PDFBear: Best PDF Features For Educators

At this age of digitalization, if you are a student or a professional, you must already know how PDF format works. PDF files are favored by a lot of people due to its ‘read-only’ feature.

People won’t be able to directly edit and make changes to PDF files, which is why the format is widely used when it comes to business transactions, contracts, important papers, and more! You may view PDF files without any problems using any device. Compared to other file formats, PDF files consume less in space, which is why it is the most recommended format when attaching them to emails and chat boxes.

Since educational institutions are adopting a more digital approach when it comes to submitting homework and assessments, teachers have been dealing with a lot of PDF files every day. To make things easier when it comes to dealing with this file format, educators need a powerful tool like PDFBear, There are other PDFBear tools, aside from file conversion, that can make your life easier.  

What is PDFBear? 

PDFBear is a web-based online converter tool that anyone can use conveniently. You may use any device to access the site like Mac, Android, Windows, and Linux. The server is SSL-encrypted, which makes it safe for anyone to use without their security getting compromised.

Whenever you use PDFBear’s tools, it is always assured that the quality of the files is high. Each conversion will only take a few seconds and its user-interface is easy to navigate! No need to download any plugins, software, and any apps. 

Convert PDF to Word 

When it comes to tools that can aid teachers when it comes to their profession, PDFBear can save them a lot of time. For example, there may be times that you might need to edit a PDF file, for example, for educational files that you need to update.

Unless you want to waste your time by retyping everything into a new Word document, the best thing to do is to convert the PDF file into a Word document using an online converter. Luckily, PDFBear can carry the burden for you when it comes to anything PDF related. Converting PDF to Word can easily be done so educators can make read-only files editable. To get you started, you only need to upload the file you want to convert, wait for the conversion, then download the finished file. 


Merge Files

If you want to compile several PDFs into one single file, you may use the merge tool. Merging PDF files with PDFBear is an easy task. If you want to check all the submitted files fasters, you can merge them into a single file so you don’t have to open several files at once. This way, your device won’t lag as well. 

Compress your PDF files

As mentioned earlier, teachers deal with a lot of files which takes a lot of space in their device. To save some space, you may compress several PDF files using PDFBear. You may do this to research a lot of pages, or even an ebook before sending it via email. Reducing the file size doesn’t reduce the quality of the file. 

Delete pages

In case you didn’t know, you can delete specific pages using PDFBear. For example, you can make use of this feature if you need specific pages before sending a reading to your students. This feature can also come in handy when you need to delete some pages before a presentation. 

PDF to Excel

There may be PDF files that you want to convert into Excel. For example, student grades, names, and data. Instead of inputting them into a new Excel sheet, you can just convert them and save time.

PDFBear can accurately input data into the right Excel columns. No need to worry about sensitive data because PDFBear deletes all converted files after one hour. PDFBear doesn’t save a copy of every file you convert in their server. 


PDFBear can make an educator’s life easier 

When it comes to PDF files, PDFBear can do a seamless job when it comes to converting files and other PDF-related functions. Some useful features that you can use are to convert PDF to Word, merge, compress, delete pages, and convert PDF to Excel. These are just some features that you can use to make teaching easier. 

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