Recruiting Software for More Hiring in Less Time

ecruiting is a vital process to the success of any organization. Organizations task recruiters and hiring managers to source, screen, interview, and offer the prominent candidate a job. To achieve these steps within a reasonable timeframe, you will need the help of recruiting software. It helps you to gain speed without sacrificing quality candidates. This article will highlight the recruitment industry’s challenges when hiring, and it will also explore some recruiting applications available today that can help.

The Challenge

Recruitment has always been a tough ask for recruiters and hiring managers but has become much more difficult recently. A survey by Monster suggests recruiters think it’s harder to recruit talents today than in the past. And why won’t it be? With the advancement in technology, the radical change in recruiting techniques, and the recent pandemic.

Recruiters have had to adapt and adjust to the changing landscape. Not to mention the great resignation, which came as a big surprise to many employers. The mass exodus saw many skilled employees leave the labor market. 

These factors and more have made recruiting one of the most demanding and crucial aspects of most companies today. To get ahead in the recruiting game, you need to be fast and adaptable. 

Recruiting software offers the opportunity, and in picking one, you need to pick one that is right for your company. 

The list below covers some of these recruiting applications that can help ease the hiring process.

The list features:

  • Lever
  • Greenhouse
  • Jobsoid
  • SignalHire
  • Workable



Lever is an ATS and CRM software that assists with hiring in bulk. Its system helps with sourcing out candidates online and helps with templates for different social media sites, allowing you to develop relationships with the selected candidates. If the first step goes well, you can create a pool of candidates for current and future hires. The nature of the platform helps with interacting and nurturing the candidate pool on a large scale.

 It is also useful when hiring because you have the option to customize and personalize messages to talents and streamline your processes. Lever provides a neat solution for diversity and inclusion, making it easier to reduce bias when recruiting.

It excels in giving detailed analytics to help you make informed decisions. As for the pricing, contact their sales team to get a customized price that will meet your needs.



Greenhouse Inc. has created a reputation for itself as an innovative and forward-looking recruitment company. They made their recruitment software to enhance customer and candidate experience. The software has a feature in which candidates can give feedback on the recruitment process, which is not common in the industry. 

Greenhouse software is also available on Android and IOS as experts hail it as one of the most sophisticated recruitment applications on a mobile device. The availability of the mobile app gives candidates flexibility because they can easily apply for job positions through their phones. 

The employer can also access candidates’ resumes, attachments, scorecards, and calender through the mobile app. This accessibility and flexibility mean employers and candidates can act on the go and from any location.

Greenhouse sources candidates, interview them, and onboards them. The software design promotes the hiring team to get involved in the hiring process – providing access to score candidates and giving feedback. The company acquired the company Intersteller to enhance its candidate sourcing ability. You will need to contact them to get the best price for your company.



Jobsoid is primarily a sourcing application software. At the same time, it can also carry out other features, like assessing and choosing the best candidate based on predetermined metrics, scoring candidates collectively by the hiring team based on interviews, and having correspondence with candidates.

Where its strength lie is in activities that source out candidates for recruitment. The activities are:

  • Post job ads on multiple job boards with the click of a button.
  • Post job ads on LinkedIn, Website Career page, and Facebook Career page.
  • Share seamlessly on all social media platforms.

It also helps with automating replies to candidates, scheduling meetings and interviews, communicating and assigning tasks to other team members, and short-listing the best-fit candidates with its SmartFilter.

Jobsoid offers a free trial that gifts you with one user account, unlimited candidates, and the mobile app. 

It has three paid plans, namely Lite, Standard, and Pro. The Lite plan costs $49 annually, the Standard will cost you $99, and the Pro costs $249 annually. Each of the packages has varying tools to help meet your needs. The Pro pack is for large corporations, while the Lite is for small companies. 



SignalHire is a sourcing software that helps you track talents online. It uses the name, job title, or email address to pull out search results of the best-fits for your company. What makes SignalHire a brilliant recruiting software is you can customize your emails and track the candidates on its interface. 

SignalHire also has a chrome extension that allows you to access candidates’ contact information from sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, GitHub, and MeetUp. You can use SignalHire to update your talent pool regularly and keep in touch with them. You can also download your contacts in bulk and export them straight to CRM software like ZOHO, PCRecruiter, Taleo X, Salesforce, Recruitee, Pipedrive, and many more.

If you are an advanced user, don’t worry. SignalHire has its application programming interface (API) that helps you search for candidates on different platforms. SignalHire pricing depends on your needs, but the standard product costs $39.99. They also have a free package to test the software before paying for it.


Workable is one of the popular ones on this list, and there is a good reason for that. Workable is an all-inclusive recruiting software. It has access to over 200 job board sites you can post on, thousands of professional templates and tutorials to help with sending emails, questions to ask candidates, identifying the best fit, etc.

A workable integrated system also helps manage the talent pool, matches candidates with job requirements, and grades them. The software provides in-depth analytics to make informed decisions and identify problems along the recruiting process.

Workable pricing is unique because they charge per job advert and not per user, as other recruiting software applications do. 

They have a pay-as-you-go option, which charges $99 per job per month, but they also have other payment plans. You will need to contact their sales team to get a price.


Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the various recruitment applications can help reduce your hire time and make your recruitment process a bit more bearable. The list only mentions five, but they are more options out there you can explore if you wish to look beyond this list. 

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