Top Careers Where You Need Writing Skills For 2023

A writer’s career may seem obsolete in the era of short videos, VR technologies, and global automation. The truth is quite the opposite, the demand for expert writers is high like never before.

The demand for content writing is soaring in the modern job market. Due to the increased demand for content in general, more than 50% of the world’s brands created in-house content factories that require qualified writing specialists.

A company may want to hire a biography writer, a blog writer, a ghostwriter, and any other content creator.

A job in writing is a perfect option for different career goals:

  • Career beginning;
  • Part-time occupation during a job search;
  • Practice field for switching occupations.

Rick was a business administrator for ten years. The upholding trend of the IT specialties made him consider switching to this field. But where to start?

Rick started as a freelance writer in the IT career field to research it deeper and learn more about prospective fields in the industry. After a couple of months of freelance writing, he chose educational courses for a new specialty.

This article overviews top careers that require writing skills in 2023, so you can find a fitting place in the changing job market environment.

Ebook Writing

Ebook writing is one of the prominent ways of content creation. Ebooks are less in volume than regular printed books. Ebooks are cheaper and more accessible in many ways. Ebook writers can work independently or for hire.

If you have an exciting experience to share or an idea for a fiction story – ebook writing is a perfect choice for a career. A job seeker with a couple of ebooks in their portfolio will become a desirable asset for a potential employer.

Biography writers

Biography writing is a sub-direction in ebook writing. Biography writers turn the lives of regular people into educational or academic stories. Many talented people want to share their knowledge but can’t do that. Here biography writers come to help.

If you have writing skills, you may hone them with a “how to start a career as biography writer” guide and succeed in this field.

Business Writing

Business fields of different kinds require high-skilled diligent writers. You can become a business writer if you are proficient in technical terminology and finance.

White Paper Writing

White papers are manuals and guides for companies’ products and services. It is essential to explain to customers how certain products work; white paper writers provide such explanations.

Usually, a white paper is up to one hundred pages long. White papers may also be digital. Instructions for applications and software are white papers as well. You can become a white paper writer if you know how to explain complex things in simple words.

Business plan writing

A business plan is a document that formalizes the aim of a business and ways to achieve success. Business plans include:

  • Strategies;
  • Budget planning;
  • Corporate culture;
  • Short and long-term goals;
  • Hiring policy.

Only 25% of new startups have business plans, and they usually reach success.

Business plan writers do not have to have a finance degree, but such education is a plus. The writers review other people’s business plans or help enterprises create their business plans.


Copywriters are one of the most widespread occupations for writers. Positions for copywriters vary across industries, requirements, and payment. It is a perfect option to start a career, learn a new field, or find a part-time job.

Copywriters create advertising content that promotes products and services. They also create content for television, radio, and website promotion.

Copywriters should be aware of the industry in which they write and know the basic principles of SEO optimization. Copywriters may work as full-time company employees or do contract jobs as freelancers. Flexibility and high demand for copywriters make it one of the best career choices in 2023.

Content Writing

Unlike copywriters, content writers create original content related to specific topics and issues. News articles, journalist reports, and analytical articles – are examples of content writers’ work.

Content writers should have high-quality writing skills and good knowledge of SEO and their audience.

Content writers may promote something and write technical documentation or business plans. Yet, their main job focus is to create original pieces of content that will generate online traffic.

Blog Writing

Blogs are one of the most prominent content writing formats in 2023. Many big companies and small startups launch their blogs to communicate with their audience. The topics for such blogs vary:

  • Travels;
  • Lifestyle;
  • Guides and tips;
  • News and interesting facts.

Blog writing has almost limitless possibilities for professional self-realization and positions for employment. If you consider a career as a copywriter seriously, pay attention to blog writing.

Final Words

The career of a writer will be relevant in 2023. Different industries require qualified writers for content writing, business writing, and bibliography writing.

A good writer needs a presentable resume as well. Professional resume writing services like Skillhub will help to present your writer’s qualifications and land an interview for a writer position.


  1. Is a Degree Mandatory for a Writing Career?

Formal education for a writing position is not mandatory but desirable. Many recruiting firms and job marketplaces require any sort of certification or diploma for a formal application. Yet, you may land a job without a formal degree if you have an excellent portfolio of qualitative texts.

  •  Can I Write Only in Humanities Industries?

Different career fields require qualified writers. Job seekers may look for a writer’s position in:

  • Healthcare;
  • Finance;
  • Education;
  • Marketing;
  • STEM;
  • IT.

A writer with knowledge of a specific field will have more chances of landing a dream job.

  • How Much Writers Earn?

The exact salary depends on the set of skills, experience, and job position. The more qualified the writer is, the more money they’ll make. The US average salary for a writer is $6800 per year and $33 per hour.

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