How to Fix Samsung Dishwasher Error Code 7E [Quickly]

The Samsung Dishwasher error code 7E is essentially a WaterWall error. You will get this error code when the WaterWall reflector  is blocked. You may also get the 7E error code on your Samsung Dishwasher when parts of the WaterWall system are not attached properly. 

The error code could also point to a faulty sensor, electric motor malfunction. It may also occur when the reflector  is blocked or the vane is not clipped properly. The appropriate fix for this issue will mainly depend on the cause, as discussed throughout the guide. 

Get to know what triggers error code 7E on Samsung dishwashers and how you can solve the problem on your own. 

The Samsung dishwasher error code 7E points to a problem within the WaterWall system. It could mean that the Vane sensor, vane motor or the wire harness is malfunctioning and needs to be fixed. In yet other times, you may get the error as a result of a fault in the electric board. 

This can be fixed by resetting the dishwasher to clear error code 7E. If resetting the dishwasher does not clear the error code, check whether the WaterWall reflector  is installed properly or blocked and fix it accordingly. 

You may also need to adjust the sprinkler movement to achieve a smooth stroke or remove the packing tape that may be blocking the movable element in new Samsung dishwashers. 

What Triggers the Samsung Dishwasher Error Code 7E? 

Error code 7E on a Samsung dishwasher essentially means that something is wrong with the WaterWall system—patent dish-washing technology by Samsung. This technology is only available in newer Samsung dishwasher models. As such, you should not confuse error code 7E with the E7 error in older models. 

Error code 7E is often displayed when the water dispersion mechanism on the dishwasher cannot move. According to Samsung dishwasher users, the error code will pop up just a few seconds after a cycle is initiated on the unit. Here are some of the common causes of error code 7E in Samsung dishwashers: 

WaterWall Reflector Blocked 

One of the leading causes of the error code 7E is a blocked reflector on the WaterWall system. In this case, something is blocking the reflector e holding it in place. It could also mean that the reflector is not installed or attached properly. 

If the dispersed is clamped, water will flow through the dishwasher, a cascade will be formed, and the machine will run as expected. However, the sprayer will stand STI at some point, and the 7E error code will come up. 

If yours is behaving like this, it means that something is stopping the movement of the boom. If the unit is new, error code 7E is probably as a result of the packing tape attached to the WaterWall vane. A sensor integrated into the track may also block the movement of the diffuser

Loose/ Improper Connections 

If the wires connecting the WaterWall system components are loose or not installed properly, you may also get error code 7E. This could occur following a repair or maintenance service on the dishwasher. Inspect the wires connecting such components as the WaterWall vane motor and vane sensor for loose connection. 

If the wire harness on your dishwasher is damaged, you need to replace it with a new one, hence fix error code 7E. 

Faulty/ Wrongly Installed Components 

Although the WaterWall parts and components are designed to offer enhanced durability, they may break down from time to time. A faulty Vane motor or motor sensor can also trigger the Samsung dishwasher error code 7E. 

If a multimeter test on the harness does not produce an optimal signal, the harness is broken and needs to be replaced. If the wiring is in a proper working condition, but the dishwasher mechanism is still not working, you should consider replacing the motor sensor to fix error code 7E. 

You may find the rail housing on your Samsung dishwasher to be free, the sensor wiring intact, and the water jet come out as expected. Even so, the disperser stops at some point, despite producing the usual buzzing sound. If such symptoms accompany the error code 7E on your Samsung dishwasher, you need to check the engine. 

What is the WaterWall Technology? 

This is a patent dish cleaning technology by the manufacturer. It features cortical jets that are meant to produce a wall of water for efficient dish cleaning performance. The state-of-the-art technology ensures that water is dispersed properly onto the dirty dishes, during the spin cycle. 

As opposed to the traditional rotating rocker mechanism in older Samsung dishwashers, the WaterWall technology delivers water to the dishes using a straight-line reflector on the WaterWall system. The reflector is designed to move along the boom—to and aft—during the cleaning cycle. Such a system ensures that water pressure is evenly distributed throughout the cleaning tank on your dishwasher. 

With the WaterWall technology, the dishwasher will not just wash the dishes that are along the side trays. It distributed water evenly throughout the tank to ensure that even a spoon at the middle of the stack is cleaned effectively. However, things don’t always go as expected. 

