Parsec Controller Not Working On Host [Fix It Quickly]

An unresponsive Parsec controller during game night is incredibly annoying. It makes you spend hours figuring out what’s wrong instead of connecting virtually with friends. However, the controllers act as a standard x-box gamepad, but sometimes it is challenging to set up.

When you observe your Parsec controller is not working, wiggle the plug to be sure it’s properly plugged. Confirm that Parsec acknowledges the guest- controller, and it is also functional. Finally, ask your game opponent to check the configurations on the “Gamepad” setting. 

Numerous games/emulators have varied instructions to enable a controller. Please read up to discover how to make that Parsec controller work for any game during a virtual game night.

Parsec Controller Not Working 

Your Parsec controller is not working because you didn’t connect it correctly, or there’s an issue with its configuration. If the game host has challenges operating outside the Parsec software; the fault is not from Parsec. Below are detailed explanations of the other reasons why your controller won’t work.

Host And Guest Controller Not Working

If the participants of the game have no control over their games, the host can make amends by;

First, confirming that the Parsec software is functioning correctly. The host should log in on the website. It would be adequate if you login via the host computer. Make the following modifications on the host PC with the location of the game as a determinant;

  • For Arcade- leave the game and your browser observable on the home page, and select the game to allow Parsec access.
  • For Desktop Sharing- open the Parsec setting and confirm the “Approve App” setting is on. Permit your browser to allow Parsec access. Next, communicate with game participants to tap buttons on their controller and confirm it is visible on the site.

Host And Guest Controlling One Player

In situations where both player and host would both not use a controller, the person who would use a keyboard would need to join first. While the person using a controller joins after. Parsec recognizes multiple mouse and keyboards as one. Although some games allow multiple players to use different keys on the keyboard.  A host can use the letters W, A, S, D while guests can use the arrow keys. It is rare for a game to allow such but it is possible.

So, confirm from the game settings to know for sure. Games that allow different keys for multiple players require special instructions. But if the game does not allow the “Split screen” setting, there are no magical modifications.

Below are some games that allow coop and special instructions to follow

  • Enter The Dungeon: To allow coop in this game, you must talk with Purple cultist.
  • A Hat In Time: To allow coop in the “a hat in a time game, you can access it in the pause menu list.
  • Cuphead: For the cuphead game, the player using a keyboard should join first, then the player with a controller follows.
  • Emulators: Confirm that you are using the right configurations. All players controller can be going through one port in the emulated game console. If your controller configurations are correct, there would be additional instructions for the coop as in the different games listed above.

If the inputs are functional and Parsec recognizes the controller, the game needs to adequately utilize them. The Parsec controlled are not different from the standard game console controllers. It behaves like how an Xbox one would when plugged through a USB. If you do not know how to set up your game with single or multiple players, check the parsec website.

Why Is The Parsec Mouse Controller Not Working?

Your parsec mouse controller is not working because the host didn’t permit you to use a mouse. It can also be the game is an anti-cheat program. Below is further information to solve this issue

Keyboard And Mouse As Controllers

The host should allow guests to use the keyboard or mouse as controllers. He has access to all the game configurations because the game is on his computer. The host selects the game participant’s profile images at the bottom to grant access.

Restricted Controls

If you have restricted access in certain games or situations, Parsec may not have full authorization. Also, it can be you are using an anti-cheat game program. It blocks all and any input even from Parsec.

Check Website

If the controller seems okay from the website, then it means Parsec accepts it, then your game is the issue. Most games need unique configuration in their settings menu. Other games will only allow you to play with a guest or client only after activating it.

Multiplayer Settings

In Arcade Beta, games will not respond to controllers that you connect after you start. It means you need use the desktop sharing mode.

Why Is The Parsec Guest Controller Not Working?

The parsec guest controller is not working because Parsec does not recognize it. Here are further details on how to troubleshoot it.

Controller Unresponsive On Website

If the controller is not responding via the gamepad website, it is also not functional on the guest. And the host controller drivers are not operating. To troubleshooting the guest controller, ask the guest to open settings. Then click on Gamepad to confirm Parsec can see the controller. If it does recognize it, wiggle your controller to plug it correctly. 

When the controller is not operating on the guest, Parsec would not recognize it on the host. If the guest controller is not visible regardless, try these instructions according to OS.


Apple computers as compatible with the blue tooth enabled controllers. The Dualshock 4 is an alternative and would function correctly. For controller problems, use both cables and Bluetooth mode.


It would not see the controllers from the input, but you can install drivers to use an Xbox One. The drivers would require security access which you should authorize. A Bluetooth-based controller would not work on Catalina; use a cable one.

The Dualshock 4 would operate on this but use the ones with USB cables.


Phone manufacturing companies in the bid to increase compatibility levels of controllers on Android cause inconsistency. We recommend getting your gamepad firmware up to the latest version, as it is your best option. You can try the OTG cable connection instead of Bluetooth.

Why Is My Parsec Controller Not Working On The Host?

Your Parsec controller is not working on the host because it recognizes your controller as a mouse. Another reason is that you mapped the controller wrongly. Here are details of why and how to rectify it.

My Controller As A Mouse/Keyboard On The Host

From steam, there is a setting that can allow your controller to become a mouse/keyboard. Go to the controller setting and confirm it is not enabled. It is valid to point out that as long as that setting is switch-on, steam would always alter your friend controller. To disable this setting, open the “Setting” menu on steam and click on the controller option. Untick the box. The parsec software recognizes all external controller as the Xbox type even if it isn’t. You can deactivate the desktop setting to allow Xbox backing. 

To do this, go to controller settings and click on base configurations. Next, you need to click on desktop mode to access the browse configurations. Finally, disable and apply the setting.

Two Players

Coders design the Parsec software to be uncomplicated. It gives room for friends or stranger to connect virtually. One computer functions as a host while the other as a client.

In some situations, one player can have permission to manage two players in a game concurrently. The participant is converting their controller to Xbox with programs like “DS4window” or “Betterjoy.” It makes both the unconverted controller and the Xbox converted on to be visible to Parsec. To rectify this error, the guest player should go to the Parsec settings menu and open the ”Gamepad” option. Then un-map the extra controller. 

Controller drivers

If your controller works but seems restricted on the guest, the host should delete and install Parsec again. He or she should also reboot his PC; it would cause the controller to reinstall its driver software. If the troubleshooting does not change, the host must install a controller driver and then reboot the PC.


The primary issue why your controller isn’t working is because you didn’t plug it properly. Sometimes the problem is not from the guest; the controller requires the host to make configurations. Furthermore, some games require the player using a keyboard to join first before the one with a controller. Other games would not allow you to add a controller once the game has started.

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