How To Fix Spotify Error Code 3 [On Mac & Facebook]

The Spotify Error Code 3 is an error that occurs due to failed login(password and/or username). This error can occur when logging into Spotify through Facebook or other third parties. Few users are facing the “Spotify Error Code 3” while attempting to log into their Spotify accounts directly from Spotify.

The Spotify Error Code 3 appears when users attempt to log into their Spotify accounts either on the website or the Desktop app. The error isn’t a serious one, and it can often be addressed easily if you only follow the instructions we’ve prepared below.

The problem is usually associated with a password error, possibly when changes are made to password requirements for Spotify. This can be fixed just by resetting your Spotify password. Also, users have reported that they were ready to solve it just by using their Spotify username rather than the e-mail or the other way around.

In this post, we will look into what causes this error and a few ways to solve it. If you are in a hurry, we suggest starting with solution # 3. 

How To Fix the Spotify Error Code 3?

The error can often be addressed easily if you only follow the next instructions. Some users have confirmed these were successful; hopefully, it’ll work for you too.

Solution 1:Reset Your Spotify Password

This no-one workaround is great because it often fixes the matter immediately. The main requirement here is to change your password.

It’s easier to troubleshoot the matter from within the Spotify web client. The error can show either on the web site or the Desktop app. Navigate to Spotify’s official website and click on the check-in button from the highest right corner of the client.

Step 1: Type within the email you employ for Spotify before clicking Next. Click the “Forgotten your password” button.
Step 2: From the “Recover your password” screen, enter an equivalent email you use. Log in and complete the captcha. Click Next.
Step 3: A confirmation email should be sent to your email account, so confirm you check it and follow the instructions within the email to finish the password resetting process.
Step 4: Try logging in together with your new password and check to ascertain if the matter has disappeared.

Solution 2:Use Username rather than an Email or the other way around

Yes, this was ready to solve this temporary problem for lots of users. When logging in with email for Spotify, try using your username. This also applies to those trying to log in with the username. Check to ascertain if the Spotify error code three has ceased to appear!

The username is simply the primary a part of your email address before the ‘@’ character! Though easy, the process can be somewhat more complicated for Facebook login users,

Step 1: Navigate to this link after you’ve got logged in on your browser within the website. Here you’ll find some basic information regarding your Spotify account.
Step 2: Under the Account overview tab within the Profile section, you ought to see an entry under “Username” and “Email.” You should use the two when logging in.

Solution 3:Uninstall Your VPN Tool

It is not recommended to use a VPN while using Spotify, especially because Spotify isn’t even available in every part of the planet. Also, the wrong setup VPN network can be the cause. You should first uninstall the VPN program you also use because the driver which could remain.

Step 1: Open the instrument panel by checking it out in your search bar. Alternatively, you’ll open Settings by clicking on the Windows logo located within the bottom left corner and clicking on the cog icon.
Step 2: Change the View by choice to the Category view on top of things Panel. The next thing is to Uninstall under Programs and Features.

Uninstall a program with Control Panel

Step 1: If you’re using Settings, simply click on the Apps section located as soon as you enter Settings.
Step 2: After you’re taking a glance at the whole list of installed apps, locate the tool you’ve got been using a VPN, click thereon and choose Uninstall Additionally, if you have been using similar tools, you’ll also try uninstalling them if you don’t need them anymore.

Uninstalling a VPN tool

Step 1: Follow the instructions on-screen to finish the uninstallation process of your computer. Confirm any prompts which can appear for you to verify your choice.
Step 2: Search for and delete everything associated with the program you’ve got just uninstalled by searching its name in File Explorer.
Step 3: Restart so that the changes you have made will be applied.
Step 4: After you’ve got uninstalled the program, its driver may have remained on your computer, and issues should appear if you don’t uninstall it by using the Device Manager. Follow the instructions below.
Step 5: Start instrument panel by checking it out within the Search bar located at the left a part of your taskbar, click Hardware and Sound, then click Device Manager.
Step 6: Device Manager in Control Panel
Step 7: Device Manager in Control Panel

Step 8: Expand the node next to Network adapters, right-click the on the entry, which should be named almost like the program which installed it.

You can then Google search every one of the devices. The next thing is to check the Network Adapters section. Then, right-click on it to the Uninstall device option.

Uninstalling a VPN driver in Device Manager

Step 1: On the Confirm Device Removal panel, click okay to start the uninstall process.
Step 2: When the uninstall process is complete, restart your computer and check to ascertain if the Spotify error code 3 appears again.


If none of these fixed the issue for you, we recommend using a repair tool that can scan the repositories to replace corrupt and missing files. This works in most cases, where the difficulty is originated thanks to a system corruption. It will also optimize your system for maximum performance. Other Spotify errors.

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