Steps to Prevent Amazon from Collecting Your Personal Data

We are all aware of the kind of success Amazon has seen in the online sphere. Did you ever ponder what it is that makes the company so successful? The primary reason for the success of Amazon lies in its ability to collect user data. On digging deeper, we were indeed quite surprised by the several elements from our Amazon profile data, which is on public display. 

Sonya, a social media expert with a homework help providing company, TFTH, says that it is unfortunate that Amazon has access to a lot of our personal information. The Amazon account comprises your details, such as your social links, bio, your wishlist, among other things.

It increases the need to make your Amazon account private. You might not think of it as something grave, but it is always recommended to anonymize and protect as much information as you possibly can.

In this article, we will discuss with you the steps to make your Amazon profile private. Further, we will also discuss the steps you need to take for hiding your browsing history, wish list, shopping lists, and preventing targeted ads. 

Steps to make your Amazon profile private

Anaida, an associate with TAE, who offers online do my homework, says that it is irksome for her to see Amazon keeping a tab on her personal information. Well, if you are like Anaida, here is what you should do. 

You can follow the steps mentioned below to control what is visible to Amazon via your Profile. 

  • Head on to the official website of Amazon. From there, you can visit your Account. 
  • Head to the Ordering and Shipping preferences. 
  • Now, click on Profile. 
  • After the profile page appears in front of you, take a look at the extreme right corner. There you can see a menu that says Edit your Public Profile. 
  • In there, you can see what all is on Public display. 
  • Primarily, your personal information, such as your bio, social links, and occupation, is put on Public display by Amazon. 
  • You need to remove all of this information from the page to maintain your Privacy.   
  • For that, you need to click on the Edit Privacy settings tab at the top. 
  • In there, you can click on Hide all activity on your public Profile. 
  • Once done, you can click on Save. 
  • Now, click back to the Public Profile. To know what and how much is visible to people who visit your Profile, you can click on See what others see.  


Steps to make your Amazon wish list private

On Amazon, there are two primary lists: the shopping list and the wish list. You have to ensure that both of these lists are private. Sherry, who offers the best product management courses online, says that her wishlist and shopping list were public, and she was stunned when she found out that anyone can view her list by searching for her name. To avoid that from happening, you can follow these steps. 

  • Firstly, you need to repeat the steps that we discussed above. Then visit your Amazon profile. 
  • In there, you have to open your wishlist or the shopping list. 
  • Next, click on the More menu. In there, press onto the Manage list. 
  • You will see a popup appear following that, right in the side of the Privacy. You have to change the settings to Private, and click on Save once you are done. 


Steps to hide the browsing history on Amazon

Your Amazon browsing history has everything that you may have searched on Amazon recently. It needs to be turned off because it is the most vital information that Amazon tracks.

Based on this information, Amazon will send you targeted ads. Miranda, an educator who works with FineGrades, says that it is very irritating for her to see Amazon sending ads everywhere, anytime she checks out something on their platforms. If you have been facing a similar problem, here is what you got to do. 

  • Go to the website of Amazon. Now, in there, take the cursor onto the Accounts and Lists option. There, you have to click on Your Recommendations. 
  • Next, in your top bar, you can click on the browsing history. 
  • Further, you have to press onto Manage history. In there, you can click on Remove all items from view. Once done, you can also turn off the Browsing history by pressing on the disable button on the Turn Browsing History On/Off. 
  • You are not done yet. You also should turn off the Personalised ads. For that, you can revisit your Account.
  • Head to Email alerts, messages and ads, and in there click onto Advertising preferences. 
  • You will be directed to the next page. In there, you can click on Do Not Personalise Ads from Amazon for this Internet Browser.

To prevent Amazon from collecting all your personal data, these are a few changes that you ought to make immediately.

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