Tackling The Security Question That Remote Working Raises

The ever-shifting nature of modern cybersecurity makes business security assurance difficult at the best of times.
Remote working exacerbates this issue; a report by the Financial Times (London) highlighted this risk, noting that with new networks and new variables such as home WiFi and portable devices, came new cybersecurity risks that increased dramatically over time.
Taking an entirely new approach to business security can help you to manage this threat, both inside and outside of the physical office.

The office fortress

One effective way to boost security across the entire office network is to turn the office into a focal point. By making sure that your core systems are up-to-date and resilient to cyber attacks, you can influence all connecting systems in an effective way.
This principle has seen 73% of businesses accelerate their in-house security tech, according to Forbes. You should take an all-in approach to implementing this.
Aside from digital tech being of a good quality, you should work to ensure that physical constraints such as servers and data cabling are of the design and quality needed to ensure they help protect against cyber attacks, DDoS included.

The DDoS threat

Whereas much cybercrime concerns the extraction of valuable private data such as banking and other identity details, the risk of DDoS is starting to become even more pronounced. According to ZDNet, attacks have risen 15% in recent months to an astonishing 4.83m in total in 2020 so far.
DDoS attacks can be a clever way for industrial espionage or simple denial of services to be approached. Businesses should look to deploy a two-line defense: firstly, through their own sophisticated cybercrime filtering software, and secondly through anti-DDoS services like Cloudflare.

A fail-safe switch

The key technology to be deployed here is one that requires AI or active human management. By identifying suspect connections and shutting down services early, DDoS can be prevented. This can also help remote workers to prevent any security breaches from developing past a request for access. Having switch systems that allow a central IT admin to prevent access to their systems will be important moving forward for digital business.
Having that level of control is key. No business can definitively answer the cybersecurity threat – there will always by outliers. Having a contingency in place will minimize risk and enhance the good work that businesses are doing through the digital medium.

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