Stay Connected Securely This Christmas

The holiday season is the perfect time for family and friends to come together. In some regions, the COVID-19 vaccine rollout has allowed people to gather in person safely, but a certain number of digital connections are always welcome at this time of year.

Using a phone is perfect for connecting with people separated by long distances, and it’s quite possible you can’t fit all the people you’d like to send a Season’s Greeting to around your dinner table. This Holiday Season, your loved ones will appreciate the gift of an encrypted phone, so that you can keep them, your future conversations and picture sharing private, safe and secure.

Proprietary Server Storage

Today’s most innovative phone technology is built from the ground up with security in mind. Not only are they protected by military-grade PGP encryption but, proprietary designs ensure that the servers never store sensitive information.

Free communication platforms tout “end-to-end encryption,” which is indeed a crucial part of digital security. It’s also vital to ensure that the phone’s operating system, network infrastructure, software, data transmission and servers are optimized for security.

Look for a platform that never stores information like contacts, notes, emails and encrypted messages on the server. Be sure to avoid using public Wi-Fi and ensure your home connections are secure as hackers will take any opening they can find to access your personal data.

Secondary Security

The most secure phones today have features that ensure your confidential information stays private even if the device itself gets lost or stolen. A notebook lock screen with a custom pin for two-factor authentication is an important layer of protection.

Users can also create a duress password, so the phone’s contents are instantly destroyed if someone enters the wrong password too many times. These two features will keep your privacy intact even if you phone is lost or stolen.

Once somebody is aware that their phone is missing, they can wipe it remotely and even cancel their account. Leading platforms give users proactive control over their device by offering a self-destruct feature for messages and pictures.

Any content set to self-destruct gets destroyed at the scheduled time, even if there’s no data connection. Also, it can’t be forwarded or saved on either device and will destroyed even if favourited. Some phones have a timer to show you when the picture message you are viewing will self-destruct.

Easy to Use

No one wants to spend the holidays learning how to work their phone or jumping through hoops to ensure their communications are secure. In the past, navigating secure platforms was time-consuming and complicated for most users. Many still have security flaws users didn’t know about. Look for an encrypted device that is easy to use, with one-touch access to contacts, voice, picture messages and has added security for notes.

The holidays are considered by many to be the most wonderful time of the year. Staying connected to your family and friends by encrypted cell phone communication will ensure your privacy and security for years to come.

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