Summer Tips for Contact Lens Users

Contact lenses are great and very convenient. However, at times they can get truly uncomfortable if the right measures are not taken. For instance, in summer, your contact lens tends to dry up, the UV rays definitely don’t help, and the overall heat just does not make things easy. Therefore, this summer, with these tips, you can prepare yourself in advance. If you are eager to know, let us get started! 

Opt for lenses with UV protection 

The best tip would be to opt for lenses that have UV protection in them. If you are the type of person who has to step out often, these are a great way to enjoy comfortable lens wear. 


Simply ask your doctor to suggest some UV-protected lenses, and you will be good for the summer. In fact, you can opt for it all year round. Plus, if you wear your UV-protected lens with your sunglasses, that will be the maximum protection that you could ask for. 

Sunglasses on 

This tip too is for those who often step out— try and wear sunglasses every time you step out. It might sound obvious, but not many people do it. Sunglasses protect your eyes from UV rays, but they also prevent your lens from drying up by blocking winds. 


We all know the gritty and dry feeling when the lens dries up, which is not the most pleasant feeling in the world. Sunglasses provide the minimum protection that blocks winds and keeps your lenses lubricated for functioning properly. 


Another added advantage, they do a great deal in preventing dust near your eyes and lens. So, you protect your eyes, lens and enjoy your summer while looking stylish.  

Try use-and-throw lenses 

Use-and-throw lenses are great for daily use in summer. The longer-lasting lens tends to get damaged faster in the summer, given the constant exposure to winds and UV rays. 


Therefore, if you are looking for a more comfortable option, ask for daily disposable lenses that you can throw after a few uses.  That way, you get new contacts every day, no irritation, and stay comfortable the entire day. 


Also, there is the added advantage of not having to clean your lenses after a long day, because let us accept— we are not exactly very big fans of cleaning lenses thoroughly after wearing them every time, especially after a tedious day. 

Always carry rewetting drops 

This is a great tip if your lens tends to dry up often. Naturally, it is easier for your lens to dry up quickly due to the dryness and heat. Re-wetting solutions are readily available; no prescription needed. Therefore, carrying one with you is a quick solution. 


Whenever you feel like your lens is drying up, you can put in a few drops and find relief. However, make sure that the solution is compatible with your lens before you make the purchase. 

Switch with glasses 

If nothing else works with you, you can always switch to glasses. In fact, we would suggest you switch to glasses every once in a while to give your eyes a break. No matter how convenient they are, lenses are, after all, foreign materials in your body. 


Overusing them can cause abnormality in your eyes— something that you definitely want to avoid. Therefore, every once in a while, switch with glasses. You may even opt for photochromic lenses in your glasses every time you go out. 


So those are the summer tips that you can follow if you wear lenses. Summers can be arduous for lens wearers, but with these tips, you can finally enjoy your summer days without any discomfort.

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