Top 10 iOS development companies in New York

As more organizations look to accelerate mobile development efforts, many are struggling with a key decision: keep mobile efforts in-house or find a mobile app development company to work with. There’s a tendency to see application delivery options as a binary: either we develop in-house, or we contract with a company. But there are a number of strategies that can work for application delivery, many of which combine in-house and outsourced work. Your decision on how to approach app development and delivery should be based on a number of factors, not the least of which is the organization’s layout and internal understanding of the mobile ecosystem (from a technical and market perspective).

Companies and organizations want full control over their mobile app development initiatives, however, maintaining a pure in-house development environment is difficult to achieve as mobile is a relatively new competition for many developers. It involves many complexities and specific activities, such as UX design and cell coverage psychology or testing, that can be handled more efficiently by an outsourced third party experienced in mobile application development.

The reality is that mobile is a new challenge for many companies and organizations. The skills just aren’t there: Your IT team, developers, and technical staff may be experts on the web, your legacy systems, services, security, etc., but mobile requires a completely different skill set. The knowledge and skills gap means that a team needs to be hired to fill these gaps, which leads us to our next challenge, especially if we’re dealing with iOS app development which is relatively more complex than Android apps in the “same range of capabilities.”

To overcome all the above complexities, hiring an experienced software development company is the most recommended option for every company and organization. Below is a list of the top 10 companies providing iOS app development in New York:


This software development company specializes in developing mobile applications based on iOS and Android. Not only these mobile applications, but Jafton also works to build special software for various startups and organizations funded by the government. Having no less than 100 software engineers including Android developers, iOS developers, DevOps engineers, designers, and project managers, Jafton is always ready to compete with similar companies in New York and even the United States to provide the best service for its clients. The great startups in the United States are only a small part of the evidence that shows that Jafton deserves to be trusted.


It is a well-known digital infrastructure and software development company in New York. The company is always updating its technology in line with today’s technological advances, such as adapting VR and AR into its iOS applications. Supporting customers around the clock (24/7), this company is one of the most recommended for those who want to build quality iOS apps. His clients are quite diverse and come from various backgrounds. Starting from start-up companies to large, established companies.


This software development company is renowned for its ability to provide an established workflow, which ensures every software development project is on target and on time. In the last 21 years, Onix-Systems has provided outsourced IT services covering the two most widely used operating systems (iOS and Android), application design, and VR and AR development. Now the company is focusing on building hybrid integration platforms.


It is a product studio that collaborates with other start-ups and established companies to build mobile apps that cater to multiple people. Working with its clients as product partners, Tapptitude emphasizes the process of developing mobile applications especially iOS in close collaboration with clients. Thus, each product produced is expected to be able to meet every expectation and real need of the customer.


This software development company is always selected as one of the top-rated software development companies in New York. Azumo focuses on mobile applications and cloud platforms that are increasingly needed by all levels of society. As an experienced software development company, Azumo has been trusted by big brands such as Facebook, United Healthcare, and Zynga.


Arctouch is a software development company with more than 10 years of experience in the development of iOS, Android, and Xamarin applications. What’s impressive is that the company is the creator of bots for popular conversational platforms like Facebook Messenger and Amazon Alexa. Arctouch is currently exploring IoT applications related to lifecycle management and strategy consulting. Companies like Audi, Guess, Honeywell, and NBC are some of his clients.


TechNeed is a software development company that focuses on iOS and Android-based mobile applications. Known for its fantastic communication with its clients, the company regularly organizes weekly meetings with clients, intending to support product updates that truly match their wants and needs. Agile and transparent sprints are the hallmark of this software development company.


This software development company has an excellent reputation, as evidenced by its clients such as General Electric, Pampers & Square, Xylo, and SAP. There is a reason why these well-known companies entrust their software development to Interexy. One of them is Interexy’s ability to always adapt to the latest technological developments and the company’s very responsive response when problems occur related to software operations.


This software development company is considered one of the best sources of iOS and Android-based mobile apps. But not only producing mobile applications, but Saritasa also contributes to the latest web design developments, the development of Systems Architect, and IoT solutions that are widely used by top companies in New York and the United States in general. Its clients are quite diverse, ranging from innovative SMBs, and medium enterprises, to progressive corporations.


This software development company is renowned for its ability to scale people, processes, and products in a continuous software development suite. It is called continuous because software updates are often carried out in the same stages as when the prototype was formed. Because of its capabilities, Rootstrap has been trusted by many leading companies to build their applications. Some of its clients are Spotify, Google, Disney, and MasterClass. Rootstrap is currently exploring various projects that sync between iOS and VR/AR.