Samsung Refrigerator Error Codes After Power Outage

Failed Samsung refrigerator error codes vary from one refrigerator or freezer model to another. Newer Samsung refrigerator and freezer models feature an inbuilt self-diagnostic error recognition system. If the system detects a problem in the machine, it will display an error code or message that is easy to read and understand. 

Each error code on Samsung refrigerators is unique, helping you to identify the source of the malfunction or breakage, and fix it with ease. In most cases, the error codes are a result of the refrigerator door being left open for too long.

In other cases, they are a result of something as simple as a power outage. Throughout this guide, you will learn how to troubleshoot and fix some of the commonest Samsung refrigerator error codes. 

How to Fix Some of the Common Samsung Refrigerator Error Codes 

In most cases, the malfunction triggering the error code is the only minor. As such, the fridge may continue to work as it should despite displaying an error code.  Even so, it is not advisable to unplug the refrigerator in an attempt to clear the error code, unless it is part of the fix. 

If your Samsung refrigerator is showing an error code, the following steps will help you troubleshoot and fix the problem to clear the code: 

Samsung Refrigerator Error Code OF OF/OFF/OFF OFF

Depending on the Samsung refrigerator model you have, you may get error code OF OF, OFF, or OFF OFF. Other models are programmed to display scrolling temperature bars for the same error. If you are getting such an error code, the fridge is in the Cooling Off Mode, also referred to as the Demo mode. 

Troubleshooting, and Fix  

The procedure for deactivating the Demo Mode in Samsung refrigerators varies slightly from one model to another. You can get the precise procedure for your model on your Samsung refrigerator user manual. In most cases, you will be able to clear the error code using the control panel. 

To do this, press the top two buttons on the left side of the fridge panel simultaneously and hold them for 5 to 8 seconds. In newer fridge models, you may be required to press and hold the top button on the right side of the panel as well. 

Leave the refrigerator running, and check it a few minutes later to see whether the error resurfaces. If it does, just repeat the above-described procedure to clear it once again. 

Samsung Refrigerator Error Codes 1E/ SE

The error code 1E or SE in Samsung refrigerators is often triggered by a power outage. The fridge may display SE or 1E in its display, depending on the model.

Ideal Fix 

To clear this Samsung fridge error code, press and hold the ‘Power Save’ and Lighting buttons simultaneously for about 10 seconds. Alternatively, you may press and hold the Fridge, and Freezer buttons simultaneously for about 10 seconds. 

Both procedures have been proven to be effective at fixing error code SE/1E. 

Samsung Refrigerator Error Code 22E/ 22C 

If you are getting error code 22E on the refrigerator display, the refrigerator evaporator fan on the fridge has failed. Error Code 22C, on the other hand, may occur when the refrigerator door is left open for too long. 

Troubleshooting, and Fix 

With error code 22E, you should first unplug the fridge from the mains power supply outlet. Next, you need to inspect the wire harness connections for any damage or loose connections. It is advisable to first open the bracket for examination.

Reconnect any loose wires and close the bracket afterward. If this is not the problem, check for ice/frost buildup that may be preventing the fan from rotating. If present, defrost the evaporator fan to restore it to a working condition.

You also need to check the wiring connections to the evaporator fan (the gray wire should be inserted in pin1 and orange wire into pin4.)

You may also need to inspect the CN76 electronic control board connector for loose connections. If these happen to be okay, the fan could be dead. In such a case, you need to have the evaporator fan replaced to clear error code 22E.

Error Code 41 E/ PC Er

This Samsung refrigerator error code is displayed when there is a communication problem between the electronic control board and the control panel. Depending on the Samsung fridge model you own, the display will show either PC Er or Error code 41E when you have such a malfunction. 

Troubleshooting and Fix

If you are getting the 41E or PC ER Samsung refrigerator error code, unplug the unit from the power outlet. Once disconnected, remove the top left hinge cover. Thereafter, you need to unhook the wire harness, and then reconnect it.

