Resolving PS4 Error Code CE-35694-7 [Your guide to troubleshooting]

Being an ardent video gamer, the Sony PS4 error CE-35694-7 can take a toll on your plans to set up the next game. The reasons for this error can be different. In this article, we will discuss the possible reasons that trigger the error and how can it be resolved.

What causes the error?

As mentioned, the reasons for the error can be more than one. The major ones among them can be as mentioned below:

Lack of space

The Error CE35694-7 is a shortcode that tells you about the insufficient space on your hard drive required for the download and installation of the game. Earlier, PS4 used to dismiss the error when it discovered free space in the system. However now, Sony has enforced a rule where a user needs double the space than the actual size of the game they are trying to install. Therefore, if you see this error message, you need to do some cleaning.

Misconfigured OS files

If your system contains misconfigured operating system files, it can be another reason why you are facing the issue. To remove the same or configure the files, you can use the System File Checker.

The most effective solution for troubleshooting the said error is to increase the amount of free space on your hard drive. Addressing the first cause of concern is enough to circumvent the error code.

But how exactly can you do that? What is the most effective way to create free space? This can be done in the following ways:

  • Upgrading and creating free space in the hard disk using a partition management tool. This will also prevent you from deleting any games or apps that you might have installed.
  • Deleting the apps and games which you don’t use and play now.

Removing the error CE-35694-7

Upgrading the hard drive

The game files are compressed when they are downloaded from the PS4 store. Upon installation, the game sizes become 4 to 5 times greater than their compressed versions. Therefore, even if there is 500 GB of free space on your hard drive, it is still not enough to install certain games. If you don’t want to delete the existing files, you’ll need to upgrade your HDD. An HDD with a 1TB or higher storage space can be used in this case. Also, you need to make sure it is 7200rpm or higher so you can have better gaming experience.

If you are looking to create free space on your hard disk, a clone disk software can be of great help. Some partition software can also be used to format hard drives, restore data, and converting the disk formats from one to the other.

  • Connect the PS4 hard disk and the new hard disk to your computer system.
  • Launch the partition software and go to the main user interface. Open the old PS4 hard drive data and click on the Copy Disk option which should be present somewhere on the screen.
  • In the next window that appears, select a target disk which is your new hard drive, and click on NEXT to proceed.
  • In the next window titled “Review Changes”, select the desired Copy Options and the target disk layout. Once done, click on Next.
  • Click on Finish. The computer system will now use the new hard drive to boot.

Tip: After you complete the above steps, make sure that the computer BIOS settings are configured as well. If the new hard drive is not configured as the default boot disk, the error will appear again.

  • The management wizard will move back to the home page. Click on the Apply button and restart your computer system.
  • After the system boots up, try installing new games again to check if you are still getting the error.

Deleting the games and files not required

This remedy is so far the most effective remedy to fix the PS4 Error Code CE-35694-7. There may be some games that you are bored playing or some files that you no longer use.

Follow the steps to delete the same:

  • Open System Storage Management from the Settings menu.

Here you will see the categories of data saved on your hard drive and how much space each one is using.

  • Go to Applications. Select Options and choose Delete. Select the applications that you want to remove from your hard drive.
  • If the space that forms after you have removed the unnecessary applications is less, you can clear the required space by deleting the data in Capture Gallery or the Themes section.
  • Go back and try restarting the game or application which showed the error.

Rebuilding the PS4 Database

If creating extra space did not work for you, rebuilding the PS4 database by initializing the machine is your take. Initialization is equivalent to performing a device RESET. This helps rebuild the console database but also means you will lose the saved files and games that you have currently installed on your system. This fix works for a majority of users who face the same issue.

To avoid losing data, you can save the same over the cloud or an external hard drive. Once done, follow the steps to initialize your PS4 console:

  • Open Settings, go to Initialization, and press the X button on your controller.
  • To access the initialization menu, click on Initialize PS4 from the three options.
  • Click on the Full option to start the initialization process. The initialization process may take some hours to complete during which it may restart on its own several times. Make sure you do not turn off the console.
  • Once the initialization process is complete, try installing the game again.

The final word

Insufficient space on your hard drive and misconfigured disks can be a reason the PS4 CE 35694-7 error code occurs. Though deleting unnecessary files can apps may help create space, it is highly recommended that you upgrade your disk to a newer and faster version.

Or you can always refer to the above troubleshooting guide. For more insights into the error code and professional support, you may head over to the official EA support forum as well.

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