Spotify Error Code 17 [Quick Fix]

Spotify is a digital service for music, podcast, and video streaming. It provides its users with access to billions of songs, and they can access lots of content from artists worldwide. Spotify provides its valuable users with basic functionalities, i.e., playing music, which is free for all users.

There are premium services offered too for users, which need them to pay for upgrading. In both features, i.e., basic and premium, you can choose and listen to the music of your own choice; get instant recommendations from numerous features like discover weekly, release radars, daily mix, etc. Moreover, users can make music collections and can see what their friends, celebrities, and artists are listening to. Users can also make their radio stations too.

Spotify is available across numerous devices, i.e., personal computers, mobile phones, tablets, speakers, Televisions, and vehicles, and users can very quickly transfer from one device to another using the Spotify Connect feature.

What is Spotify Error Code 17?

As we previously discussed, Spotify is a mostly used application nowadays; therefore, most of them encounter “Spotify error code 17”. It is a very common error, which users encounter while Spotify installation. You may experience this error code 17 when you fail to download Spotify from the internet. The same occurs in two formats.

  • Error 17: Spotify has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.
  • Spotify could not be started (Error code 17)

Causes of Spotify Error Code 17

You may be seeing on the screen: “ Spotify could not be started,” or sometimes the screen may show, “ Spotify has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience”.

Mostly, the error takes place when:

  • Program crashes
  • Windows crash
  • Windows performance is prolonged
  • System freezes periodically
  • Firewall block is there
  • Some tasks are running in the background, which needs to stop
  • Proxy settings need to be changed
  • A browser update may be needed. Old browser maybe stopping the same
  • Software viral infection by malware
  • Incomplete or corrupted Spotify installation
  • Partial Registry corruption
  • Windows Installer service termination 


Fixing Spotify Error Code 17 

Here are clearly described the skills to fix Spotify error code 17.

Method 1: Check if Windows Installer is Working

Many times the error code 17 of Spotify takes place when the Windows Installer service terminates without any notification. Hence, before making any download, please ensure if the windows installer is working. This is a perfect method to ensure that no popup of this error will come on your screen again.

So, to solve this issue, follow the steps below

  • Quit all running programs (if any)
  • Go to start menu on your PC and in the search bar, type RUN command
  • Press Enter
  • You will see an open box
  • In an open box, type msiexe/unregister and press OK
  • Now, again type RUN in the search bar and this time type command msiexec /regserver and press OK
  • Reboot your computer now and try to download Spotify application now 

If the program now runs smoothly with no popups, it means error 17 is solved. However, if it persists, move to method 2.

Method 2: Perform System Restore

Another cause of the Spotify error 17 is incomplete or improper application installation. The major drawback of incomplete installation of any software is that it creates partial registry entries and settings against those entries are also configured.

For resolving this, the system restore option is used, which is a built-in option in all windows, including XP, Windows 7, 8, and Vista. By using this restore tool, you can undo what you have done till a specific date. You can resume your computer since that date, but all work and date stored after that date are lost, including all installations and configurations.

For performing system restore option, follow the steps below

  • Go to start menu
  • Type System Restore in the search box and hit enter
  • Click System Restore icon and select a restore point
  • Once selected, your PC will reboot for changes to take effect

Method 3: Virus and Malware Removal

Mostly, we are unaware of when viruses or malware enter our system. This usually happens when we open any malicious links or download some cracked software applications. These malware damage our system and hinder the download ability of our system too.

The same applies to Spotify sometimes too when we have a virus in our PC; it does not let Spotify run, hence, showing us the same error. In such cases, you should be very careful and follow the instructions as given below.

  • Install any software application from trusted websites
  • Install the latest updated antivirus tools in your system
  • Use recommended antivirus tools, i.e., Avira, Nod32, Malwarebytes, or any popular one
  • Keep scanning your system every two-three weeks
  • Keep clearing your cache and cookies every two weeks
  • Keep your windows update turned on
  • Keep your registry entries updated and scanned

Remove any viruses or malware from your system before downloading Spotify. This will not only ensure the smooth running of this application only but will apply to all software applications on your system.

Method 4: Registry repair and Update

As we said in the last method, your system registry should be continuously updated with correct registry values. If registry n any case is corrupted, you can repair the same using any of the best applications available online. The Spotify error 17 may arise due to registry corruption where there can be any corrupt entries, junk files, invalid saved entries, and anything related.

For repairing the registry, you can use any free software application like system care, registry cleaner, registry repair, and so on. You should choose an application, which is user-friendly and comprises of a complete PC fixer options.

Moreover, software should be compatible with all windows versions to avoid any hassles. It should detect all registry issues and should remove and clean all junks in few clicks. If all goes fine, you should instantly get rid of Spotify error 17. 

Method 5: Try Enabling Windows Firewall

There are the cases when you successfully install Spotify, but still, your error is not gone on program start. This can be due to a system firewall, which may be blocking Spotify. You should add Spotify as a trusted application to this component.

  • Open search bar and type “Firewall and network protection.”
  • Select the option “Allow app through firewall.”
  • Now, select the option “Change settings.”
  • From the programs list, find Spotify and check all the boxes under Private and Public columns. If there is no Spotify found, click “Allow another app” option and try adding the same manually

Summing it all up, the fixes we discussed are not limited. There can be more of them like changing the country, installing Spotify in safe mode, downloading its full installer package, restarting PC in safe mode, and lot more. Maybe sometimes you will need to perform step-wise debugging for the error and check which solution fits you the best. The error should have gone after going for all the possibilities, and if it persists, you can see any software expert around.

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