Simple Guide to Edit your Videos At Home in 2022

Videos can create a sensation. If deployed and monetized skillfully, they can earn you credibility, money, exposure, etc. Suppose you want to get sponsorship from a video game maker. For this, you have to demonstrate your command over gameplay through live video game streaming on popular platforms like YouTube.

To become popular and rich with videos, you must be equipped with the know-how to edit amateur videos at home. In 2022, there will be numerous opportunities to capitalize on standout videos.

Handy Guide For Video Editing at Home

This guide will provide you with an actionable step-by-step overview of creating compelling videos at home. 

Create Back-Up of Your Media

The raw footage captured by you can encounter unexpected problems during editing. Before editing, back up your original video on a hard drive and cloud.

Sort The Media For Ease of Use

If you have disjoint footage, organize them methodically with logical names and other details. Details can include the location where the video was shot, purpose, and date.

Be Clear About The Objective of Editing

You must articulate the goal to choose the right music, fonts, graphics, and other components. This will make the video resonate with the preferred audience. Ask yourself questions about the video type (explainer, product, demo, game streaming, montage, etc.). You can accordingly develop a storyline to steer the video’s flow.

Shortlist Footages After Previewing Them

During editing, you can save precious time if you have created a separate folder containing the shots used. For this, preview all available clips beforehand and select those that serve your purpose.

Select A Good Video Editor

A powerful editing tool can make the outcome appealing and streamline the overall process. You can either install software or work with an online editor. Most tools have both free and paid options. Choose carefully after factoring in the interface’s user-friendliness, functionalities offered, and a number of effects present. Authoritative reviews posted online will help you determine the worthiness of the editing tool.

Based on your experience level, choose an editor. Refrain from investing heavily in high-end editing software because basic tools can also cater effectively to your home video editing needs. Popular video editors include InVideo, Blender, Openshot, VideoPad, DaVinciResolve, and VSDC Editor.

Acquaint Yourself With The Video Editor

You can optimize on the editor if you are aware of the important terms associated with editing and key shortcuts. This will prevent wastage of time during editing. Learn about terms like Match Cut, J cut, Cutting on Action, LCut, etc. Speed up your work by memorizing keyboard shortcuts such as Z for zooming in.

Select Complementing Music Carefully

The visual appeal of video can be accentuated by good atmospheric music that can effectively evoke the right emotions and feelings in the viewer. Most online video editors allow you to browse through an extensive library containing royalty-free music clips. You can download appropriate music from other internet resources too.

Start experimenting with how to edit a video by syncing moving images and sound harmoniously. To improve compatibility, test different loops, tracks, or shorten a song. Remember, loud music can distract viewers and ruin the watching experience.

Start Editing On Blank Canvas or With Template

Once you have finalized the editor, create an account with your credentials. Next, open a blank canvas if you want to edit the video from scratch. Choose the correct aspect ratio, keeping in view the platform where you will post your video.

Locate the upload button to start uploading your raw footage. You can also incorporate music and video from the royalty-free library. Next, drag and drop the media on the canvas to arrange them on the editing timeline. You can use the option to trim the footage if you don’t need the complete one. Click on the button that can offer a complete view of all scenes to facilitate easy editing. You can crop the video to remove redundant sections.

You can expedite the video-making process by using the pre-made templates that the editor offers as part of its package. The templates pertain to various genres and can suit your exclusive needs for marketing, social media, explainer, and other videos. Most templates are infused with relevant audio-video clips and can be easily customized.

Add Voiceover, Music, Text To Video

To handhold the viewer through the video, you may add a voiceover. The editor will have the option of uploading your voiceover or recording a fresh voiceover. Next, add adequate background music by merging chosen tracks seamlessly with the video. For adding text, insert the placeholder option at the proper position and start typing.

Start playing the unfinished video to check if the video is synced to audio. You may re-adjust scene duration to complement music timing. The editor has an in-built option for tweaking the scene’s duration.

Enhance Aesthetics with Effects and Transitions

The editor will have numerous effects and transitions to render the video pleasing to the eyes and natural. Most people editing videos at home overuse them. This can ruin the essence of video and turn it bland. Use transitions carefully to highlight the change in subject, time, etc.

Preview each transition to visualize if it will compliment your video. Standard transitions are less distractive for audiences. These include flash, wipe, straight cut, fade, etc. Overlays and stickers can be added for spicing up the video.

Once all the scene elements have been incorporated, switch to Advanced Timeline to see all layers within the video. To make editing more precise, go about adjusting the elements.

Export The Final Video for Sharing

After all the needful edits have been done, preview the complete video to identify any flaw. Once you have set the right apparent errors, click on the button for exporting video in appropriate media format for downloading. This will render the video for saving. This brings us to the end of the video editing process.


In 2022, you can master the art of creating professional, compelling, and evocative videos from home with this guide. Consistent practice will improve your expertise and ability to visualize. The right video editor can facilitate the creation of stunning videos in an uncomplicated and engaging manner. It is preferable to start with a free editor.

Once you build upon your skills and gain confidence, switch to a paid video editor to create high-quality videos. Get likes on TikTok, YouTube, and other social platforms effortlessly by posting your videos edited in the choicest way with a great video editor. Nothing can stop you from making viral videos that become a sensation overnight.

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