Reasons Why Backup Internet is Crucial for Your Business

Nowadays, many businesses rely on the internet to operate. Without a stable internet connection, they can’t do their daily tasks or support their customers. So, when your internet goes down, it takes your business with it. Regardless if you have a small- or medium-sized business, having a backup internet is crucial for your business.

In most cases, there will be internal and external operations. Internally, your staff relies on the internet for emails, access to information, data storage, and communication. On the other hand, external operations focus on communicating with your clients, sales channels, product and/or service delivery, and many more. So, if you experience sudden network outages, your entire business operation will be affected.

In this article, we’ll discuss different reasons why you should get a backup internet for your business as soon as possible. Let’s begin!

1.Network outages are common

Even if you have the so-called “most reliable” internet provider, network outages will still happen one way or another. Every day, there are internet outages. And, because a major outage might cascade into other outages, there are numerous reporting sites where you can keep track of them. These outages happen due to different factors, regardless if you have DSL, cable, or fiber internet. Below are some of these factors:

Acts of God

Storms, earthquakes, and tsunamis can cause power and network outages that can last for days. So, even if your property has a generator, you won’t still be connected to the internet if your primary service provider’s main network was affected by a calamity. Especially if you cater to nationwide or worldwide clients, you run the risk of losing sales and customer communication if something happens in your area.

Network Congestion

Network congestion is a common cause of network downtime. In some cases, frequent network traffic may be traced to old cables that are transmitting your internet signal to your business. It can, however, result from a big website getting overloaded with traffic, lowering available pipes for the rest of us.

Service Provider Failure

Your internet service provider can also be the cause of internet downtime. It could be from infrastructure damage or system misconfigurations. If network outages usually happen due to your provider’s failure, it’s best to look for a better wireless provider.

Equipment Failure

Eventually, your internet equipment will break down. If you have a service contract for your equipment, it can assist you in getting back online within 24 hours.

With so many employees working from home, companies that provide a virtual private network (VPN) for security or access to specialized applications require a consistent, trustworthy VPN more than ever. However, if your business internet goes down, so does your VPN.

2.It prevents major financial losses.

For most businesses, internet interruption is not something that must be ignored. Without an internet connection, they cannot process any transaction, from orders to payments, eventually causing them to lose a significant percentage of their revenue. Unfortunately, even a temporary outage can massively disrupt your business operations in its entirety. Having a backup internet will not allow you to experience these financial losses. Instead, it will help you protect your business and maintain your reputation.

3.It sets you apart from your competitors.
Competitive advantage is important for businesses. By having backup internet, you can continue to provide services without delays and interruptions, leaving your competitors behind. Once the consumers know that you can operate even when the majority cannot due to network outages, they will likely choose your business over others. This way, you will earn more customers while building their trust in your brand.

4.It meets complies with legal regulations.

Businesses that rely on the availability of vital data and communications have no choice but to invest in Internet back-ups. A great example would be the healthcare sector. In times of disaster, they need to have smooth operations and a detailed recovery plan. Moreover, these businesses will benefit from having a backup wireless Internet connection in order to ensure uninterrupted service and to comply with legal requirements.

Network Failover and Redundancy Can Help

When problems arise, the ability to transition to a dependable backup or redundant system is crucial. Failover is the process of seamlessly moving between your primary and secondary systems. With network redundancy in place, backup internet service is accessible in the event that your primary service is interrupted. It can be brought online manually, with an IT professional performing the transition, or automatically, depending on the failover mechanism you utilize. This network redundancy approach ensures that your business and customers may still access your product or service if your internet connection fails.

So, for example, you’re a food establishment that offers pick up and delivery service. You have a reputable website where most of your customers’ order. With social distancing protocols in place, many people opt to order food online instead of going to your actual store, meaning you depend on your website or calls to get sales.

That said, your prospective customers will browse through your website to see your menu, choose what they like, and add the foods to their cart. Once the customer checks out their order, you’ll send them an invoice, process their orders, and deliver it to them. Most food establishments have an automated tracker in which you’ll trigger if their order is already in the kitchen or out for delivery.

If you don’t have an internet connection, you won’t be able to go through this process, leaving you highly dependent on phone orders. Unfortunately, during this time, website orders are much more preferred than phone orders because people can freely browse and choose what they want.

Internet redundancy prevents your business from going down because as soon as your primary service experiences an outage, your backup service will immediately be activated, allowing you to continue with your operations while waiting for your main internet service to come back.


Don’t put your business at risk because of internet outages, and don’t wait for a disaster to strike before you take action. As early as now, choose which Internet backup service would best suit your specific business requirements to protect your business from future losses.