, and midges by immersing ultraviolet light. Approaching it, insects touch a metal grate and die from an electric shock. The UV lamps are completely safe and have no negative effect on human health since their action is aimed exclusively at exterminating flies and mosquitoes.

Electric traps with a fan installed inside – Devices of this type lure mosquitoes with a special light and a small amount of carbon dioxide, imitating the smell of the human body; therefore, bloodsuckers perceive them as a living object.


As a rule, electric fly traps operate from a 220V network and work autonomously. Manufacturers produce various modifications of electric traps. You can choose from devices designed for outdoor use and for indoor installation that meet your budget and needs. There are a number of reasons for purchasing electrical traps. And the main ones are:

  • Operational safety;
  • Efficiency;
  • Fast action.

Electric-powered fly traps are harmless to both humans and nature. During their use, toxic substances are not synthesized, so there is no danger to people. Besides that, electric traps will not cause any discomfort to allergy sufferers, pets, and children. Devices of this type are easy to use. After switching the utility on, it immediately begins to “work against” flies.

An outdoor bug zapper can be called an innovative device. It is an effective alternative to aerosols, sticky tape traps, and similar devices designed to solve the problem of mosquito control. Outwardly, the device resembles a badminton racket with a comfortable long handle. The only difference between the two is the fact that the net is made of metal wire and is the working surface of an electric fly trap.

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