How To Fix Samsung Washer Sud Error Code

The Samsung washer Sud error code is beneficial for diagnosing a foam control problem. It calls your attention to obvious culprits like surplus washing powder or the wrong kind of detergent during a wash cycle. 

However, to resolve the Samsung washer sud error, allow the excess foam in the washer drum to dissolve on its own. It may take a long while, but your washer can handle it. After the wash cycle, manually clean up the drain filter to get rid of any possible clog.

The Sud error can be from more severe cases like a failed foam level sensor or damaged pressure switches. Nonetheless, this article contains information about all likely reasons you have the Sud error displayed on your Samsung washer. Please read about how you can troubleshoot and solve them all.

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Samsung Washer Sud Error Code

It is logical to check your washing detergent when you get the Sud error because it indicates excess foam. You should be able to see the thick suds through the glass door of the washer. Patiently wait for the foam to dissolve, and the washer would continue its wash cycle. However, if you are sure it’s not the washing powder, here are other possible reasons your washer is displaying the sud or 5ud error code.

  • Insensitive foam level sensor.
  • Damaged pressure switch.
  • Clogged drain; the hose, sewer, or branch pipe is blocked.
  • The control board is not responding; this hardly happens, but it is possible.

Before you completely rule out your detergent as the issue, confirm it meets these criteria.

  • Your washing detergent is for automated washers
  • That you measured and used the correct quantity
  • That you did not use an excessively concentrated washing powder which the washer is struggling to handle.
  • Your washing powder is of good quality

If you confirm and none of the listed reasons are the cause of the sud error, try a different washing powder brand.

What Does It Mean When Your Washer Say Sud?

The sud error means you improperly used the washing powder. In a situation your washer displays SUDS on the screen; it indicates extra suds in the washer’s drum. Your Samsung washer would stop the washing cycle for a while to allow the foam residue to dissolve. By default, the sud error code refers to the wrong brand of washing powder or surplus quantity for the cycle.

How The Foam Level Sensor Work

Samsung washers have sensitive foam sensors; it regulates and handles the suds levels during a wash. When the foam residue becomes too much, the washer adjusts and tries to get rid of them. A sud error happens in a washer when it is unable to resolve the issue. 

It also tells you why it has temporarily stopped, and it merely requires more time for the foam to dissolve. The washer wait time is due to the amount of detergent you used for the wash cycle.

5D or SD code

Some washers display 5D or SD, but they are identical to the SUD error code. It means the same thing but varies among washing machine brands. The display screen size majorly influences the differences; it’s easier for some washers to show 5d or SD than SUD.

How Do I Fix The Sud Error On My Samsung Washing Machine?

When your Samsung washer shows the SUD error code, it indicates extra suds in the washer drum. To fix it, please follow the instructions below.

  • Allow the foam residue or sud to dissolve naturally. The washer would stop temporarily to enable this to happen and continue when it can control the foam level. In some washers, you may need to start the wash cycle manually. 
  • When the cycle has finished, wash the filter. Take it out and remove any possible clog.
  • Start a wash cycle without clothes in the drum. Use an extended wash time plus a hot water setting.
  • If you notice the washing powder is the issue, get a different brand. Some detergents may be too concentrated.

Here are steps to take in situations where extra suds are not the reason for the sud error.

Step 1: Switch off the washer.

Step2: Please don’t unlock the door because of the wash water; instead, drain it via the emergency drain.

Step 3: Take out the clothes.

Step 4: Clean the filter.

Step 5: Turn on the washer and continue the wash cycle without changing the wash cycle.

Step 6: Further, wash off soap residue from the machine from the drum and drain.

Some washing machines give the SUB code indicating the foam level sensor is not functioning correctly. Other times the water level sensor is the issue ( the sensor is called the pressure switch). If the foam level sensors give an error sign, it means it is damaged. 

To get a replacement, contact the Samsung service center for a new one. To install a new foam level sensor, please follow these steps.

Step1: Shut off water from the washer 

Step2: Remove the washing machine plug from the power source.

Step 3: Take off the lid

Step 4: Identify the pressure switch in the washer.

Step 5: Take out the air duct.

Step 6: Remove wire connections

Step 7: Put in the new foam level sensor. Reinstall all you have taken out of the washing machine; air duct, wires, and lids in the same order.

The washer can display the SUD error when the suds are in the drum or a pipe obstruction. You have to check the hose, drain, or branch pipe and clean them. Remove the hose and branch pipe from the washer and wipe them. You can disconnect it via the washer’s bottom part.

You will need a specialist to check your washer;

  1. If you get a SUD error code and there is no visible sud or foam residue. You would need to replace the foam level sensor.
  2. Suppose the SUD error displays during a cycle and stops the washer. The pressure switch is the issue in this case; you need to replace it.
  3. If you add detergent and your washing machine continues to drain water for an extended period and the error code shows after putting it in the soap. The problem is due to a clog in the branch pipe or sewer. Clean the pipes and hose to remove this issue.
  4. If the SUD error displays immediately, you start the washer or in between a cycle. It shows that the control has an issue and may need replacement.
  5. When the foam residue has dissolved, attempt to resolve the code by rebooting the washing machine. To restart a Samsung washer, press the start button.

After trying all the troubleshooting techniques above and the error code is still showing, contact the Samsung service center as a last resort.

What Is The Samsung HE Washer Sud Error?

The acronym HE refers to high efficiency. So the Samsung ”High Efficiency” washers also get the sud error when you do not use HE washing powder during a wash cycle. HE detergent has good cleaning proficiency with fewer chances of SUD issues. It is perfect for this kind of washer, unlike other detergents with low or average efficiency. If your detergent is an HE variant, but you still get the SUDS error code, you are using surplus per wash cycle. Look through your washer’s manual and follow the required amount suggestions. 

However, notice the concentration according to brand type. You can adjust it to meet the standard manufacturer recommendation.

Samsung VRT Steam Washer Error Code UE

When your Samsung steam washer displays the UE error code, it indicates an issue with the washing machine drum. You may have overloaded it, or it is un-leveled.


The drum has difficulties spinning because you overload it. If it surpasses the standard weight expectations, it is an issue.

Evenly distribute the clothes to allow the drum to move and function efficiently. For example, if the load is too small or too much like one large duvet. Add in more items if need be, or remove some clothes as the case may be.

If you are still receiving the UE error code after distributing the weight, start a drain cycle. To achieve this, continuously press the spin button until it reaches the no spin setting.


The UE error code can also show when the washing machine un-leveled. To fix this situation, utilize some tools like spanner and spirit level and make some adjustments to your washer.


The Samsung washer sud error is a result of using a surplus or wrong detergent brand. Allow the excess sud to dissolve naturally and continue the wash cycle. In some cases, the sud error indicates problems with the water level or foam sensor. They may be damaged and need a replacement; contact the Samsung service center for assistance.

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