Pros And Cons Of Low Cost Web Hosting

In this article, we are going to discuss the pros and cons of low-cost web hosting and why you should or shouldn’t get such hosting plans depending based on your business’ needs.

Low-cost web hosting for some companies is the only way to launch a business on the Internet. This mainly applies to small startups with a very limited budget. If you still have a choice, then you should find out in advance the cons of cheap web hosting. This will help you make an informed decision.

Anticipating your logical concerns, we must say that cheap web hosting services will still allow your site to perform well. Moreover, it will be very easy for you to launch a project even without deep technical knowledge. Later in this article, we will describe in more detail the advantages and cons of low-cost web hosting.

Shared hosting explained for newbies

The easiest way to imagine the situation is using the example of renting premises. Only in this case you rent an address for your presence on the Internet. The hosting provider provides clients with space on the server. One server is used for many sites. Of course, if a client thinks he needs a personal dedicated server, he can rent it alone. But this pleasure is much more expensive than sharing. In this article, we will only touch upon the aspects of using a web hosting that you will be sharing with many other users.

Benefits of Cheap Web Hosting

The main advantage of this “lease” is its availability. Small or start-up projects cannot afford to pay big bucks to have their own website. If the resource does not use any secret data and does not store large amounts of information, then you do not need expensive hosting. Now let’s talk about the less obvious benefits:

  • You don’t have to hire a system administrator to service shared hosting. Usually, provider companies provide good technical support. All questions that you may have have already been decided in advance. You just have to figure out the package of services that are included in the selected tariff. If something went wrong, you can always urgently contact technical support.
  • Web hostings support all popular CMS like WordPress or Joomla. Without coding and development back-end, you can jump right into design. The site can be launched within one day.
  • You can also manage the site without special training. The hosting provider includes one of the standard and proprietary cPanel in the service package. This tool allows you to carry out all the necessary changes on the site: upload products to the catalog, add product categories, post texts on the blog, change prices, and so on. The user can independently choose the cPanel option from the proposed ones. They often differ not only in appearance, but also in functionality. Therefore, the choice should be made based on the needs of the site.

Another advantage is that you do not need to monitor server health. Usually, if any failures occur, the provider will quickly fix the problem. Maintaining a personal server is expensive and time consuming.

Variety of traffic plans

Provider companies develop a tariff schedule in such a way that you can painlessly move up or down a step, if necessary. The cheaper the hosting, the less memory you get on the server. In addition to traffic, more expensive tariff plans often add more advanced functions on the control panel. For example, in addition to the standard WordPress templates, you can get unique skins created by your provider. This will help the site stand out from the competition. Also, simple tariffs usually do not provide for the integration of payment systems for online purchases.

This disadvantage is compensated for by third-party plugins. Most often, they are paid. In more advanced tariff plans, you can immediately connect online payment and not look for suitable plugins. You will also need the services of a programmer to integrate them. If the feature is part of a data plan, no coding is required.

Cons of cheap web hosting

They, of course, also exist. Among the most common problems you will encounter will be:

  • Small amount of available traffic. If the flow of visitors one day exceeds the limit, the provider will simply disable your site. This way you can lose clients.
  • Sharing the server can cause problems with the speed of the site. To speed up page loading, you have to search and use special plugins or services.
  • If there is a hacker attack on the server in pursuit of someone else’s data, by mistake or at the same time they can steal your data.

The provider company has full control over the server and, therefore, over your website. You cannot make the desired changes to the operation of the main components of the site, if this is not provided by the hosting owner.

Who is the budget shared hosting for?

If your business does not involve working with personal data of customers, you can consider cheap shared hosting. If the project is small and you do not plan to scale it, then the amount of traffic on a budget tariff plan will be enough for you. This is ideal for quick start-ups and if you don’t want to know the technical details. But this option is suitable only for simple sites that do not need a lot of system settings.

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