How To Fix Showbox Server Not Available Issue

Server not available is an error you may see pop up on your Showbox along with several other errors if the app cannot connect with the server. Since this is such a popular app, it has a high demand, which may sometimes cause the error. Simple enough, right? 

Unfortunately, this may not be the case sometimes. There may be more complicated issues that are causing the error. Fortunately, there are several ways you can work around the error and fix it to get your app back up and running in no time.

Showbox is one of the biggest and most popular streaming apps on the internet. It has smooth UI and simple navigation. Unfortunately, since it’s so large, it may also come with bugs and errors. 

One of the main errors that are complained about is the server not available message you may come across. This error simply means you cannot access the app because the server is down or unavailable.

The only real cause for the “server not available” error is because the fact that the server is down or the app is being restricted in your county. If this is the case, there are many ways to work around that. 

How to Fix the Showbox Server Error

Some say there is no fix for the Showbox server error, however, we do have a couple of methods we can try before you completely give up. Here are a few simple methods to start with: 

  • Clear data & cache
  • Update the app
  • Try a VPN service
  • Uninstall & reinstall the app

Method 1:Clear Data & Cache

One method that has worked for multiple users in the past is to clear the data & cache for Showbox. Clearing the data and cache will get rid of any unwanted or unused data that is stored for each app. Having too much-stored data in an app can make your device run sluggishly or make the app crash. There are easy ways to clear them on each device: 

For Android

  • Navigate to Settings
    Click on Apps
    Locate the All tab
    Choose the Showbox app
    Click on Clear Cache (unless running Android 6.0. If that’s the case, click Storage first)
    Click on Clear Data as well Restart the app

    For iOS

  • Locate Settings
    Navigate to General
    Click on Storage
    Locate the Showbox app
    Tap Offload App Restart the app

    For Firestick

Click on the Home button
Go to Settings
Select Applications
Choose Manage Installed Applications
Select the Showbox app
Click on Clear Cache Restart the Firestick

Method 2:Update the App

Updating the app is another simple method that has worked for users. Sometimes the developers will send an update to fix certain bugs and improve performance. If there’s an update available, the app will let you know in settings. If it doesn’t notify you or you want your device to update automatically, here’s how to force the update: 


1.Open the Google Play Store app
2.Select Menu
3.Click My apps & games
4.Select the Showbox app
5.Tap on More
6.Select Enable auto update


  • iOS

    Open the App Store
    Locate Today at the bottom of the screen
    Select your Profile at the top of the screen
    Navigate to the bottom of the screen to see pending updates
    Tap on Update to update that app


    Go to the Home menu
    Go to Settings
    Scroll right and click on Applications
    Click on Appstore
    Select Automatic Updates
    Turn it ON

    Method 3:Try a VPN Service

    On each device you have Showbox on, you could try using a VPN service. A VPN service creates a proxy server where the link or server may not be unauthorized or restricted.

    Certain countries will restrict streaming services as well as internet service providers. A popular VPN service is Nord Vpn. They usually aren’t free, but the price may be worth it if your country doesn’t allow free streaming on apps such as Showbox. 

    Method 4:Uninstall & Reinstall the App

    Sometimes reinstalling the application can help solve the “server not available” error. Here’s how you do this on each device: 


    Navigate to Google Play Store
    Tap on Menu
    Click on My apps & games
    Click Uninstall

    Additionally, you could tap and hold the app icon and click the trash can or “x” to delete it. 


    Tap and hold any app you want to delete 
    You will see the apps jiggle
    Tap the small “x” that appears


    Navigate to Settings
    Go to Applications
    Select Manage Installed Applications
    Select Showbox 
    Click on Uninstall
    Follow the instructions

Our Final Words

These are the few methods we have available for fixing the “Server not available” error. They may not work for you, but they have worked for others.

If the server is down then there is nothing you can do except wait. It happens a lot since it’s such a high-demand streaming service. 

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