How To Play Pokemon GO Without Moving

Pokemon Go could be a location-based game that needs you to maneuver from one place to a different to catch Pokemon and move to Pokéstops. There’s no secret that the majority folks like to play this game, however, don’t wish to depart the comfort of our home.

Most folks or maybe Pokemon masters certainly have puzzled “is it doable to play Pokemon Go while not moving?” Isn’t, it right?

Whereas it’s extremely true that you just ought to step outside from your home if you would like to become master of the Pokemon Go, it doesn’t mean that you just can’t hold close some laziness. So I will guide you how to pokemon go walking hack

A detailed guide the way to use pokemon go walking hack on iPhone

A lot of times, Pokemon Go users on the iPhone notice it onerous to simulate their movement to hatch eggs or catch a lot of Pokemons. With the assistance of a reliable answer like Dr.Fone – Virtual Location (iOS), you’ll simply implement a Pokemon Go walking hack while not obtaining detected by the developers.

The app lets USA choose multiple spots to maneuver and you’ll even alter your speed. during this approach, you’ll build the app believe that you just square measure walking, cycling, or driving while not truly moving anyplace.

Using Dr.Fone – Virtual Location (iOS) to implement the Pokemon GO walking hack is very simple and you even ought not to break the device. The app may allow you to mock your location by teleporting and has many alternative modes. 

Step 1: Launch the Virtual Location feature

Whenever you would like to play Pokemon Go while not moving, launch the Dr.Fone toolkit and open the Virtual Location feature. Also, employing an operating lightning cable, make certain that your iOS device is connected to the applying.

Once your phone gets detected, simply click on the “Get Started” button to start the method.

Step 2: Simulate movement between 2 steps

Once the interface of Dr.Fone – Virtual Location (iOS) is loaded, move to the primary choice on the top-right corner that will allow you to simulate movement between 2 spots. Hunt for any location on the search bar, alter the pin, and click on on the “Move Here” feature.

Just enter the amount of times you would like to maneuver and click on on the “March” button to begin the simulation.

This will build Pokemon Go believe that you just square measure walking between the 2 specific spots while not truly moving. You’ll additionally alter the speed of walking from a slider at all-time low of the screen.

Step 3: Simulate the movement between multiple spots

To simulate movement between multiple spots, you’ll choose the second feature of the “multi-stop route” from the tool chest on the top-right corner. This can allow you to drop completely different spots on the map and you’ll click on the “Move Here” button to modify your location.

Once you have got marked the right spots, click on the “March” button to form your device simulate the movement. Just sit back and anticipate a minute as you’d implement the Pokemon Go walking hack. There’s a slider at all-time low of the screen that will allow you to modification your walking speed. Check out our other pokemon go Errors

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