How to Fix the Samsung Dishwasher Error Code 7E

As you can see, this error code may be triggered by a number of things. The appropriate fix for error code 7E will depend on its cause. On rare occasions, this error may be displayed as a result of a control unit error. As such, you should first reset the dishwasher to clear the error code and wait to see whether it reapers. 

To do this turn the unit off, and then unplug its power cord from the outlet socket. Let it stay unplugged for about 15 minutes. Thereafter, plug the dishwasher back in and turn it on. If the error code 7E reappears on the display, it means that something is actually wrong with the WaterWall system on the machine. 

In this regard, you may use the following methods to troubleshoot and fix error code 7E on a Samsung dishwasher:

Method 1: Free a Clamped Disperser 

The first thing you need to inspect on your dishwasher is the WaterWall reflector. Check whether the reflector is installed properly—if you had the dishwasher repaired or serviced recently. When this is the problem, water flows in the dishwasher, a cascade is formed, but the sprayer freezes at some point and error code 7E is displayed. 

This essentially means that something is blocking the movement of the boom. The following procedure will help you fix error code 7E in this case:

Step 1: Turn the dishwasher off, open it and check whether there are any protruding dish parts, such as jug handles, a frying pan handle, or a knife. These may hold the lower rocker in place, resulting in error code 7E. If so, you need to redistribute the utensils and restart the dishwasher.

Step 2: If this does not clear error code 7E, shut the dishwasher down, and unload it. Next, inspect the dispenser. Check whether it is installed properly, and securely fixed to the rail. When installed properly, the WaterWall logo on the water reflector should be facing up. 

Step 3: If it is not installed properly, lift the vane up and remove the reflector. Turn the reflector and attach it to the gray shuttle on the guidance element. Now lower the bar back to secure the reflector. Ensure that it is firmly pressed into the groove. 

Method 2 Remove the Packing Tape 

If you are using a new Samsung dishwasher, the 7E error code may be caused by blockage by the packing tape. The manufacturer uses tape to hold the movable element in place and prevent it from moving while the machine is being transported. 

The tape used, in this case is transparent and you may not be able to see if unless you are specifically looking for it. To remove the tape, first unplug the unit from the power outlet and take out the dishes. Next, remove the lower rack on the dishwasher to gain access to the subunit. 

Now look for the adhesive tape that is holding the movable element onto the rail housing and peel it off. Return the lower rack, plug the machine back in and start it. Run a cycle to see whether error code 7E has been fixed. 

Method 3: Adjust the Sprinkler Movement 

If the movement of the sprinkler along the boom is noisy and jerky, it could be the one causing this error. In this case, the movement of the sprinkler should be adjusted to be as smooth as possible. You may need to make several adjustments to clear the error—as directed in the user’s manual. 

Just shut it down, open it up and adjust the stroke. Start the dishwasher and check whether the error has been resolved. If not, turn it off and adjust the WaterWall system again.

Method 4: Diagnose the Sensor 

If the sensor on your dishwasher happens to malfunction, it could trigger error code 7E when everything is in working order. In such a scenario, the motor will work properly before stopping, and there will be no water curtain. If you observe this, it is advisable to test the sensor.

Before that, inspect the wire loop line connecting it to other components for visible signs of damage or loose connection. You can repair the connection by twisting the wires or soldering. Use a multimeter to test the sensor. 

If you are not getting any optimal signal on the multimeter, the problem is the harness. If so, replace the entire wire harness. If the wiring is in working order, but the unit is still showing error code 7E, you need to install a new sensor. 

Method 6: Diagnose the Electric Motor 

If the motor is the one causing the WaterWall problem on your Samsung dishwasher, a jet will come out, sensor wiring will be intact, and the rail housing will be free of obstruction. Additionally, you will not hear the usual buzzing associated with the motor running. 

If yours is showing these symptoms, check the engine. To do this, unplug the dishwasher, open the door, and remove the lower bar. Now draw the motor out, use a multimeter to test it. If the multimeter does not move when you connect the probes, the motor is damaged and needs to be replaced. 

If the motor is showing continuity, check its wiring for damage or loose connection and fix it accordingly. If you cannot repair the wiring, you may need to replace the entire harness to clear error code 7E. 

Final Verdict

Error code 7E on Samsung dishwashers essentially means that the WaterWall system is not working. Normally, the unit will automatically end the cycle and then display error code 7 on the control panel. The WaterWall system has several components and any of them could be the cause. With this guide, you should be able to troubleshoot each of the WaterWall components to identify and fix the Samsung dishwasher error code 7E.

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