Razer Tartarus V2 vs Orbweaver [Which is better?]

Are you looking for the best gaming keypad? If so, you may be wonderin, ‘Razer Tartarus V2 vs Orbweaver.’ The newest products in Razer’s range of gaming keypads—including the Orbweaver, and Tartarus V2—feature pressure-sensitive keys for enhanced grain control.

Both the Tartarus v2 and Orbweaver keypads are smart, with programmable keys and a vast array of advanced capabilities.

When it comes to Razer Tartarus Vs vs Orbweaver, both off great gaming experiences. The devises, they differ in a number of ways making each of the keypads better suited for a different applications. For example, the Tartarus V2 keypad has more programmable keys that have a loud clicky sound. The Orbweaver Chroma, on the other hand, has more adjustable parts and a more ergonomic design.

The Orbweaver Chroma keypad, on the other hand, features 20 programmable buttons, and Razer green mechanical switches. In this article, we will compare and contrast the Razer Tartarus Vs and Orbweaver gaming keypads. We will also cover what makes each keypad unique as well as how they compare and contrast to each other.

What Is Razer Orbweaver Chroma?

First introduced into the market in 2015, the Orbweaver Chroma is a premium keypads by Razer. Razer was one of the very first manufacturers to use mechanical switches on a keypad. 

The Orbweaver is fitted with such mechanical keys that offer a unique tactile response. The keypads has a total of 20 programmable keys, all of which feature autonomous backlighting. Additionally, the keypads has a space bar, a D-pad with 8 different positions, and a function button. 10 of the keys on this keypads are multi-touch capable. 

The touch-sensitive keys on Orbweaver Chroma are very responsive—requiring about 50 grams of pressure to activate. The keys are of different sizes making it easy for you to master the assigned buttons. Such a keypad is best suited for protracted night raids, especially in such games like LoL, WoW, and Dota. 


  • Features the signature Razer Green mechanical switch technology for that satisfying clucky sound.
  • Equipped with an ergonomic Thumbpad for easier controls, and an 8-way directional pad that allows for natural control
  • Has 30 keys, making it ideal for easier multitasking in-game
  • Fitted with customizable, immersive Chroma RGB Lighting with three preset profiles 
  • Comes with customized key profiles 
  • Allows for instantaneous switching between the 8 keymaps

Possible Drawbacks 

While the Orbweaver Chroma keypad works great on High Sierra, you may have a problem using it on the latest Mac OS. Again, the keypad requires an internet connection almost all the time and requires you to enter a password after every power cycle. 

What Is Razer Tartarus V2?

Tartarus V2 is another premium keypad by Razer, just like the Orbweaver. However, it differs from the Orbweaver keypad in several ways, including the wrist rest design as well as key size, type, and arrangement.

The Tartarus V2 keypad equipped with membrane keys, making it suited for gamers who prefer a silent tactile experience. 

The original Tartarus keypad was unveiled back in 2013 and featured 25 fully-programmable keys as well as an 8-way keypad. The Tartarus V2 was launched in 2017 and is designed to offer a specific function and feel. As opposed to the Orbweaver Chroma, this keypadis ideal for users with smaller hands. 

The mecha-membrane design of the keys leverages the mechanical click of mechanical switches with a soft cushioned touch offered by the membrane rubber dome.


  • Has 32 allows for more Actions and Hotkeys for gaming. 
  • The high-performance mecha-membrane switches allow for silent, yet tactile feedback associated with mechanical keys. 
  • The Razer Hyper shift programmable Macros allows you to remap all the keypress combinations and keys while setting the keypad up for complex commands
  • Features an 8-way directional Thumbpad for natural, and easy movement controls 
  • Offers ultimate gaming immersion, and personalization with Razer Chroma

Possible Drawbacks 

The Tartarus V2 does not have an onboard memory, which requires you to keep Razer Synapse running.

How Does The Orbweaver Chroma Compare To The Tartarus V2 Keypad? 

Razer Keypad Thumbpad Price  Scroll Wheel Key and Button Type 
Tartarus V2 Joystick Cap From $79.99 Yes Mecha-Membrane Keys
Orbweaver Chroma Hat Button From $115.99 No  Mechanical keys

Both the Tartarus V2 and the Orbweaver Chroma gaming keypads are manufactured by Razer Inc. As such, the keypads are similar to each other in more than one way. 

Discussed below are the various similarities and differences between the Orbweaver Chroma, and the Tartarus V2 Razer gaming keypads: 

Razer Orbweaver Chroma

The orb Weaver was the very first gaming keypad to ever use mechanical key switches. In its functioning, the keypad is designed to bind every skill and command from any RTS, mmorpg, and FPS to the 20 mechanical keys. 

The Razer Orbweaver Chroma supports infinite macros and commands. You will get an all-new feel and gaming experience from the distinctive tactile feedback offers by the mechanical keys on the keypad. 

