Tech Increasing the Productivity of Call Center Agents

Increasing the productivity of call center agents has been a top-notch matter of concern for all call center managers over the years. As the world is advancing, new marketing techniques have been originating which are slowly taking over the call centers. 

At this point, the call center agents have to be very productive to ensure that the maximum work comes in their hands. BPO in the Philippines always make sure that the agents still have work-life balance and offer incentives once their monthly goals are achieved. This is to boost motivation that leads to productivity of agents. Call center management is always in search of ways to boost the confidence of their workers.

You can find millions of strategies on the internet and improve the productivity of your call center. Boosting the confidence of workers will ensure that they work at their maximum to cause a surge in the increase of productivity of your call center.

Importance of improving the productivity of agents

The more productive the call center agents are, the higher are the returns to the company. You have to make sure that the money you are spending on your agents is all worth it. Many workers do not work to their best and often are seen compromising the company’s potential for less.

On the other hand, many agents are seen working enthusiastically to their best. Many companies get rid of the unenthusiastic employees very soon as they only cost money to the company and nothing more.

Productive employees make your company reach the heights of success and ensure that huge returns are on the way. Productive employees meet the customer’s demands and satisfy them. They improve the company’s repute and improve morale.

Here are some ways in which you can improve the productivity of your call center.

Call quality comes first

When focusing on anything, always prioritize quality, not quantity. What you should really be focusing on is the call quality. Make sure both the call quality and the productivity go proportionate.

You can hold training programs for your staff and train them better to deal with the customers in a graceful way. Many workers just shrug off any extra burden and handle the customers with disrespect.

Make a score chart for each call center agent that you have hired and rate them out of 5 for their professionalism and customer satisfaction. This strict check will ensure that your agents work with professionalism.

Let your agents engage with the management

A short way to high productivity is to engage with your hired agents. Engage them in the company’s decision-making matters and take their advice and suggestions on everything.

This will help to make them feel more confident and motivated. Being included in the company’s decision-making matters will help them stand out in the crowd. They will know that they are valuable to the company and their opinion counts. In this way, they’ll be encouraged to work with more enthusiasm thus increasing productivity.

Let your agents work from home too

There is no denial of the fact that a person can work twice as efficient when being in his comfort zone. Home is the most comforting place for anyone. Giving agents permission to work from home a day or two in a week will actually Increase Agent Efficiency in Call Center.

This doesn’t go for all the agents. You should select the agents who work best in the office and are known for high productivity and only let them work from home. The capability to telecommunicate motivates the agents and you may be watching them working at a double rate.

Give breaks and introduce games

Working continuously for consecutive hours may trigger anxiety in your workers. Some agents may be stressing too much overwork that they may not be spending quality time even at home.

In this situation, you can introduce some games. You can hold a competition among them which will motivate them and give them some off time from work to put their minds to rest. You can also give them some time to play a physical game if you have some space as sitting for hours literally tangles your bones.

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