Find Out Here for Tracking Children Online Activities

Experts recommend parents to have a system in place when it comes to raising their children. Having that system sets boundaries and helps them know when they are right.

Also, good deeds should come with rewards. If you are willing to buy a smartphone for your child, for instance, you have to be able to monitor what your children are doing online, especially since you’d like them to enjoy their freedom.

To execute this perfectly, you need an app. And that app is FoneMonitor. Read on to get more information on this fantastic app.

Disciplining Your Children

We can all agree that parenting can be difficult. You have to be gentle and, at the same time, be firm to ensure that you have disciplined children. So when you are buying them a phone, it’s going to be an additional gadget to their toy arsenal.

They can also use the phone to communicate with their peers from school or neighborhood, to play games, and even watch entertaining stuff like animated cartoons on the internet.

Watching cartoons is not bad. Chatting with friends is also not bad. But the internet is an entirely new world, which can be intimidating and insecure if you don’t observe them.

So you have to set boundaries. And the best way to do so is by using a spy app such as FoneMonitor.

Here’s what you need to know about it

In the world of spy apps, you are going to come across many options to select. Each app comes with its benefits and features.

FoneMonitor is one of the best spy apps you’ll find on the app store. It helps you track your children’s activities, find out who they are chatting with online, what they are doing online, and check out what they store in the gallery.

The app has over one million users from different parts of the world. And what’s more is that sites such as iGeeksBlog, Top 10 Reviews, New York Times, PC World, and many others recommend FoneMonitor to parents who want to monitor their children.

Features that come with it

When reviewing any spy app, you need to know what features come with it, especially if you have to pay a specific amount at the end of every month. FoneMonitor provides an easy way to install and use the app. And before you can give your child the phone, download and install the app in seconds. 

It takes less time because you don’t need to jailbreak the iOS device or root the android device to install it. Secondly, the app is 2 MBs. It doesn’t take much space on your phone. 

After installing Fonemonitor on the target device, you won’t need to have it ever again. 

Unless the child decides to format the phone, and you have to reinstall it. The app goes on stealth mode, and you can access the device remotely on a user-friendly dashboard. On the dashboard, you’ll find access to the gallery, location, browsing history, call recordings, call logs, messaging on social media, and other activities on their phone.

How you receive updates on the dashboard

FoneMonitor allows you to set the number of updates you’d like to receive in a day. It can record every 10 minutes. And it can provide updates once every day. The app developers recommend users go for the least amount of updates to avoid unusual battery drain and someone detecting the app.

Besides that, signing up for FoneMonitor is free. However, they provide affordable monthly payment plans, depending on your needs. The more premium the plan is, the more functions you can access. 


As a parent, you wouldn’t want to keep asking your son or daughter for their phone. It may create a barrier between you and them. Because of this, using an app such as FoneMonitor offers you the opportunity to keep an eye on what they do on the internet from a remote place. 

You also get to know your child’s behavior, friends, what they are vulnerable to, their movements, and what they love doing when using the smartphone. Note that, if you find out something you dislike in the process, it’s always proper to talk to your child.

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