Razer mechanical key switches feature an optimized set of reset and actuation points which are meant to enhance gaming performance. These guarantee exceptional speed and response regardless of the game you are playing. Other aspects you will come to like about the mechanical keys and controls on this keypad include: 

Programmable Keys 

The Orbweaver Chroma keypad has a total of 30 fully-programmable keys, including 20 mechanical keys, and an 8-way Thumb pad. This presents gamers with more choices for hotkeys, macros, and skills. You may use the programmable 8-way directional thumb-pad for movement within the game.

The thumb-pad may also be used asa modifier key for expanding the repertoire of game-destroying abilities. For the thumb pad, this keypad features a hat button. As compared to Tartarus V2, the  8-way thumbpad on the Orbweaver gaming keypad is a little wobbly. 

It is advisable to program the thumbpad to between two and four tasks. 

Razer Tartarus V2

Get a keypad that allows you to activate the necessary skills and even cast spells in a flash whenever you are on a battlefield. The Razer Tartarus V2 keypad allows the gamer to bind skills and in-game commands, hence be able to activate them instantaneously whenever they are required. 

Some of the aspects that make the keys and controls on this keypad stand out include: 

Programmable Keys 

With the Tartarus V2, you will have access to a total of 32 programmable keys including an 8-way directional thumbpad. The programmable thumbpad may be used to expand on commands or move around. Unlike the Orbweaver keypad, the Tartarus V2 gaming keypad is fitted with a scroll wheel as well. 

The Razer Tartarus V2 gaming keypad offers two options for the 8-way directional thumbpad: a joystick cap for the thumb. This cap may be removed to reveal a d-pad—much like the one found on the leading console controller models today.

Mecha-Membrane Key Technology 

The all-new Mecha-membrane technology by Razer couples the comfort of a conventional membrane keypad to the unique tactility of a mechanical switch. You may think of this technology as the perfect blend of mechanical switches and membrane rubber dimes. 

The soft, cushioned touch offered by this patent-pending Razer Mecha-Membrane technology has been proven to offer enhanced gaming comfort. The solution will also offer you a crisp tactile click. This, coupled with the mid-height keycap actuation mechanism of the keys, allows for incredible speeds. 

Hypershift Functionality

The gaming keypad features an Hypershift mode. Activating the Razer Hypershift mode will open a secondary set of commands for anything, right from windows shortcuts to macros—on top of the current controls. This alone makes the keypad much more versatile. 


With regards to ergonomics, you will find both keypad relatively easy to use. Both the  Tartarus V2 and the Orbweaver Chroma keypad are also comfortable to use for extended periods. Basically, the Orbweaver keypad has more adjustable parts than the Tartarus V2.

However, the features offered, in this regard, are somewhat different, as explained below: 

Razer Orbweaver Chroma

With the Orbweaver Chroma, you will get adjustable palm-rest, hand, and thumb modules. These allow you to configure the keypad for the most comfortable gaming experience. These settings minimize stress to the wrist. This works especially well when using these devices for extended periods of time. 

The wrist rest is movable. It can be moved back or forth such that it cradles the palm, or sits under the thumb perfectly. This optimizes ergonomic access to the various controls on the keypad and lowers wrist fatigue. You may also slide the thumb buttons further or closer together as well as tilt the palm rest angle. 

V2 Features 

This one features a simpler design with fewer adjustable parts. In this case, the Tartarus V2 comes with a detachable palm rest. The palm rest features two adjustable positions for angle and comfort. This keypad offers a single level of adjustment, whereby you can pull the hand rest off and reposition it.

If you have small hands, you may want to use the forward position. Larger-handed players, on the other hand, can make use of the back position.

Chroma Backlighting

Both the Orbweaver Chroma and the Tartarus V2 keypad feature the innovative Chroma Backlogging by the manufacturer. Their design includes individually-programmable backlit keys that have about 16.8 million customizable color options. 

You can customize the keypad —through Razer Synapse—to different color schemes, ranging from unique, custom color palettes to preloaded lighting effects for different games. This option allows gamers to configure a gaming experience that is unique to them. 

Razer Synapse Software 

The software will make it easy for you to configure the various aspects of the keypads to your specific needs. For instance, you can assign macros, rebind buttons, explore advanced keypad capabilities save your profile configurations to the cloud. 


Razer gaming keypads are well-known for their extended durability. So, components and mechanical switches are manufactured in-house. This ensures that they meet strict standards. 

As such, both the Tartarus V2 and the Orbweaver Chroma gaming keypads can withstand more than 80 million keystrokes.


Games like Fortnite, World of Warcraft, and several real-time strategy games can benefit from the customization, and streamlined key layout offered by Razer keypads. Similarly, the Tartarus V2 and the Orbweaver Chroma keypads are better than conventional keypads for productivity apps.

The Tartarus V2 keypad has more programmable keys and delivers a soft, yet tactile gaming experience. If you do not mind the clickey sound, the Orbweaver Chroma will be a great choice as it has more adjustable parts for reduced fatigue. 

Both keypads are great for almost any computer game you will come across, and the difference is minimal.

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