How Technology In Pet Care Industry Can Save You Time and Money

What a time to be a pet-owner! Innovations in pet tech have been exceptionally amazing in the past few years, especially in the areas of healthcare, training, fun, safety, services, and cleanliness. Here is a breakdown of some of the amazing technological advancements in pet lifestyle and tech according to our canine expert friends at The Pampered Pup that can actually save you time and money.


Telemedicine is great for many reasons, and now even for pets! Pets can get vet visits from home using apps and services like FindaVet, where you can find a vet in your area. Medical advancements have been amazing for people, and pets also! From procedures to nutrition and increasingly affordable pet insurance options, healthcare for dogs is not what it used to be. Dogs can also get wearable devices like FitBark to match your FitBit that will help you keep your pet healthy. There are apps that keep track of medications, potty breaks, and more for your pet also, like Pup to Date or BabelBark!


Similar to healthcare, training technology is better than ever! There are actually advancements, like DogTV, that are made to help pets combat separation anxiety. Along with separation anxiety, there are tools like iFetch or Pet Tutor, that keep your dog engaged while you are away. There are also apps, like PetChatz, that monitor, allow you to talk, and give your pet a treat while you aren’t home. Your pet will never have to miss you again! There are also apps, like GoodPup, that allows you to schedule training sessions through the app on video. The trainers are certified, and the prices aren’t bad!


Pets may have it better than humans sometimes, but nobody is complaining here! Dogs can get smart crates that give them a safe and calm environment including an anti-anxiety playlist, fan, and low vibration that is motion-activated. Dogs also can get interactive puzzles, game consoles (like CleverPet Hub), automatic ball launchers, and high-tech dog bones! WickedBone is a bone-shaped interactive toy that will roam at different speeds and can be controlled through an app. We didn’t forget your kitty, either. Cats can get interactive cat toys, like PetDroid Boltz, that will entertain your cat for hours!


We all worry about our pets. Just like toddlers, they are always getting into trouble! You might have your pet microchipped, which is available at pet vets and clinics, but you may want an instant answer. That is why you can get your pet a GPS collar! The Whistle GO Explore uses Google Maps and AT&T services to notify you when they leave their area, track them, and their health activities. It also lasts almost a month on a single charge!

There are also LED light collars for cats that can upgrade with a camera to see their point of view or another upgrade that can track them as well. If you’ve ever worried about getting a doggy door for your pet and letting in other animals, there are high-tech doors that will only allow your pet in with the use of a key in their collar. If you worry about your dog escaping the fence, there are even smart fences that will remind your pet to stay in their area with a sonic pulse, small shock, or noise.


We all get busy, that is just the lifestyles we live. You’ll never have to worry about missing your dog’s walk with Rover, though! You can hire trustworthy dog walkers in your area or even pet-sitters if you need to take a trip and can’t bring your pet with you. If you need a pet groomer, but don’t have the time to set up an appointment, you can get Pawfinity for 30 days free! This site will do all the scheduling for you. You also may have a subscription to BarkBox. Pet subscription boxes are another very convenient service that is offered to pet owners now that send toys and treats every month.


Our absolute favorite is the Litter-Robot! Nobody likes cleaning your cat’s litterbox, so just do yourselves a favor and get this amazing technology. This litterbox automatically cleans the litter so all you have to do is dump it. It can also be Wi-Fi connected for empty reminders and other neat monitors. Another downside to pets is the shedding. That can be avoided by getting an ILIFE V3s Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner! This Roomba-lookalike is perfect for picking up pet fur and can run for up to 100 minutes, which can be scheduled or activated through a remote or button.

There’s never been a better time to have a fur baby! Except maybe in the future. Who knows what kind of innovations we will have in the next few years? From personalized diets to more solutions to the things we despise, like litter, the future is unpredictable. We never would have thought we would have the advancements we have today. From training all the way to cleanliness, there are new, advanced solutions to any problem we may face as fur moms and dads.

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