TOP 3 Gadgets for Gaming [Must Read]

Most buyers are looking for a specific brand when they want to upgrade their smartphones. If you want to find a smartphone that is perfect for playing mobile games, you should consider a completely different function that provides comfort when playing on your phone. The latest mobile games ported from computers, such as GTA or Fortnite, have proven that the phone is just as suitable a playground as a personal computer or game console.

Previously, only certain models with an aggressive design, powerful hardware, and a good cooling system were called gaming smartphones. Today the situation has changed, and most of the devices are equipped with game processors, which can be identified by the letter G in the name.

How to choose a good gaming smartphone?

If you do not take into account the opinion that playing games and viewing QYTO casino reviews using a device with a small screen is not very comfortable, the processor performance, the speed characteristics of the display, the ease of control should be considered the main criteria for choosing the best gaming smartphone.

For Performance

As for the performance, its level acceptable for modern games is demonstrated by hardware platforms that gain at least 2 thousand points in the graphics tests of the 3DMark benchmark (Sling Shot Extreme or SSE). It is impossible to focus on these figures unambiguously. However, no one has yet come up with a more objective method for testing 3D performance.


It is easier with the amount of RAM — six gigabytes of RAM make it possible for you not to worry about caching delays, and the only problem can be a lack of space for installing the applications. When choosing the best smartphone for gaming, it makes sense to give preference to models with at least 128 GB of internal memory.

Screen Refresh Rate

The recent trend is increasing the screen refresh rate. At the same time, the picture becomes smoother, i.e., it will more accurately reflect the current situation in dynamic game episodes, but the power consumption of the display also increases proportionally. An increase in the polling frequency of the sensor layer speeds up the smartphone’s reaction to your actions and is cheaper in terms of energy costs. The current record is 144 Hz and 270 Hz.

Ease of Control

Ease of control means a combination of software and hardware, as well as special accessories that fundamentally increase the gamer’s chances to get ahead of their rivals or simplify other aspects of the gameplay. These are various optimizers of smartphone resources, useful services, triggers, high-speed displays, joysticks, and much more.

Battery Capacity

And, finally, pay attention to the capacity of the battery. The rule “the more, the better” is still relevant.

The best smartphones for gaming are those designed specifically for gamers. Their electronic stuffing is optimized for solving complex problems. The cost of specialized gaming devices is quite high. Those who want to save money should look for a suitable smartphone in a different price range. At the same time, it is recommended to pay attention to the characteristics of the screen, as well as to the hardware — a powerful processor and a large amount of RAM ensure the launch of modern games and support their stable operation, smoothly reproducing graphics.


There is not a great number of phones specifically made for gaming, but one of them is head and shoulders above all the others — ROG Phone 2. It has a very convenient and unique feature: ultrasonic Air Triggers. These are touch-sensitive buttons on the side that work similarly to the LB/RB buttons on PS4 or Xbox controllers.

In the horizontal device position, they make it possible to realize simpler and more precise control schemes, which would otherwise be impossible without additional devices. By linking to on-screen commands using a simple drag-and-drop method, they can be easily assigned, for example, for shooting or precision aiming in games like Call of Duty Mobile.

In addition to the device, you can purchase accessories that are not available on other models. For example, the ROG Kunai GamePad, adding which the device turns into a full-fledged set-top box.


Few phones are really focused on games, but the OnePlus 7 Pro is the exception to this rule. Its special Fnatic Mode, developed in collaboration with esports players, promises aggressive processor operation, using all available resources for the game. This is achieved by blocking access to the network for other applications and rejecting all calls and notifications. It offers a PC-style overclocking that can rarely be found on mobile devices.

Another catch of this smartphone is its speed. This is one of the fastest gadgets, mostly due to its astounding 90Hz refresh rate — 30Hz higher than in most other smartphones. The display with a 3120×1440 resolution is another feature of the gadget, while the retractable front camera, which is a truly advanced feature, makes the device even more special.


Honor 20 Pro is a powerful gaming smartphone. The device is powered by a Kirin processor and has 8 GB of RAM. This is enough even for the most demanding gamers. Honor 20 Pro runs Fortnite Mobile at 60 FPS. In addition, it has special functionality that provides a more stable Internet connection, increases battery life, and also optimizes system resources for smoother application performance.

Honor 20 Pro has an internal memory of 256 GB, which means you can easily store all the necessary applications, music, and photos on your smartphone. Moreover, it has a large 6.26-inch screen that’s easy to play or work with. Honor 20 Pro is the ultimate in versatility. The main 48 MP camera with an excellent macro lens guarantees the clearest and high-quality images. The front camera also deserves special attention.

It is a great smartphone that is perfect for gaming and everyday use. And compared to Apple devices, Samsung Galaxy S10 and Samsung Note 10, it has a very affordable price.

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