The Tech Evolutions of Online Free Slot Machines

Online free slot machines are some of the most popular casino games that attract millions of fans worldwide, even though they have only been around for the last 130 years. However, online slots have a long and rich history behind them that led them to their global success since they weren’t as popular as today right from the beginning.

Are you interested in how three-reeled machines turned into a billion-dollar industry? Keep reading this article to get more information about the evolution of online free slots. Finally, we’ll shed some light on what the future holds for these well-known machines. Let’s jump straight into it!

The beginnings

The prototype of slot machines appeared in 1891 when a Brooklyn-based company created a machine that would later develop into slots. This particular creation resembled poker more than slot machines, as it was largely inspired by the popular game.

The machine contained 5 drums with 10 cards each. By pulling the lever, the drums with cards rotated. The cost of one such game was a nickel, but the machine didn’t pay cash to the winners. Instead, they could collect free drinks, snacks, and cigarettes.

Later on, the first automated payout machine was created. This model was called the Horseshoe Slot Machine. Tech aspects weren’t the only thing that improved, as the mechanics played with the design too. The newly-upgraded slot machines contained 3 reels instead of 5, which came with 6 symbols:

  • Hearts
  • Spades
  • Clubs
  • Diamonds
  • Horseshoe
  • Liberty bell

One round still cost a nickel, only this time the machine paid the reward when 3 identical icons landed.

The appearance of electronic and video slots

The first electronic slot machine was released in 1964, and it completely changed the way slots are played and perceived by the public.

The entire construction ran on electricity, and the lever was the only part of the old slot machine that stayed manual. Although the popular lever remained to be part of the device, it was only used to initiate the gameplay. Later on, even levers were replaced with buttons, creating fully electronic slots.

The next big thing came in 1975 when the first video slots were introduced to the public. Fortune Coin created the exclusive model of the machine placed in the heart of the gambling community. The first video slot featured a 19” Sony television in the Las Vegas Hilton Hotel.

Other companies quickly followed the latest trend, and newer versions followed. If you’re looking for a video slot you can play today – the Houseoffun slot machine is a perfect choice.

The rise of the digital era

The sudden rise and development of technology influenced the slot industry too. Companies producing slot machines were looking at different ways to implement new technological advancements into their products and make the slot gaming experience even better.

More slot variations hit the market, and players could choose between numerous digital slot games. New features were also added, including:

  • Free spins
  • Bonus rounds
  • Progressive jackpots
  • Wilds
  • Multipliers
  • Scatters

The slot business was booming – from 20% casino floor space dedicated to slots in 1997, this number rose to 70% by 2002.

The golden age

Global internet use marks the golden age of slots as online free slot machines became the most popular source of fun. Even those who couldn’t afford or reach a casino can now try out their luck and enjoy slots anytime, anywhere.

Companies started using advanced technology to make slot gaming more appealing to players and creating countless avatars and stories to make slots entertaining to any gambler. Slotomania slots are one such example, as you can find countless slot games available on their platform.

The future

With online gambling becoming the dominant variation, online free slot machines will surely go through numerous transformations in the future. While it’s impossible to know what the future holds for slot machines, we can make some predictions.

Advanced software tools constantly push the limits of online slots, making them more lifelike, believable, and entertaining. Therefore, the stories will continue to be more interesting and captivating. Slot machines might even blend with VR and AR technology in the near future to allow players free interaction with the game.


Nowadays, online slots are among the most popular sources of fun for many people worldwide. The thrill and excitement experienced during gameplays can’t be replaced. Furthermore, online slots are free to play, thus having no monetary disadvantages.

The list of beneficial properties is only to get longer as companies implement more modern solutions and features into their slots.

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