How Tech Companies Use Instagram

Technology has been improving since the beginning of time but at a slow pace until recent times. Over the last 100 years, there has been an explosion of technological inventions that help improve the way we do things in different spheres whether it is work or our private lives. One of the greatest inventions from technology is the internet that has connected the whole world no matter what corner you are in. It has also enabled a favorable environment for more developments such as social media. 

Social media is one of the most widely used mediums of communication around the world. 3.9 billion people currently use social media through different platforms including Facebook., Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram. Instagram caters to over 1 billion of those people which makes it a great opportunity to reach customers with products and services as well as allow customers to reach tech companies. To take advantage of social media, tech companies should use these tips.

Get behind the scenes

People easily relate with companies that provide behind-the-scenes content. Besides entertaining content, tech companies can create content that helps users understand how to use their product or even get reviewers to review their product.

This helps promote the functionality of their product and shows how it can be useful to users on Instagram. It is also a great way to attract followers and grow your audience. One other proven way to get more Instagram followers is to use a growth service like Growthoid, which is a very convenient solution when you want to raise awareness about your product and do it fast.

Giving your audience a glimpse into the creative process along with using a growth service guarantees success in the long run. 

Instagram is primarily an image and video-based application so it would be a great platform for smartphone giants to showcase their camera capability to users who would love a smartphone that can capture the best photos and videos. 

Use a hashtag strategy

Hashtags are a great resource on Instagram if you know how to use them and which ones to use. There are different hashtags available for tech companies to use in their content to get the word around about themselves. If they want to piggyback on trendy hashtags, they can. Trending hashtags are great because they have already gathered momentum which you can just ride on.

They also usually have content that may be useful to your tech brand rather than reinventing the wheel with your own new content. The other kind of hashtag is branded hashtags. They are unique to your brand and are useful for tech seminars, conferences, and content that is unique to your brand. They get the conversation going around a tech brand event.

Run a contest, giveaway

There are no people in this world that do not love to win free stuff from their favorite tech companies. Especially for tech junkies, promotions can go a long way in getting the word around. These promotions can be tied to sharing the content of the tech company whether it is a product or service experience on their pages that will help spread awareness about the company. Some prizes could be a set of earphones for smartphone brand competitions. They can also run surveys about their products or services with a possible chance to win a prize from the brand. 

Use all the features 

Instagram was mostly for sharing photos and videos in the past but with time, it has developed many new useful features that may sometimes fly under the radar if you are not aware. Some features include filters and sound effects. Additionally, there are a lot of short video formats such as Reels, Stories, and long video formats such as IGLive. IGLive is a great resource for live streaming tech events while allowing users to interact with the business in real-time. 

Create a community 

Some users share similar tastes and the best way to get them together is through creating communities. These communities can be great platforms to share content related to tech. Additionally, there are even more niches within the tech category that can be used to create a community. Communities are great for engagement because the users on them have similar tastes and enjoy talking about the same interests which will help with engagement. 


Instagram can be a great tool for tech companies that know how to use it. Some of the great ways it can be used are by using hashtags, creating communities, sharing behind-the-scenes content, and staying up to date by using new features. Using these effectively will drive engagement about tech companies and draw in more followers. 

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