How Businesses Can Reduce Their Energy Bills

Given the global financial situation and with governments pushing more and more for businesses to become more energy efficient, we thought that it would be helpful to put together a list of ways in which any and all businesses can cut down on how much energy they use on a daily basis, and thus reduce their energy bills. 


Perform An Audit

If a business is not fully aware of where and how it uses its energy, then it has no idea where it is losing money and how it can do things better.

By conducting an energy audit, the entire business is analysed so that potential changes in operation can be identified and actioned. This can either be done by the business in question or a third party can be brought in to perform it for them. 


Switch Off The Lights

By leaving lights on when they are not in use, i.e. at night, it can really increase a business’ energy bills. One way of ensuring that the lights remain switched off when a particular room or even a building is not in use, is by installing lights that have motion sensors built into them.

This way, the lights only come on when there is a person present and moving around. In order to save even more money, businesses should invest in fluorescent light bulbs rather than using incandescent ones. Fluorescent light bulbs also have a much longer life span than the original incandescent ones.


Allow Staff To Work From Home

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, more and more people are currently working from home and / or working flexibly. The benefit to this is that it means that businesses need to use less energy through not having lights on, or having computers or other office equipment running.

There are also the added bonuses that staff working from home is both better for the environment and makes staff more productive as they have a better work life balance.


Change Energy Providers

Nowadays, you are able to change your energy provider with very little hassle and it could actually end up saving businesses a great deal of money over the course of a year.

One way of doing this is by visiting a dedicated website, such as where businesses can compare business energy tariffs in order to find the best one for them.


Use Energy Efficient Appliances

If a business has a kitchen inside of its place of work, then it can save money by using appliances like dishwashers and microwaves that are more energy efficient.

Simply replacing any older appliance for new ones will do the trick, as the more modern ones are automatically more energy efficient than the older ones. Whilst these may be more expensive in the first incident, over time they will provide businesses with a considerable cost saving.


Turn Off Electrical Equipment

By ensuring that any and all electrical equipment is switched off overnight, it can save businesses a considerable amount of money over the course of a single year.

For instance, by switching off just one computer so that it is not always left on overnight, a business can save around £6 per year – now imagine how much could be saved when the same is done for multiple computers. This represents a very effective, yet very easy way of saving money.


Do Not Allow Staff To Charge Personal Devices

It has been shown that most workers in the United Kingdom admit to charging up their own personal electronic devices whilst at work. It has been estimated that this costs businesses throughout the country as much as £12.5 million each and every year.

This is why it is important to impart a policy whereby workers are not allowed to charge things such as their personal mobile phone or e reader whilst at work, as doing so could end up saving a business a great deal of money.


Keep All Exterior Doors Shut

By ensuring that any and all doors that lead outdoors are shut or remain shut as much as possible is a great way for businesses to reduce their energy bills. This is particularly true for those businesses within the retail sector where lots of heat is lost with entrance doors constantly being opened and shut – especially during the winter months.

If the doors are unable to be shut for long periods of time, then consider installing a revolving door as this is a more energy efficient solution and will thus help to reduce a business’ energy bills. 


Turn Down The Heating

By turning the heating in an office building or workshop down by just a single degree, it can save a business as much as £85 to £90 over the course of a year.

Whilst turning the heating down slightly can be beneficial, do refrain from switching it off completely during the winter months, even if a premise is not in use, as it can cause the water pipes to become frozen and crack open, which can be very expensive to get fixed. 


Make The Most Of Tax Breaks

There are some businesses out there that are eligible for relief or even exemption from some certain taxes. However, this is dependent on a number of different factors that include how much energy a business uses in its day to day operations, and if it does what it can to be more energy efficient, such as using green technology.

Any businesses that may be eligible and are interested in receiving a tax break should visit


By implementing any or all of these things, a business can, over the course of a year, save themselves hundreds, if not thousands, of pounds on their energy bills.

It is appreciated that some of these require more effort than others and so it may not be the case that a business implements all of these actions. There are also a number of secondary benefits to businesses by implementing these energy saving tactics.

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