Savvy Tips for Choosing and Boosting Performance Smartphones for Gaming

The competitive nature of online games is as intense as any sport hence the term “esports” was born. Now it has evolved from game consoles and computers to your phones. Smartphones are now a part of our lives, and it handles not only calls and text but also emails to e-banking. 

The versatility of the smartphone in daily activities is sometimes indispensable. Companies tried to design their phones to fit many people’s activities, with high-quality cameras and video. The best parts are found in a gaming smartphone.

Just like a gaming computer, a gaming smartphone is designed for high performance. Online games nowadays have high demands in graphics and internal memory, so you need a phone that is up to specs on the game requirements. Here are some tips for choosing a smartphone from the latest MOBA and MMORPG games to live casinos online from online casino NZ.

Tips on Choosing a Smartphone

There are some factors you need to check before purchasing a gaming smartphone. A gaming smartphone has a hefty price tag for its looks and performance. Here are factors to consider in choosing a gaming smartphone.

The Specs

When choosing a high-performance smartphone, it is better to start with what is inside. As of 2022, Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 is top of the line, while next is Dimensity 9000 in performance. The specs include decent storage space and at least 8GB of RAM. However, everything might change before the end of the year for the latest 5G smartphones.

Since Christmas is around the corner, many companies are releasing their latest models. Investing in a smartphone with high-end specs means it is fast and will last longer before upgrading. Most of the models from last year will be cheaper in the coming months, they are still good but if you have the money then better buy the latest ones.


Gaming smartphones are as powerful as some laptops nowadays. The compact design and high-end parts produce heat that will affect its performance. Most smartphones are designed with cooling systems to maintain optimum performance. Also, it helps to extend the life of the complex internal parts that are hard to replace compared to laptops or desktops.

So better consider the cooling system since it will add to the bulkiness and weight of the phone. Whether you buy air or liquid-cooled smartphone will determine the playtime limitation. The cooling system also ensures you play your favorite online game, not a single-player hot potato.

Battery and Charging Option and Speed

Your smartphone’s battery life is crucial as you know it is designed to run on them, not plugged into an outlet. An average smartphone has a battery life of 11 hours and 30 minutes, which is when the phone is frequently used. 

The ASUS ROG phone 5 has a 13-hour battery which is the best in the market today, while the Zenfone 6 has 15 hours of battery life but is a mid-tier phone. If you need the best gaming smartphone, go with the ROG 5 for its specs and performance. If you are on the go, a Zenfone 6 is ok, but performance limitations exist.

Higher FPS

An average smartphone is 60fps, which is suitable for some popular games. But many new games require 90fps or higher. Gaming smartphones are needed for these games and will give you the edge in your strategy and gameplay online. The screen refresh rate must also be 144Hz or higher for better resolution. 

The touch response time and the sampling rate is crucial because it determines the game’s response time using the touchscreen. With excellent response and fps, a gaming smartphone can give you a slight advantage in every game.


Audio quality is primarily the last but also essential in choosing a good smartphone. Many smartphones have good audio output as a phone. Having crisp sound is needed for a complete audio experience while playing the game.

Being compatible with the 3.5mm audio jack is an excellent feature of many phones and a suitable audio experience option. Many ignore the speaker or audio quality of smartphones because it is a given that this feature should be, as expected, good quality. But if you are searching for a phone, better ensure its quality.

Tips to Boost Your Smartphone Performance

Now that you have bought your gaming smartphone, there are some ways you can optimize the performance and tweak it to your liking. You can use your smartphone to its full potential with some minor tweaks. 

Fast Internet Service

You need a good internet service provider, especially if you play online. It is a big hassle when your connection is interrupted mid-game so ensure your provider has the best signal in your area. Finding out what service provider has a strong signal in your area is determined by checking the closest cell site through some apps.

Checking the internet speed in your smartphone so that you have a solid connection ensures that no latency or lag may disrupt your game. An excellent internet provider is essential when you play games with friends online.

Adjust the Screen

For a smooth motion on the screen, most phones can adjust the variable refresh rate when used for streaming or playing videos. But this is also useful in gaming. Adjusting to the highest settings provides better quality and efficient use of smartphones. You can also toggle this feature if not in use.

Adjusting the screen quality and touch screen keeps the phone at optimum performance. With better graphics, you can see the details and provide a better response rate for a better game experience.

Discord Overlay

Voice chatting in the game is vital for strategies for coordinating with teammates. However, the regular chat box mainly blocks the screen or part of it. Many games have a discord overlay, an option that uses a small amount of RAM. This option makes you think about the game more.

Clear Junk

You need to clear your storage with outdated files and unused apps regularly. Some apps monitor your storage and notify you about the phone’s performance. Clearing the cache and recycle bin provides better performance and ensures the device’s longevity.

Game On!!

A gaming smartphone is an excellent investment if you play games with high spec requirements for optimum smartphone performance. Remember that companies will release their best and new products by the end of the year, so better save for that time. This advice is for you to make the most of your purchase and enjoy your online games.