Seagull Scientific Shares How Women Can Help Supply Chains Succeed

Since 2019, supply chains have been pushed towards greater agility and a more nimble network in order to stay ahead of unforeseen pressures. Seagull Scientific, creators of BarTender, conducted a recent survey of supply chain industry professionals to uncover the trends they saw going into 2022 and beyond. These experts explained why improving the diversity of workforces and adopting new technologies to streamline workflows are essential aspects of improving your supply chain.   

The pandemic and supply chains

The COVID-19 pandemic created many challenges that supply chain networks worldwide are still trying to overcome. Decreased access to raw materials, workforce shortages, and constantly changing government regulations are just a few issues facing supply chain networks of today.

Seagull Scientific reports that to stay operational and competitive in the years to come, “organizations require diverse, collaborative professionals that can make critical decisions and implement new technologies that streamline operations.” Hiring a skilled, diverse workforce capable of utilizing new tech is essential for increasing efficiency and agility within your supply chain.


By hiring a diverse workforce, you create opportunities for various perspectives and new ideas to enter your network. Women are an essential group underrepresented in supply chain networks today. Not only do women have behavioral propensities for collaboration and cooperation, but studies have shown women provide a crucial advantage in boosting supply chain efficiency.

Diversity at all levels is essential for improving the efficiency of your workflows and generating opportunities for improvement. New perspectives may be able to anticipate industry solutions and challenges so your network can stay ahead of the curve. It may seem difficult to attract and retain skilled women in the supply chain industry, but here are some key strategies you can use to diversify your workforce.

How to retain women in supply chains


Offering essential training for all new hires is critical for adequately adapting to new technologies and getting the most out of your investments in both tech and personnel. Comprehensive training can ensure your employees feel equipped to complete their tasks and confident in suggesting new efficiency recommendations.


Spreading awareness of the opportunities for women in the supply chain is key to attracting more female employees. Highlight your current women in the workplace, and consider creating a mentorship program to encourage collaboration across levels. Junior-level employees can get helpful feedback, insight, and encouragement from those women in senior-level positions; this will promote retention and attract more women ready to take advantage of opportunities in the supply chain.


Offering competitive benefits is a crucial way you can attract a skilled workforce. Maternity leave, mental health care, and remote work opportunities are just a few of the highly competitive benefits that many workers are searching for as they apply for jobs. Revamp your employee value propositions to attract a skilled workforce.

Career Paths

Finally, creating clear and concrete career paths for all your new hires is essential to retaining employees in your supply chain. Many women in supply chain networks are lost at the mid-career level. Career paths and mid-career retention strategies are critical for keeping your experienced employees. Be sure to promote from within as often as possible and offer regular encouragement and opportunity for growth within your company.

These are just a few ways industry experts recommend that supply chains strategize to hire a diverse workforce capable of utilizing new technologies and improving efficiencies across networks. The future of supply chain success depends on enhancing efficiencies and agility while maintaining a skilled and diverse workforce.