What You Need To Know About PPC Keyword Match Types

The world of PPC and SEO is definitely a tricky one. It takes a lot of time to land with a proper strategy that helps you to go ahead with your marketing. The keywords are usually the backbones of PPC. Thus it needs to be very much top-notch from the very beginning. This is why you need to start with knowing properly about the match types of the PPC keywords so that you can apply them in a strategic way. Using the match types of keywords for the PPC allows you to set up a certain keyword which helps you to know and control who can see your ad. Hence knowing about the match types is going to be very much beneficial for you. Have a look:

Broad Match

The broad match keyword refers to the one with no punctuation. The broad match allows Google to display your ads with the terms which are having variations and plurals which are related to the keywords in your account. With this type, your ads may show the searches which include synonyms, misspelling, singular, plural, or related variations in the keyword. Ask your reliable PPC Agency to help you with the broad match keyword types.

Modified Broad Match

The modified broad match keyword type, on the other hand, can be applied to Google ONLY. This term is usually assigned to the plus sign, which is used for signifying the presence of a modified broad match in the matches of your keyword. For clarifying or to properly use this match type, you need to type in the keyword or the string of the keyword with the + sign before the keyword that you want to modify. Now you need to signify the match type from the Adwords interface as the broad one. This match type is currently the newer version of the Google Ads and lets you have more control than the targets of broad match.

Exact Match

The exact match refers to the [keyword] that comes within the brackets. This match type is usually the obvious one. The exact match keyword is going to display only ads when the searchers are going to enter exactly this keyword into their search engines. This one is thus one of the most effective ones for targeting the audience in a much effective way. However, this is one of the most restrictive ones out of the other PPC keywords. But this match type can offer you the highest amount of relevant keywords. But sometimes the reach can be the lowest.

Phrase Match

The phrase match keyword is the “keyword” in quotes. This match type keyword is going to show ads when the phrase of the keyword from your account is going to be part of your actual search query. All of the words need to be put in the same order. For example, if you are setting the keyword as volleyball, then the keyword is going to show ads for searches like volleyball stores and best budget volleyball. The best part about the phrase match keyword is it helps in eliminating the risky and potentially incapable traffic than the match types like broad match or the modified broad match. It is more likely going to help your keyword to appear in the search results when a person searches the phrase in the exact order.

Negative Match

The negative keywords come with the (-keyword) with a minus sign. With the application of the negative match keyword to your account, you can command your search engines not to display your ad for the searches that contain such terms. This also applies to the Displaying networks campaigns, which are going to prevent your site from displaying any kind of irrelevant or unwanted sites. This is a very effective way to save your budget and to keep your audiences happy.


Based on your needs and suitability, it is better to pick a keyword that is going to help you with your purpose. Choosing the wrong type is going to lead you to failure. Hence better to stay safeguard with your decision.

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