Spam-Free Marketing Campaigns: Best Tools for Businesses in 2021

Email is the primary communication channel for online businesses. It helps them promote products and services, confirm orders and keep the audience updated about new arrivals. Activities of malicious bots may tarnish your mailing lists, causing the blocking of your own IP or email address. Fortunately, it is easy to prevent such damage.

Before launching a mailshot, check the health of your contact list. It may contain fake emails left by bots. You can check spam email using the service by CleanTalk for free, or get a plugin for automatic 24/7 protection. Here is how such systems work.

Ramifications of Spamming 

Ensuring that your list contains only genuine contacts is crucial. Victims of spam attacks may even get blacklisted! Spammers can fill out every submission form, leaving emails that are non-existent or do not belong to them. The overflow of fake data harms user performance, rankings, visibility, and revenues.

Slower loading has serious consequences for any brand. Users do not like waiting. According to a Kissmetrics survey, 40% of visitors leave a site that loads longer than three seconds! In addition, links in automatic comments send users to the spammers’ platforms, which helps them rise in the rankings at your expense. Finally, your own IP and email used for marketing will be blacklisted.

Mail Abuse Prevention Systems and Internet Service Providers pay close attention to mass mailing. A company messaging fake addresses may get blocked. Three negative scenarios are possible.

  • The monitoring systems interpret the use of fake addresses as spam.
  • Some of the fake and inactive addresses are spam traps and hitting them results in automatic blacklisting.
  • Your emails are received by spammers, so they have 0% effectiveness.
  • Spammers leave addresses of real users, and the recipients send your messages to spam because they did not sign up for them.

Best Solutions 

An anti-spam plugin prevents all types of attacks in real-time. The system will not let bots leave any information on your site, so your mailing lists will be pure. Alternatively, you could use free services to check the existing contacts. If you do not want to enter every address manually, try bulk checking services or use their API to verify 1,000 emails per call. 

Overview of Anti-Spam Plugins

These plugins are based on cloud service protection. They allow you to prevent spamming without annoying your visitors. The user experience will not be hindered, as there won’t be any irksome CAPTCHA, puzzles, or questions. At the same time, your defense will be rock solid — some of the services can boast an impressive 99.998% rate of spam blocking. Other advantages include: 

  • high speed of the plugin, 
  • regular performance reports,
  • an additional firewall system that blocks malware.

How It Works

The system remains invisible to the users at all times. Once a comment or registration is detected, its parameters are transferred to the cloud service. There, they are analyzed to determine if the user is a human or a bot. The data is published or blocked, respectively, and the results are recorded in a special log.

This record is accessed via the dashboard. You can see the full list of approved and blocked actions on your site. This gives a clear picture of what your real visitors and spambots do 24/7. By default, the log is seven days long. Advanced versions may offer an extended period — 45 days. 

Additional Option: Blocking by Country

This feature may be part of your plugin or firewall. It prevents manual spam and reinforces protection. Unless your platform targets an international audience, blocking comments or users from specific countries makes sense. 

Based on your plugin settings, the platform will be viewable for everyone, but visitors from certain locations will be unable to register, leave comments or post anything. This works similarly to general filtering:

  1. The user submits a comment or tries to register.
  2. Action parameters are sent to the cloud.
  3. The IP address is checked.
  4. The user is notified if their IP address belongs to the blocked region.

For example, if your website is an e-store that only ships goods within the EU, there is no need for comments from Africa or Asia. Blocking activity from spam-active regions is a reasonable choice.

Upgrade Your Defense with Firewall

You can also block traffic from particular countries using an anti-spam firewall. Unlike a plugin, it will not let those visitors access your content. It also reduces the likelihood of hacking, providing reliable protection against a broad spectrum of interventions. These include:

  • brute force attacks, 
  • vulnerability scanners, 
  • various bots, 
  • DoS attacks involving thousands of HTTP requests.

IP addresses of particular countries will be blocked according to your settings. The users will see a special page with a warning. Meanwhile, other visitors will be able to navigate your site, register on it, leave comments, etc. Spambots will be kept at bay.

The firewall does not only provide more comprehensive protection. It also reduces the load on your servers. The website will not have to execute a script for every POST/GET request. The notification shown to users from blocked regions will not consume any resources.

The Bottom Line

Make the most of your marketing campaigns, boost customer loyalty and revenues with anti-spam protection. It will guarantee that your money is not wasted, as the messages will reach the right audience. Reliable tools prevent a multitude of problems. 

Online checks are the basic way to keep contact lists tidy. Plugins detect spammers in real-time, preventing them from leaving any data. A firewall reinforces defense, prevents hacking and malware. A full set of measures will ensure spammers and cybercriminals do not undermine your promotional efforts, so no money is wasted.

Finally, make sure the unsubscribe link is prominent. Some people may not remember signing up, or they may not like the content of your emails. If the link is absent or hard to see, they can report you as a spammer, which may trigger blocking. 

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