Refurbish Modern-Day Contact Centers with ‘Super-Agents’ for Superior Customer Service

Contact centers have undergone a digital transformation with the advent of desktop automation and intelligent analytics. Initially, contact centers were all about script-based calls. But they have equipped agents with the necessary tools to decode customers. Contact centers now offer personalized interactions to improve customer journeys.

Digital services are attracting a plethora of queries from customers. Contact center agents are often drowned in a continuous stream of complex customer interactions. In this situation, inefficient systems can prevent agents from driving customer engagement.

Moreover, customer service employees are now looking forward to working from home in the post-pandemic world. The lack of supervision and system support are the major roadblocks in the way of remote and digital operations of contact centers. But data-driven technologies can solve the issue by transforming contact center agents into super-agents.

The HCL ACE Framework can make modern-day contact centers witness the following:

Increased Agent Effectiveness

The super-agents in modern contact centers have everything they need to improve workflow. The digital workforce encounters custom-guided workflows for complex customer interactions. Intelligent chatbots are present all the time to assist human agents.

Easy Collaborations

The best part about the modern-day contact centers is the easy collaboration. A centralized console for monitoring performance quality is available to agents. They can even use the consoles for self-evaluations. It solves the issue of lack of supervision while working remotely. Super-agents also get access to transparent dashboards, including real-time data for performance calibrations.

Intelligent Engagement

A unified desktop in modern contact centers enables an agent to get an uncluttered view of tools and support. Super agents are also able to decode customers’ lifetime value and agent persona mapping to offer suitable support.

Due to a spike in the customer onboarding volumes, customer centers were struggling with fast and efficient management of complex queries. Technology and process gaps were also responsible for hampering agents’ productivity and preventing agents from being agile. For instance, agents remained unfamiliar with new onboarding policies during the pandemic.

Contact centers were also not tracking the call compliance of agents. Moreover, the average handling time of customers was high, along with a plethora of manual errors. It was particularly happening because of the large number of non-integrated systems.

The situation created a need for a modern desktop interface for super-agents. The new interface remained focused on the following:

  • Customized workflows: The new desktop interface segments different digital process operations in contact centers. It provides agents with prompts regarding the current and next steps. The scripts of agents get personalized at the same time to provide a better customer experience. In fact, customizing workflows also allows the system to track compliance.
  • FAQs to assist agents: The new interface allows agents to receive responses to conversational questions. It enables agents to become better at handling customer queries. Agents no longer blank out after hearing unexpected customer queries.
  • ACW desktop automation: The process of After Call Work desktop automation ensures that call notes get auto-filled with the help of machine learning.

Impact of Customer Experience Technology

The contact center industry is experiencing substantial growth primarily due to powerful new technology like artificial intelligence.

  • Interactions with customers are becoming more meaningful and personal with enhanced customer tools and their capabilities.
  • AI enables contact centers to automate tasks and generate rich insights about customer journeys. It can even heighten the performance of agents by making them capable of improving customer satisfaction.
  • A 360-degree view of customer interactions enables organizations to improve customer experience.
  • Advanced technology creates multiple opportunities, including offering happy customers special treatment. Technological advancement also enables organizations to detect customers who provide a low satisfaction score. Such customers are directed to agents who are capable of obtaining high customer satisfaction scores.

Build Customer Connections and Loyalty

Emotionally charged interactions are necessary for brands to build a strong connection with their customers. Companies should maintain data transparency to tell actionable stories to customers. Businesses should look deeper to combine traditional contact center evaluation metrics like average handle time and first call resolution with newer metrics.

A purposeful and integrated platform is necessary for agents to offer a better customer experience. The contact centers should focus on building an all-in-one platform with voice, chat and email communications to break data silos. It allows agents to obtain a full context of the customer journey before they can offer a cohesive solution.

An integrated platform with knowledge of customer journeys can enable agents to offer immediate responses. Adapting to changing customers’ needs and finding a human element in customers’ stories brings efficiency to contact centers.

Contact centers should be using real-time data to solve the issues of customers. It helps in breaking the loop of customer complaints which improves the tactical arsenal of a business.

Every stakeholder in a business should have an idea of the customer journey. But to create this view, companies need to break down every journey into segments and ensure that there are listening posts at key moments of truth. It enables companies to understand customer personas and their desired goals.

Stakeholders should also be able to identify key touchpoints in a customer’s journey to segment it into different parts. But stakeholders should also zoom into different journey stages of customers to conduct a deeper analysis.

Key Takeaway

Since businesses are becoming increasingly concerned with the customer journey, empowering contact center agents is becoming necessary. Contact center employees are representatives of a business who play a crucial role in generating customer loyalty. New-age tools and platforms ensure that contact centers can rely on digital operations.

It ensures that organizations obtain better customer effort scores and net promoter scores through better contact handling, increased customer connection, and personalization. Better productivity shown by contact center agents also increases the annual savings of companies as they no longer need to focus on hiring new customer support staff.

The super-agents from DigitalCOLLEAGUE by HCL Technologies can also improve the overall process efficiency of organizations. They humanize the customer journey with the necessary tools to provide them with the answers they need.