5 Top Systems and Strategies to Ace Football in 2021

From predictions about the player making maximum goals to the winning team—you have all that it takes to win football bets. Plus, you are always up-to-date on football news, be it about the previous matches or the upcoming ones. Still, you are not able to choose the correct odds and markets?

According to a study, predicting sports results is not a skill but a chance. The football betting world has a complicated way of rolling. Here, your extensive research and instincts are not enough. You need to build a strategy to get around the unexpected twists and losses.

Here’s where the football betting systems step in. These are betting tactics that the pros have developed with time and experience. The best part is, they are all ready for you to utilize and mold a winning strategy!

Football Betting Systems – The Best to the Worst

Though there is no one-size-fits-all in football paypal betting systems, there certainly are those that work the best. At the same time, you will come across a few techniques that seem helpful but are not really beneficial.

Here is a list of football betting systems and strategies, starting from the best and ending with the worst. Dive in to become the know-it-all football bettor!

1.Back & Lay using Matched Betting

Do you want a football betting system that ALWAYS proves to be a hit? Go no further as the back & lay is for you. Plus, if you use it for matched betting, your win is guaranteed.

It is essentially about backing (supporting) a bet and laying (betting against it) it off. In simple words, to back a bet, you have to favor a particular outcome. On the contrary, to lay a bet, you have to go against the result. It is like playing the role of a bookie in a traditional betting setup.

In this system, a backer and layer need to decide the odds and stakes for the wager to take place. If the backer wins, the layer will have to pay their winning amount. In the opposite situation, the layer gets the backer’s stake (minus commission).

Matched betting is primarily taking advantage of a free bet or bonus funds offered by the sportsbook. You can use the free bet or bonus money to back a bet and lay the same wager with your money. No matter what the outcome is, you are in for a profit!

2.Value Bets

If you are an ardent football enthusiast such that your knowledge is even greater than the bookie, use the value bet system. Bookies aren’t always accurate with the odds, and that is exactly what you can use for your advantage.

Value betting is using your knowledge and research to identify a bet that has higher chances of winning than stated by the bookie. This will then become a value bet that you can place your stakes upon. Here’s a formula to determine whether you got a value bet or not:

Value = Odds x Probability %100 

Here, ‘odds’ refer to the ones placed by the bookie, while the probability% is what you think the winning chances are. In case your answer is greater than 1, you got a value. Otherwise, you will need to look for another one.

3.The Kelly Criterion

It is similar to the value betting system, except the Kelly Criterion also lets you calculate the amount you should invest. However, this amount is calculated based on your current bankroll. Here too, you need to first identify a value bet and confirm it using the given formula:

Stake = Odds x Probability %-1Odds-1*100

Similar to the previous system, the ‘odds’ refers to the odds stated by the bookmaker, and probability% is your estimation. If you get a positive stake value, you can go ahead with calculating the percentage of bankroll you can bet.

Bankroll% to bet = Bankroll * Stake

This will give you the exact percentage of your current bankroll that you can use to place a bet. That being said, you must note that this method usually gives slow profits and is suitable for the long term.

4.Arbitrage Betting

One of the easiest ways to ensure a profitable bet is using the arbitrage betting system. It is similar to a lay & bet system, except here you will lay on one betting website and back on the other.

The Arbitrage system involves making an account on 2-3 sportsbooks and analyzing the odds offered. You are likely to find differences in the market odds offered by varying sportsbooks. Once you identify such a situation, the next step is simple.

Back the identified bet on the site offering the more favorable odds and lay the same bet on the other website. For example:

Sportsbook A: Player 1 (1.300), Player 2 (3.920)

Sportsbook B: Player 1 (1.430), Player 2 (2.900)

If you place a bet on Player 2 on sportsbook A and Player 1 on sportsbook B, profit is guaranteed. Rest assured, you will win irrespective of the outcome!

5.Martingale System

While you may use the Martingale System in casino games like Blackjack, it is not a wise idea to use it here. This system requires you to double your stake after a loss in an even-money bet. This way, you will eventually recover all your lost money when you win.

Why it is not the best option to try in football betting is because before you realize it, you would have lost a lot. It not only requires a large bank balance but also does not guarantee a profit. Plus, it might take you a week or more to reach the situation where you win.

Wrapping Up

There you have it—the best football betting systems to use to increase (or ensure) your winning chances. Plus, you also get a system that seems tempting but which you need to stay away from.

In a nutshell, all these strategies allow you to get an edge over the bookie. However, you need to conduct a good amount of research and understand the odds well before using any of them.

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