Technology Behind the iGaming Trend

iGaming has grown massively over the last decade and is now incredibly popular for players all across the world. A big part of this is down to the increase in what casino technology is now capable of. 

Technology Behind the iGaming Trend

Many online casinos around the world, with Dingo Casino being an excellent example, have offered significant improvements in the tech they use to provide gaming experiences to players. 

So, what technology is driving the growth in Dingo casino and the iGaming industry in general around the world? We’ve taken a closer look in order to try and discover what makes iGaming tick.

Video Streaming

One of the biggest areas that is helping to drive the iGaming trend is video streaming. This technology isn’t just used for watching movies and TV shows, it is actually a big driver behind some of the most innovative online casino games on the market at the moment, live dealer casino games.

The basic premise of these games is that a high definition camera films a real-life dealer in a casino environment. The player can then use the software at their chosen online casino to carry out the instructions for the game they are playing.

This obviously wouldn’t be possible without the ability to stream video at a high level through the casino software. 

What is also very impressive about this is how the software manages to make the instructions behave in a flawless manner. The wins are calculated in real time and players can see their bankroll change after every bet.

It is almost like an interactive video but carried out in real life and in real time. Without the technology behind this innovation, players just wouldn’t be able to enjoy live dealer casino games to the same level.

Web Chat

Web chat technology is something that has been around for a very long time. Internet users have been able to use this in a number of different ways over the years.

From simple chat clients all the way to chat programs that are embedded in much more complex pieces of software. However, webchat offers two very important processes to iGaming. 

The first is customer support. Through the use of web chat, iGaming providers are able to provide real-time, highly effective customer support. While some operators do use AI for this, the vast majority use real people to work as support agents.

It means that if there is an issue with the online casino, the customer can then instantly get in touch with someone and attempt to resolve it.

It helps online casinos to operate in a smooth manner and to consistently provide a high-quality service. This in turn means that the casino’s growth doesn’t get stifled due to unsatisfied customers. 

The second major way that web chat is useful for iGaming is linked to video streaming.

Live dealer games regularly offer players the chance to communicate with the dealer using a webchat service. While the dealer doesn’t reply directly on the web chat, they simply speak over the microphones, players are still able to chat using it.

It means that various queries can be asked in order to make the game run smoother, without the dealer having to worry about numerous people all talking to them at once. 

Blockchain Technology

This is something else that has had a two-pronged influence on iGaming. The first influence is quite simple. The ability to pay with cryptocurrency has given iGaming players a big increase in choice.

It also means that the speed of withdrawals is significantly improved, as crypto withdrawals are usually carried out instantly, while traditional banking methods can take up to a week to get processed. 

The second area of influence is in the games themselves. More and more titles that use blockchain technology are appearing at online casinos.

It means that players can use the blockchain to ensure that the game is provably fair and this provides much more trust as well. While provably fair games are still in their infancy, it is safe to say that they are growing in popularity and this is likely to continue in the future.

Virtual Reality

This is something that is still making baby steps in the iGaming world. However, it is significantly improved from the VR that was available in the late 90s.

VR today actually offers players an almost true to life experience when it is being used. This is something that iGaming has realized and has started to take seriously. 

While there are very few VR casino games available at the moment, there are some being released. It means that in the future we could conceivably see a completely VR casino available for players to visit.

As this technology becomes more powerful and more affordable, the possibilities for the iGaming world are almost endless. Virtual Reality could actually be the next big step in the evolution of iGaming.

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