Top SEO Strategies for Start-Ups

Launching a startup company is a fascinating idea. However, it takes a lot of strategies, deadlines, plans, and much more to keep the company rolling. And it is important to remember that digital marketing is crucial for startups in order to let the virtual and the real world know about their existence. And what better way to do it if not through search engine optimised content?

This post will discuss some of the best SEO strategies you can implement as a startup, including the use of link-building services and optimised content. 

Maintain Excellent Content Quality

Your website functions similarly to a storefront. It’s essentially a digital asset and a promotional resource for your company. So, it’s self-evident that a well-designed website won’t provide much value unless it’s accompanied by quality content that appeals to the target audience.

The most common misunderstanding about SEO for startups is that it only involves optimising text and graphics for search engines. However, improving content for readers is just as important as optimising for search engines.

On-Page Optimizations Should Be Your Main Focus

Your primary focus will likely be developing an on-page optimisation strategy during SEO implementation. While it covers a lot of steps, checks, and technicalities which must be aligned, here are a few things to keep in mind:

Page URLs

Your page URL should be descriptive, understandable, and incorporate your primary keyword. This URL will usually be the same as the title of your page.

Page Titles

The clickable URL for search engines that is displayed on the search results page as the blue link text is the page title. Therefore, you should make it comprehensive and understandable, with the primary keyword placed where necessary, to optimise it.


Remember the H1, H2, and H3 headings? For Google’s crawl-bots to read your page content and return a favourable ranking signal, it must be split down in this way.


Including keywords in your page title and headings, wherever applicable, is a smart idea. You can also utilise the keyword’s synonyms, variations, and closely similar phrases within the main text body. Avoid keyword stuffing, as search engines and users can detect it.


This is something that many new companies and startups overlook. However, breaking up page text with appropriate pictures is critical and optimising them for search is also equally important.

Internal Links


You must use content hyperlinking within the main text body to connect distinct website pages. You could hire an SEO company Glasgow that provides link-building services. These companies will have the tools and experience to give your website the boost that you need, especially when you are a start-up.

Mobile-Friendly Design

As you probably might know by now, half of all Google search inquiries come from mobile devices. Therefore, your on-page SEO strategy must incorporate mobile-optimized pages to improve ranking and UX.


Important Page Characteristics

When it comes to SEO, pages with the following characteristics are more likely to achieve high rankings:


Before search engines such as Google can assess your page for ranking signals, they need to access it.

Content of High Quality

Produce long-form content (up to 2500 words) on the website and as guest blogs.

Excellent User Experience

Fast load speeds, intuitive page navigation/layout, data/SSL encryption, and relevant information contribute to a positive user experience.

Low Bounce Rate

A high bounce rate on your website indicates a poor user experience or material irrelevant to the users. Avoid it if you want to improve your ranking!

Final Thoughts

It is important that you implement the right SEO strategies for your startup. Once you have completed all required steps, you need to ensure you benefit from a good link-building service.  Moreover, it is important to track your website’s performance. Establishing your business as an authority takes time and effort, and when you look at the numbers, SEO is one of the most effective marketing tools.