Now plug the refrigerator back in, and power it on. If the error code has not cleared from the display, you should have the control panel to resolve the issue. 

Samsung Refrigerator Error Code 85E/ 85C 

Most of the leading Samsung fridge models display the 85 E Samsung error code when the voltage supply to the compressor is too low. The 85 C error code is associated with the Samsung Family Hub refrigerators. It is triggered when the power supply voltage is too low. 

You may get these error codes after a brief power outage.

Troubleshooting and Fix

If the error is not as a result of a power outage, you need to have a professional troubleshoot and fix the issue. Do not attempt to open the power supply on your fridge, unless you have the required skill set. If you are getting error code 85C  or 85E following a power outage, all you need to do is clear the error code from the display. 

In such a case, you should press and hold the OK button on the control panel of the fridge for about 3 seconds. If it does not clear, then you have a more serious problem that should be addressed by a professional. 

Error Code 86E

If your refrigerator is showing error code 85E, the voltage at the output socket is too high. 

Troubleshooting and Fix 

This is also a serious problem that should only be handled by skilled professionals. As such, you should call a technician to carry out voltage checks and ascertain the cause. 

Flashing Temperature Readings 

One of the commonest Samsung error codes you may come across is the flashing Temperature Readings error. The temperature readings on a Samsung refrigerator will only blink or flash at intervals when the temperature inside the unit rises beyond the 59°F threshold. 

Ideal Fix 

The solution to this error is rather simple, just calibrate temperature settings on your fridge to a lower value. 

Samsung Refrigerator Error Code 2E 

Are you getting the 2E Samsung refrigerator error code? Well, it means that the temperature sensor within the refrigerator compartment has failed. As such, you will not be able to regulate the temperature inside the unit accurately until the problem is fixed. 

Troubleshooting and Fix 

To begin with, you need to shut the refrigerator down and unplug it from the socket. Now inspect the wire harness connection to the refrigerator compartment temperature sensor. Check to see whether any of the connections or wires are damaged or loose. If loose, reconnect the harness securely. 

If the harness appears to be fine, use a multimeter to check the resistance of the sensor (It should have a resistance of 5,600 ohms at around 72 degrees, and 11,700 ohms at 37 degrees) if you find the resistance to be off by more than 10%, you need to have the temperature sensor replaced. 

If resistance readings are okay, try reinstalling the sensor, and check its wire harness to the control panel. Ensure that the gray wire is securely connected to CN76, and the white wire to CN30. If loose, reconnect them securely to clear error code 2E. 

Where Can I find Samsung Refrigerators Error Codes?

Most of the modern Samsung refrigerators will display error codes on their digital freezer and refrigerator temperature displays. Normally, the freezer temperature display will show the number designation for the error code, while the refrigerator temperature display shows E. 

To view a list of current as well as past error codes on a Samsung Family Hub fridge, you will need to runs a self-check cycle. To do this, you need to navigate to the Apps on your Family Hub panel, and tap Fridge Manager. 

Next, you should select the ‘Settings’ option and then tap on ‘Self Check’. Finally, tap on the Start button to get a list of error codes. 

How to Reset the Display to Clear Error Codes 

In the above-discussed cases, the error code may continue to show on the display, even after the problem has been fixed. If that happens, you need to clear the Samsung refrigerator error codes manually. 

To do this, press and hold the Lighting, and ‘Energy Saver’ buttons simultaneously for about 8 seconds. This will clear the error code or message from the refrigerator display. If the error code resurfaces, the problem is yet to be resolved.  

Final Verdict 

A good number of error codes on Samsung fridges are minor and are less likely to affect the functioning of the refrigerator. As you have learned throughout this guide, error codes on these units are triggers by different things, ranging from loose connections to damaged components. 

If the refrigerator door is left open for too long, it may trigger an error code as well. Although each code requires a unique solution, this guide will help you troubleshoot and fix the common Samsung refrigerator error codes. 

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