7 Steps on How to Write a Case Study Assignment

A case study is a report of an individual or organization that illustrates how a product, service, process, strategy, or idea got applied in a real-world situation. Most people write most case studies with the goal of providing lessons learned to assist others in making similar decisions.

Case studies are a great way for you to showcase your skills, but writing them can be difficult. If you’re assigned a case study in your class, know that the following tips will help you write the best case study possible. Your case study should be between 1,000 and 3,000 words, although some professors allow for a longer word count. Here are seven steps to writing the best case study assignment:

  1. Read the Case Study and Questions Carefully

The purpose of the case study is to get you to think critically about a particular situation. Your answers should show that you have considered all sides of the situation.

  1. Identify the Issues in the Case Study

Read the case study and ask yourself if you understand it in its entirety. Make sure you read what’s asked of you. Those who do not understand issues in the case study can hire case study writing service from professionals. If there’s no question about it, don’t write about it. Know the assignment and understand what your professor wants from you.

  1. Link Theory to Practice

Once you have identified the issues in the case study, it’s time to link theory to practice. How can your answer solve a problem? Focus on what your professor is looking for, and not on what you think should be in the answer.

  1. Reference and Cite Sources

The best thing about using sources is that it makes your work stronger and more credible. Not only does it show you’ve done the research, but it also adds credibility to the argument you’re making.

  1. Start Writing Your Case Study Answer

Before you start writing your case study answer, you need to know that it’s going to be quite different from the other types of answers. It’s not just a standard essay. You will have to do an in-depth analysis of a business or industry, and then present a solution on how you would improve something. Ask yourself these questions before starting your case study:

  • How are you going to tackle the issue?
  • What solutions are available?
  • Where are you going to get your information from?
  1. Edit and Proofread

Edit and proofread your answers to the case study questions. Before you submit your answer to Turnitin, read it thoroughly. Edit as necessary to make sure your answers flow well, and are free of grammar mistakes. The last thing you want is for you or your professor to notice a mistake and question whether you were paying attention when writing the paper.

  1. Submit

Once you have finished answering each of the questions, you can submit your answers via Turnitin. You and your professor will then receive a grade for each case study question, which will be weighted just like your regular assignments.