SMS Functionality Can Boost Your Business With Direct and Effective Communication

With the help of the best breed mobile technology, a number of companies have launched web-based online SMS platforms. These help to boost your business by sending messages instantly to staff and customers and tracking your communication with live reporting. Getting connected to online SMS functionality platforms like Edgility, etc. is always beneficial to your business. Here, we have discussed the various forms of SMS services being provided by all competitive online digital marketing companies. 

Online SMS

Through online SMS services, you may ensure effective, interactive and immediate communication from anywhere in the world. It makes no difference whether it is a promotional message to a list of prospective clients or a quick reminder to a colleague about some routine task, your SMS is right on the target. 

Email SMS

You can manage and restrict 2 SMS addresses from within your online SMS platform. Moreover, with this sharp software, you can set up a lot of email addresses to enable Email SMS/ OMS.  

Merge SMS

This technology personalizes your messages by simply browsing and selecting your client files (csv). With the help of a few keystrokes, it further merges the relevant details and sends them to as many or as few individuals as required. 

Bulk SMS

It has the ability to send messages with ease and efficiency to a long list of recipients. Not only does it copy and paste a list of mobile numbers in seconds but can also import numbers from an existing client file. 

Address books

With its help, you can set up both personal and company address books easily. These address books then allow you to easily send messages to your contact lists from anywhere. 


Regular or repetitive campaigns are perfectly and comfortably managed with templates. Sending recurring messages becomes quite effortless and error-free when this powerful solution provider sets up unlimited message templates. 

Multi Admin  

You can now set up multiple account administrators with the help of this software program. These administrators will keep on overseeing account reporting and managing user lists. All this helps a lot manage your account comfortably and perfectly. 

Virtual Numbers

With the courtesy of this technology, you can purchase a unique virtual mobile number for SMS promotions. You can then take advantage of ‘text-in’ campaigns. As per the requirement of your promotion, you can create automated replies and set up keywords. 

SMS Replies

This facility allows you to choose the way you want SMS replies to come to you. You have three options to choose from. You may go for the recipients to reply directly to your mobile phone or your registered email address. They can also reply to your web inbox. No matter what option they go for, it is highly appreciable by all means. 

SMS Inbox

Your Web Inbox allows you to comprehensively manage replies received from your recipients by storing, deleting, and exporting conversation threads. With this facility in action, your business is sure to get boosted because your clients will receive prompt replies from you, enabling them to decide further. 


This digital facility composes multiple and recurring SMS campaigns and automatically schedules your clients for a later date and time. In this way, it makes it possible for you to remain in touch with your clients even when you are not in your office. 

Cost Centers

Owing to the efficient cost centers, you can set up multiple user-defined groups. These will support company divisions or departments in a highly professional way. These grouped users into these cost centers can fulfill reporting or costing purposes. 

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