Fix Steamvr Error 309 | Key Component Not Working

SteamVR error 309 is one of the most common errors of SteamVR which arises due to the misconfiguration of the system files. There exist precious files in the Windows operating system which get misconfigured leading towards an error, known as SteamVR error 309.

Identifying this error is massively comfortable as it comes up with the error code. The vendor uses the code to the cause of the error.

When it comes to the technical description of this error, then it has the hexadecimal numbers. Indeed, some of the times, it may even have various parameters in the number which aim to indicate the memory locations.

This location is the one that contains the information save in it when the error loaded on the system. A file that is available in the system, with the name of system.ini contains the worthy content in it. It includes the list of the plethora of error codes along with the drivers and supporting software.

What is the cause of SteamVR Error 309?

Game lovers cannot resist themselves from the exciting trending games. They desire and urge to experience all the latest games and find their optimum interest in it. If you wish to have a fantastic experience with VR content, then SteamVR is the perfect tool for this.

It provides you with a fantastic playing experience on your desired hardware. It is impressive as it offers excellent support to the Windows Mixed Reality headsets, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Valve Index, and many others. VR Status Monitor provides you updates about the current status of the VR system in a single glance.

The main reason for the occurrence of SteamVR error 309 is the harm to the files of the windows system. When these file gets damaged, then this error 309 occurs. This error is quite notorious as it can prove itself to be a severe threat for your laptop or computer through affecting the well being of it.

Moreover, there could be several other events that could lead to errors in the system file. Most often the reason for this error 309 can be the improper deleting of the application and the incomplete installation of the application.

Likewise, other reasons include the improper shutdown of the system. Users can also experience this error on their system when they get recovery from the spyware or virus that attacked their system.

How to Fix SteamVR Error 309?

Working on a system where the error is giving a tough time is undoubtedly not possible. Hence, it is necessary to get rid of it as early a possible. Fixing the error is possible with several methods.

Delaying to fix the error can even worsen the scenario. Many of the issues related to PC are easy to solve through cleaning the junk of the system. Downloading some useful tools can even help you to get better results such as Repair Tool. If you are suffering from the SteamVR error 309, then you can solve it quickly either automatically or manually.

Ensure to log in to your system as an Administrator before starting the fixing process. You must also ensure to have a strong internet connection with no use of VPNs or proxies.

Method 1:

The manual solution for error 309 includes the following steps;

  • Log in to your device as an Administrator.
  • Select the Start Button from the taskbar and navigate to All Programs
  • From the list of All Programs, choose Accessories and click on it.
  • Now click on the option of System Tools.
  • So, please navigate to the option of System Restore and click on it
  • A new window will open. Click on the option of “Restore my computer to an earlier time.”
  • Now, click on the button on Next.
  • Click on Restore point.
  • On the confirmation window, click on the button of Next.
  • After accomplishing the restoration, restart your laptop.

With the following of all such steps in systematic order, the user can enjoy fixing the SteamVR error 309 in the least possible time. Indeed, it takes no massive efforts or elbow grease to fix such errors. So, you can fix it on your own.

Method 2 (Automatic Approach):

The Automatic approach differs entirely from the manual approach. Here, you do not need to memorize the full-fledged steps to follow in the given orders. Hence, it would help if you let it fix quickly on it without memorizing the steps of fixing. In the automatic approach, the user has to approach the repair tool, which is already available or downloaded on his system.

Now, the user will quickly fix the error through the installation of the repair tool. As the installation accomplishes then you need to click on the button of Scan. After doing so, please select the button of Fix Errors and click on it.

Restart your system as the processing completes. It does not drain much of your energy and would provide you instant solutions for playing the SteamVR games smoothly and flawlessly.

Method 3:

If the error persists and does not let you relish the brilliant features during the gameplay, then you must consider deleting the software. Next, please navigate to the SteamVR and then remove it from the system.

Now, reinstall the SteamVR after deleting the previous one. It would automatically resolve the issue. Installing SteamVR is not rocket science but involves quite simple steps that anyone can follow easily. Reinstalling the SteamVR would deal with the SteamVR error 309.

Method 4:

Just like all other software and applications, SteamVR also downloads various types of temporary files in the system’s directory. Disturbance in the configuration of these files leads to error and software would no longer depict capability for fetching the desired and required data.

Ultimately, it would end up showing failure to launch. So, delete the temporary files to get rid of it. It includes the following steps:

  • Before proceeding, ensure to Exit Steam.
  • Navigate to the directory C:\Users\Strix\AppData\Local\openvr\openvrpaths.vrpath after pressing buttons of Windows + E
  • Enable the hidden files to view the AppData.
  • Now, navigate View at the Windows Explorer and click on it.
  • Click on the button of Show hidden files.
  • Choose the option of folders and drivers.
  • After doing so, click on the button Apply for saving all the changes that you made.
  • Select delete after right-clicking on openvr\openvr\paths.vrpath

After completing all the above mention steps for fixing of SteamVR error 309, take a sigh of relief and consider restarting your computer or laptop. All the systems would be refresh, and the issue fixes quickly. You can enjoy using it the way you were using before and can take your games to an excitingly great level.

How to Prevent SteamVR Error 309?

It is necessary to grant optimum access to SteamVR as it avoids the occurrence of the issue. Administrative privileges are the primary demand of SteamVR as it protects and guards the SteamVR against errors at the time of need. Likewise, another vital point to consider to avoid SteamVR error 309 to occur is to prevent launching the wrong executable. 

Corrupt files can lead to disaster and may even contribute to the error. When you install SteamVR on your system, then it automatically creates a lot of temporary files.

It creates such files in the directory which is specific to the software, and any harm to it leads to file corruption. It ultimately fails the installation process. Working effectively on all the causes of SteamVR error 309 will help you to prevent the occurrence of it. 

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