10 Essential Tips to Improve Your Marketing Strategy for Technology Products

A well-rounded marketing strategy is vital when it comes to generating pointers for your technology products and amplifying your company’s income. Even so, being exceptional among the ever-growing sea of B2B technology enterprises can be quite difficult. Competitors offering similar products are cropping up every day irrespective of whether you are in cyber-security, project management, or customer relationship management. As such, the marketing strategy you use for your technology products is critical.

Tech businesses are unique in their own little ways and target audiences often vary based on the sector one specializes in among other factors. All the same, the tips below are guaranteed to help you optimize your marketing strategy and make the most out of it.

10 Essential Tips to Improve Your Marketing Strategy for Technology Products

These tips stem from years of experience guiding some of the most renowned B2B tech firms in the world. Here are some of the tactics that will do the magic for your marketing strategy for tech products.

1) Customized slides and leave-behinds

Customized PowerPoint presentations that portray your product alongside your client’s needs is way more efficient than long publications, but each comes in handy at different stages. Branded brochures and eBooks that can be left with prospective buyers are also a huge plus.

2) Free trials and demos

It will be beneficial to create a free sandbox where users can test out your tool while getting to know it better. You can also offer customized recorded demos of your products. And build an elaborate landing page where users can sign up for trials.


3) Work with analysts and social media influencers

Tech analysts usually offer guidance to tech firms and put out research content that is highly interacted with by tech buyers. It is also essential to engage writers and tech influencers to build awareness about your products.

4) Make your content compelling by using calls to action

It is unwise to assume anything when it comes to marketing your products. If you need your users to share your content, you need to ask them as much in calls to action on your blogs, eBooks, brochures, and any other content you put out.

5) Revamp your website

Review or have your website reviewed to gauge aspects such as user interface, design, and content. It should be professional and modern with an excellent user experience. Be sure to check how the loading speeds on desktop and mobile compare and remedy any issues that take your site farther from being user-friendly.


6) Boost your SEO

Optimize all pages on your website with relevant and effective keywords to develop a reliable keyword strategy. Most tech buyers start researching prospective solutions with the help of search engines and you want your products to be at the top of these results. Backlinking is as effective today as it was five years ago, develop an efficient strategy, and watch your impressions grow. Additionally, use titles and headings, internal links, and image alt tags to optimize every page on your site.

7) Set up case studies, whitepapers, reports, and downloadable content

Offering free content to first-time visitors to your site may seem like too much too soon but you may want to consider providing handy content that can be downloaded. Case studies are especially important in giving potential buyers a vivid illustration of how your product is best suited for their organization. Whitepapers also help to build your reputation as an expert in the field. You can use a whitepaper template or hire a freelancer to write one for you.

8) Get someone to review your product

Potential buyers in this era and age always check for reviews before committing to the purchase of a product. As such, it is necessary to have your product reviewed by a professional reviewer or two. Consider creating a profile on a software review website and encouraging your customers to leave reviews. Journalists and reputable tech bloggers can publish content that speaks to the credibility and quality of your product.

9) Attend trade shows and conferences

Trade shows are the one place where all significant leads in your line of work are likely to be found. It is essential to exhibit your products at a tradeshow-themed for related ideas. You can perform some due diligence beforehand to establish who will be among the attendees and whether your business might benefit from their attention or endorsement.

Make sure you delegate the duties of making a captivating stand and showcasing your product to capable team members. Several high-level attendees taking interest in your product might make all the difference.

10) Organize webinars

Webinars are instrumental when it comes to captivating hot audiences and providing a platform for them to gain awareness about your products and even ask questions in a neutral and welcoming environment.

Techniques to Boost A Company’s Marketing Strategy for Tech Products

Marketing has become an online and social media event and your company needs to keep up if it is going to tap into the ever-growing audience. Word of mouth and hard copy advertisements aren’t going to cut it. The following steps comprise of techniques that are the bare minimum when it comes to marketing technology products:

  • Develop a mobile-friendly website
  • Hire a Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), expert
  • Design a creative and captivating business logo
  • Include high-quality short videos and photos in your content and ad campaigns
  • Use social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram to advertise your products
  • Use analytics and tracking tools to monitor the overall performance of your business
  • Incorporate personalized emails in your marketing strategy.

Successful Tech Products

One of the main aspects that sets Airbnb company apart from other technology products is its continued upward success since its emergence nearly 12 years ago. Airbnb became a household name years ago but continues to give competitors a run for their money. How do you keep growing after reaching the top?

Many software development companies offer Airbnb technologies that have helped companies like Uber and Apple iPad remain the moguls they are today. These companies offer everything a user would ever want in a product and more. Talk of their efficient communication systems, AI-powered search formulas, and a wide variety, and that is just on user experience. Everything from their software to their online content has been built with the expertise and precision necessary to haul a tech company into greatness.


The tech industry is very competitive and as such, there is only one rule: go big or go home. Companies need to up their marketing strategies and stay ahead of trends. This way, they remain relevant and become the top choice for products in their category of specialization.

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