How to Build a Remote Customer Support Team by Using VoIP System?

Building a remote customer support team might seem like a magnanimous task, but it is simpler than getting a traditional landline number. More so, if your business is getting one virtually via WeNumber.

Unlike traditional phone systems that take eons for activation and installation, VoIP systems are super prompt in their activation. You can click here to read more about who uses 0808 and how it helps businesses in having a proactive customer support team.

If you have been looking forward to building a remote customer support team for your business, you’ve come to the right page. Here, you will know the what, how, when and where of setting up a remote customer support team by Using VoIP systems.

No Installation Hassles

VoIP systems offer immense leverage for performance of customer support systems. Infact, they have become an operational necessity for the customer support teams. They enhance the functionality to a much better level.

These systems do not pose unnecessary installation hassles. The process is immensely quick and prompt in its conduct. There is no requirement of a service provider technical person to undo the wires and cables of the phone connections.

Further, the activation of such numbers is as quick as the installation. With a virtual phone number provider like WeNumber, you can obtain and start operating on one in a few minutes itself.

Improved Flexibility

While most dynamic codes and phones offer a number forwarding ability, the flexibility that VoIP systems offer, seconds to none. The flexibility is superb that the staff can forward and entertain calls absolutely remotely.

This enables the staff to perform remotely from their locations, even in times of crisis. Further, it leads to a professional way of escalating issues to the right person.

Professional Approach

VoIP systems offer a very professional approach to the conduct of customer service. From automated greetings and information to narrowing down the caller requirement, it offers holistic leverage.

The executives can answer customer calls from any internet compatible devices and thus this enhances their efficiency. With better connectivity and flexibility, VoIP systems provide a perfect backdrop for the customer support team.

Monitoring and Analysis   

VoIP systems don’t work on estimations and assumptions. They have the impetus to provide perfectly detailed information about the calls or campaigns. So much so, with articulate depiction of the campaign results, important marketing strategies can be identified.

In addition to campaign analysis, this also helps in analysing the performance of the customer service team. The number of hours worked, queries resolved and escalated can give an insight into someone’s performance.

Increase Visibility of Business

VoIP systems totally give customer service a much needed makeover. With features like conference calls, call forwarding, automated greetings, wait time intimation, the platform has a lot to offer. All this and more increases the visibility of the business and its services.

Better Collaborations

VoIP systems help the customer service team work in a much more informed and collaborative way. With enhanced chatting and responsive features, the employees can stay in touch and interact in a multi-faceted way.

This leads to better internal coherence and sticking to performance. As the roles are interdependent, it also leads to a healthy competition at the workplace.

How to Get a VoIP System to Build Remote Customer Support?

Many promising service providers have emerged as prospective sellers of VoIP systems. Since there is so much scope to their functionality and so much competition, it is important to know the highs and lows of the different providers.

This is where WeNumber emerges as a winner. As a virtual number provider, WeNumber provides a complete insight into viable calling codes, plans and numbers. It also allows users to seek a numeric number of their choice.

With all the variety of details of all leading providers at one platform, WeNumber allows your business VoIP system to be an informed decision. The comparison of features, cost and services can be done in a holistic manner and it even saves the business a lot of cost.

How a VoIP system Can Help Build Remote Customer Support?

As there is a plethora of competition, there are a plethora of service providers. Everyone likes to offer more robust plans and services. But, in order to decide which one VoIP system you should get for your business, you must take all vital information into consideration.

You must first assess your communication requirements as a business. A rough estimation of the volume of calls and anticipated services must be done. After this is accomplished, a plan that meets most requirements must be ascertained.

It must be noted that even the most basic VoIP plans offer good enough services. They offer automated greetings, call forward facilities, hold music, etc. So, assessment of whether a basic plan would suit your business, or should you go for a more premium plan is important.


Many businesses have benefited from taking their VoIP number decision via WeNumber. click here to read more about who uses 0808 and how it benefits a business. There are manifold advantages of VoIP systems in the context of remote customer support.

These systems offer robust techniques and features where quality of customer service is not compromised irrespective of the location of the executives. Further, it also allows users to access customer information as all relevant details are saved on a cloud based storage.

There is less dependency on the office infrastructure and customer service staff can feel more at ease in performing their functions irrespective of their actual physical locations. Therefore, without compromising on quality, VoIP systems offer a very feasible solution for rendering remote customer service. 


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