How to Track Whatsapp Messages on Android Phones?

WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messaging apps, with its users reaching over 1 billion. This estimate is not for the number of downloads, but for the number of active monthly users. WhatsApp is popular in almost every part of the world, particularly in Africa. WhatsApp users engage in conversations with one another via chats or chat groups. The application also allows users to share media files and real-time location with whomsoever they please. 

WhatsApp, an instant messaging application, can be said to be an offspring of the internet; an invention of the 20th century. And like with every invention that was created with good intentions, it can be misused by those with ill intentions. WhatsApp can be used for cyberbullying or online trolling. Actions like this can produce devastating aftermath, especially when you are on the receiving end. There are those who end up becoming anti-social because they were bullied or shamed by others using online platforms like WhatsApp. 

As a parent or guardian, you cannot always know the kind of friends that your child or ward will keep, neither can you always know when they make or meet new people online. Parents always want to keep their children safe from cyberbullies and bad influences, but with the current exposure that teenagers have, it may be somewhat hard to do that. 

However, do not be dismayed, you can monitor the social media exposure of your child using tracking apps. For instance, if you want to track WhatsApp messages on your child’s Android phone, you can download an app to help you with that. This article will provide you with the necessary information that you need on how to track WhatsApp messages. 

The whole purpose of tracking someone’s WhatsApp messages is so that you can know who they are interacting with without checking their phones. There are applications on Google Play Store that offer this kind of service – remote tracking of WhatsApp messages – and you can download them for free. The apps that are used for tracking WhatsApp messages are otherwise known as parental monitoring or control tool. Perhaps it is so named because the app is mostly used by parents. 

Below are some of the top apps that can be used to track WhatsApp chats or messages:


  • FoneMonitor
  • MinSpy
  • Spyine
  • Spyic
  • TiSPY



Tracking WhatsApp messages is not so complicated. You do not need to have any technical knowledge in order to operate the app. This application has a friendly user interface, so, you should be able to easily navigate the app.

FoneMonitor works in stealth mode, enabling you to monitor WhatsApp messages of the target phone without being noticed. You can download the application from Play Store. An interesting thing about FoneMonitor is, you can also use it to monitor the activities on other instant messaging apps. 


MInspy allows you to track WhatsApp chats in a stealth mode. This means that you can track the WhatsApp messages of the target phone discreetly. For example, when kids know that their parents are monitoring their social media activities, they tend to behave differently, thus, preventing their parents from knowing what they actually do online.

With MInspy, you can track the incoming and outgoing WhatsApp messages remotely. Time and date stamps accompany the messages, allowing you not to only know WHAT was said, but WHEN it was said. The app also makes you privy to the contact info of who your kid is talking to.

To top it all, you are able to view deleted messages. Minspy backs up all messages, therefore, allowing you to have access to deleted messages. Asides from monitoring social media activity, you can also track calls and view SMS remotely.  


Spyine is WhatsApp message tracking app, however, it can be used to monitor the activities on other instant messaging apps on the target device. A web based version of this app is also available for users. The app has a state-of-the-art interface, thereby, making it easy for everyone to use the app without hassle. Like Minspy, Spyine also allows you to view the contact book of the target phone, and tracking other activities on the phone. 


This WhatsApp monitoring app is easy to set up and use. Spyic is a popular parental monitoring app to track android and iphone with positive customer reviews. Android and iOS users can download this app for free. When parents use monitoring apps on their children’s phone, it is used with the intent of their children not discovering. An app that will enable parents to track their child’s WhatsApp chats from the shadows is needed.

Spyic works in a stealth mode, so, parents do not have to worrying about their children knowing that they are being monitored. As with the other apps listed above, Spyic is not a one-sided spying app. It can be used to monitor other activities on the target phone, such as SMS reader, real-time location tracker, call logs viewer, etc.


WhatsApp is a messaging app that has a good security protocols built in it to prevent prying eyes. In order to track WhatsApp messages, an app with stealth mode is needed. TiSPY is one of the top choices to track WhatsApp messages. 

The apps mentioned above are free to download and offer a trial version to new users. However, you will need to pay a monthly fee to continue using the app.

Steps to Track WhatsApp Messages on Android Phones

  1. Download the app from Play Store.
  2. Create an account and enter details of the target device.
  3. Install and setup the tracking app on the target device.
  4. Open the app to begin tracking WhatsApp messages.

Note: Any app, website or service offering to track WhatsApp messages on Android without the need to install an app is a hoax. The only way you can remotely track WhatsApp messages is by doing an app install on your device and the target device. 

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