3 Primary Factors Affecting the Virtual Data Room Market

According to IBM, we now produce 2.5 quintillion bytes of data every day. Mostly, this is transactional data all information companies and financial institutions provide about their customers, suppliers, and transactions.

Hackers and fraudulent traders know that such data is valuable. The very high level of security and ease of use has made virtual rooms a very popular development. The world’s leading companies use data room services. Business owners and directors speak highly of the product, which has become an integral part of their business processes.

That’s why purchasing dataroom software is a must for most responsible businesses. Next, we’ll look at three major factors that influence the expansion of the data room market and the diversity of vendors.

In Data Security We Believe

In 2015, there were 781 data breaches worth an average of $3.79 million per company. Because of this, the use of virtual data rooms (hereinafter VDRs) to enable the sharing of sensitive data has increased dramatically. And the global market for virtual data room systems is projected to reach XX million dollars by 2027.

A key factor in data rooms’ popularity is secure data storage and the ability to track leaks. Online data rooms allow users to work with documents and share files securely and comfortably in a leak-proof manner.

Information in the virtual data room is stored in a structured form and can be accessed by the customer via the Internet if an access password is given to the customer. The authorized person may only access the data determined by the system administrator and not others.

The data room market offers an improved version of the online data room with additional invisible labeling to prevent data leaks. This special marking in a steganographic approach format is applied automatically to all documents falling into the VDR. If a record with such tagging is photographed and leaked somewhere, the compromised photo can be used to identify the source of the leak.

What Your Software Can Do

Software functionality is firmly in the lead after data privacy in developer circles at all levels. It won’t take long if a user needs to upload documentation to a data room that weighs a lot or is in various formats. The data will be available in very different formats. The text recognition capability and smart search can make it easy to find the information you need. If you need to make changes or enter into an agreement quickly, VDRs are a great option. They allow you to deliver documentation quickly. Just upload it and send it where you need it. The recipient can see it almost instantly and take action. You can also work on documentation with your staff, create knowledge libraries, chat, and vote.

Managers can track the work with documents and see how busy employees are. Information about when and by whom various actions were performed serves as a confirmation. It allows the administrator to keep track of all the activities a user does while working with documents and make corrections when necessary.

We collected the most highly functional VDRs for you in one place: dataroomproviders.ca. So you will not have to search for them by yourself.

Ease of Use and Responsive Customer Service

People today are doing more and more things online. Online shopping, studying, and socializing has become a way of life for most. Businesses are even doing more online. Many workers are starting to work remotely, and some customers prefer online communication.

This move to the Internet has made it harder to do business. For example, transferring documents from one person to another can involve scanning paper, creating emails, and encrypting them for security. Then you can never be sure that only the person who needs to see it is doing it. An electronic data room can help in these situations and facilitate workflow for managers, employees, and third parties.

Everything you need to work efficiently, regularly, and in a structured way is in online data rooms. Thanks to the Internet, a person working here saves substantial amounts of money that would have to be spent on working in a traditional data room and time. In addition, staying in a virtual data room where there is a secure exchange of information with the server, the user feels much more comfortable than when others directly observe his actions.

In addition to ease of use, virtual rooms are famous for their service. Even if you did not manage to understand the functionality intuitively, there is always a support service. If you have a personal question, the support service will answer them. Quality support service copes with the request in fifteen minutes. Professional advice is available at all different times. Many providers offer support in other languages. Most virtual data rooms give a free period to test the space for your needs.

Additional Reasons for the Popularity of Data Room

It often happens that for certain processes, a company engages external organizations that need to provide access to confidential company information temporarily, for example:

  • External financial and technical audits.
  • Implementation of a technical solution by an outside company.
  • Joint company projects.
  • Merger/acquisition process of companies.

In this case, users will be able to solve the following problems with the help of the data room:

  • Building an automated process for approving, granting, and revoking access to the storage and file sharing system.
  • Control and temporarily coordinate virtual data room access by a group of persons in a partner company based on customizable workflow.
  • Secure access to information for a group of partner company individuals temporarily using encryption/archiving mechanisms.
  • Configurable data room lifetime and destruction of stored documents based on a customized policy.


Online spaces are becoming the standard way to exchange data. Facsimile communication has largely become obsolete. Similar platforms are also becoming a thing of the past, especially emails and peer-to-peer networks, as new alternatives have emerged in the open market. They provide not only speed or packet volume but also security.

Virtual data rooms can help you do individual teamwork and project work safely, comfortably, and more efficiently. You will be able to get statistics about the work of each employee in convenient graphs and charts. So you will be able to define tasks better, identify important functions at a glance, and not even be tied to a specific location.

It is a new way of doing business, which is being introduced more often. They should not be neglected by any company entering into disclosure agreements or transactions away from the public eye. Executives and vendors should find room in their infrastructure or expansion plans for at least one VDR solution. It’s a long-term alternative to a boardroom meeting or a secret penthouse lounge. These are where the business deals of the future are being made today.