The Concept Of Demy Games “Learn-to-Earn” Is Rising

Apart from the finance industry, gaming is one of the fields that blockchain gaming is transforming the most in the early phases of crypto adoption. NFT games are a growing segment within this niche, basing their success on a play-to-earn model that sees participants earn tokens for their engagement. Demy Games is taking this concept one step further and bringing a practical application that wider audiences are opening up to.

According to playtoearn gaming news, Blockchain Alliance put out an annual report in 2021 demonstrating the growth prospect of NFT games. The report shows that a survey of 300 companies from 56 countries reveals a $2.3 billion in revenue for Q3, a number that represents 22% of all NFT activity.

What Is Learn-to-Earn?

Rather than making money simply by playing a game, the learn-to-earn concept adds an educational component to the already successful play-to-earn model. This points to a paradigm shift where gaming, once thought of as counterproductive by educators and mainstream society, will become a centerpiece of learning.

About Demy Games

Demy Games, in keeping with the values of its industry, is a decentralized community. Games created by the community aim to help crypto enthusiasts grow their field of knowledge around how blockchain technology works by providing users with a real incentive.

Demy Games has its own token, Demy Token, that runs on the BEP-20 standard. The Demy ecosystem also contains NFT marketplaces and staking, among other crypto elements.

The games the community creates are educational and intend to spread awareness of the blockchain space among users. “QUESTIONS” is the first game being launched on the platform in Q1 of 2022.


Staking on Demy Games is designed to prevent fraud. The system passes a 14% API to the users of staked tokens. Participants earn daily interest until they select the un-stake option. The staker can withdraw their tokens seven days later as a precautionary measure.

Tier System

To participate in Demy Games, users must stake Demy Tokens. Stakers share a prize pool that is comprised of the staked coins, much like the pot of a poker game. The staked pool continues to accrue interest that the users share.

Promoting the Growth of Blockchain Gaming

Demy Games is seeking funding to further its efforts to establish its learn-to-earn model. The community is offering investors discounted Demy Tokens as a reward for their support. Seed investors will benefit from the advantageous token prices as well as from airdrops via NFT cards. Demy Games is offering NFT cards in limited numbers that have the potential to be extremely valuable in the future.

Participating in the funding effort is a win-win proposition for investors as they will be promoting a viable educational concept while gaining the opportunity to earn significant returns on their money.

Getting in on the Game

Demy Games has new, exciting games in the works. The community will be announcing the news on projects designed for Metaverse. Those looking to engage in the exciting developments in the blockchain space can buy crypto and start participating in the decentralized revolution that Demy Games is a part of.