Top 5 Ice Breakers for Virtual Meetings

Although online working meetings are not a novelty, they still make a lot of people feel awkward and confused. This negatively influences not only the team spirit but the efficiency of the business because the productiveness of the teamwork decreases.

So, there is a necessity to relax workers and make every meeting comfortable and interesting for them.

While the quality of the online meeting depends on the chosen service, the effectiveness of the teamwork depends on the chosen team icebreakers for virtual meetings.

So, when you are looking for the best service for virtual meetings you go to Samba Live following, and when you are searching for the best strategy for the meeting, you choose the top 5 ice breakers for virtual meetings:

  • Blitz poll
  • Music, movie, or book recommendations
  • Guess the city
  • Working environment
  • Define a lie

Blitz Poll 

The ice breaker is one of those ice breakers, which require a low level of effort. Moreover, it is considered to be a universal technique. Inasmuch as the blitz poll is appropriate for new teams when it is necessary to help colleges to get to know each other better, as well as for the regular meetings of old teams to help them to take a break and reboot and reduce tension.

In addition, as you know blitz always means something short, so, no need to take a lot of time from a work meeting.

To realize the technique you need to provide various pairs of concepts and offer the team to choose one option from each pair. Everyone selects an option and gives the team a short explanation of the choice.

There are some popular examples:

  • Coffee or tea
  • Dogs or cats
  • White or red wine
  • Mountains or sea
  • Paris or New York
  • Gold or silver

Music, Movie, or Book Recommendations 

A great method to get workers to know each other and create a favorable atmosphere for productive teamwork.

Allow the team to share their interest not only working ideas. Thus, let colleges tell about the last watched movie, their favorite book, or the song they have on repeat this week.

Such an ice breaker will help people to find like-minded people and replenish the list of things to read, watch, and listen to. So, the virtual meeting will definitely be memorable.

Guess the City 

Remote workers from a distributed team will appreciate this meeting ice breaker.

Very often it is quite difficult to maintain a favorable working environment when the team has to work online. Though, it is even more complicated when the team is international or scattered across the country because it is not simple to make a contact with a person with whom you have never seen live.

However, when you know the location of a person and their location peculiarities, it is easier for you to understand the environment, which surrounds them. This makes people closer to each other.

It is better not just to ask everyone to call their current location, but to ask them to describe the city or country and ask others to guess the location. Thus, workers from New York can say that they live in the “Big Apple” and someone from Paris can describe their city as the most romantic place in the world.

Working Environment 

A working environment at home differs from the one in the office so much. That is why sometimes workers feel uncomfortable because they think that they do something wrong and it is unacceptable to work in such inappropriate conditions. However, if every member of the team shows their unusual working environment, it will help to get rid of the confusion.

It is a good idea to let every worker show their workplace, which can be a kitchen table, a sofa, or even a balcony. Ask them to familiarize the team with their pets and kids, if they are at home, and demonstrate the view from their workplace, which could easily be a carpet littered with toys.

Define a Lie

The classic method for making acquaintances or strengthening the established connection. Every team member has to say three statements about them, two of which are truthful and one is a lie. The task of the others is to define which statement is a lie.

Then a person who gave statements needs to say a few words about two true facts.


Consider that icebreakers for online meetings will work even better if they are customized specially for a particular team. Selecting the appropriate ice-breaking technique takes into account the level of the team closeness, the period of their work together, and the specific business format.

It is not a good idea to force the team to do what they do not like. Every ice breaker should be implemented organically and it does not have to require a lot of effort from the team.