Square Enix Error Code i2501 | A Few Simple Solutions

Square Enix Error code i2501 is a payment error code that occurs exclusively on Square Enix titles, ranging from Final Fantasy XV to Just Cause 4 to Shadow of the Tomb Raider.

Have you encountered this error code while trying to enter your credit card information for a Square Enix game? Before relenting and calling SQUARE ENIX Support Centre or scouring the internet for an array of potential solutions, try these simple solutions. They might save you countless hours skimming through various forums or on hold with customer support.

Square Enix Error Code i2501 is typically encountered by players living in Asia and the Middle East and is the only of the 401/406/601/i2501 payment error codes that are triggered by the system to protect accounts.

Error Code i2501 could be indicative of incorrect payment details being entered, however, there are several other causes that are likely to have caused this specific payment error code.

There have also been multiple reports of ‘no response’ from the support team when users encounter this issue, so contacting SQUARE ENIX Support Centre is probably not the simplest solution to this issue.

Causes of Square Enix Error Code i2501

As mentioned in the preceding section, this error code might simply be a result of entering the incorrect payment details. However, there are several other causes for this error code that is worth explicating, and solving, in this article to save you the wasted time spent waiting for a reply from customer support.

Firstly, a frequent cause of error code i2501 is if the user is not currently present in the country where the card was originally issued to them.

Another typical cause of error code i2501 is when the user attempts to make the payment more than twice in one day, thus locking their card out for periods ranging from one to thirty days. Another cause for encountering this error code may not be incorrect payment details but rather an insufficient payment method.

There could be a few reasons for this, ranging from insufficient funds to the transaction being declined by your bank. Error Code i2501 could also be the result of an active VPN or Proxy server on your computer rejecting the payment.

This is done to safeguard the payment process and protect users from scammers. Finally, Error Code i2501 could simply be the result of a slow or interrupted internet connection.

How to Fix Square Enix Error Code i2501

There will be several troubleshooting methods and/or solutions listed below that may resolve any of the potential causes listed above, but do take into account that if the issue stems from an issue with your bank account or bank details, you will have to take that up with your bank as there is no solution that can be offered here.

Let us start with the simplest solutions first and work our way down to the trickier issues.

1. Turn of Ad Blockers

Although ad blockers do not typically interfere with payment platforms, some users have reported resolving the issue by solely turning off their ad blocker extension and waiting for a few hours before attempting to process the payment again.

Although this solution does not have a direct correlation with any of the causes listed in the section above, it is worth attempting if you are certain the issue is not stemming from an issue with your bank or payment details.

2. Attempt the Payment Process on your Mobile Device

Another troubleshooting method that has been reported by some users to have resolved the issue is to attempt the payment process on the browser on your mobile device instead.

Some have also found success in changing their internet connection or even Internet Service Provider (ISP) to process the payment. These methods come with no assurances that they will work, but have worked for enough people to make them worth trying yourself.

3. Turn off VPN or Proxy Server

If you are using a VPN or Proxy server, it is likely that this could be causing the error code to appear. To resolve this, you must turn off your VPN or Proxy server and try again. To turn off a VPN or Proxy server on a PC, follow these three steps.

Open the ‘Start’ menu.
Click on ‘Settings’ then ‘Network & Internet’.
Toggle the slider next to ‘Use a proxy server’ or ‘Use a VPN server’ from on to off.

To turn off a VPN or Proxy server on a Mac, follow these four steps.

Click the ‘Apple’ icon and open ‘System Preferences’.
Click the ‘Network’ icon.
On the left panel select the network service you wish to disable proxy settings on, then click the ‘advanced…’ icon.
Select the ‘Proxy’ tab then uncheck all protocols under ‘Select a protocol to configure’ and click ‘Ok’ when you are done.

4. Wait for 24 Hours

This might seem like a time-wasting solution, but if you have exhausted all other options, it is possible that your card has been locked for attempting multiple transactions on the same card during the same day.

Simply waiting for 24 hours rather than trying over and over could minimize the amount of time spent locked as that period could extend to up to thirty days. After waiting for 24 hours, it might help to attempt the payment process on a different open internet connection, without any VPN or proxy servers.

In Conclusion

Square Enix Error Code i2501 is a tricky issue to encounter as its troubleshooting methods do not have a science to explain how or why they work.

However, it is worth trying any of the solutions or troubleshooting methods listed above as waiting for SQUARE ENIX Support Centre to reach back to you could take upwards of a week, with some even reporting that they never heard back. Also, be sure to contact your bank if you believe the issue stems from an issue with your bank account.

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