How To Transfer Contacts From iPhone To Android [Quickly]

iPhones and Androids are like red and blue. They are very attractive on their own but completely different from one another. If you are looking to find out how to transfer contacts from iphone to Android you came to the right place. In this detailed guide, we will discuss 5 different ways of transferring contacts from your apple phone to the Android one.

You may Pick the one that seems the most convenient to you. Alternatively, start at the first method and move down the list if the first or second method do not work for your situation.  Read on! The systems of Apple and Android are very different.  Therefore, It very difficult to move contacts from one iPhone to Android. For starters, Apple use AFAIK file format to store contacts while android uses  APK file format.

Method 1 : Saving Contacts One by One Manually

This is probably the simplest method on the list. Not every contact you would like to see in your new phone. Especially if you are a student or don’t use your phone much for keeping in contact with people.

You can make a list of the contacts that you want to keep in the new phone and then save the contacts manually while reading the information from the old iPhone. But it is only feasible if the list contains less than 10 contacts. More than that will become a headache and that is probably why you are reading this article!

Method 2: Using the Apple iCloud

This method uses Apple Cloud services to get contacts from your old iPhone to the new Android. Log in to your Cloud on your computer. Open the contacts and then select the one’s hat you want to see in your new phone. You can also select all of them at once.

This is in case you don’t want to nitpick or keep all the contacts together. Now, click on the export contacts option. The contacts will be saved in your computer in the form of vCards.

vCards are electronic business cards which are used to keep basic information like name, email id, phone numbers or addresses. Now, plug in your Android device into the computer. Now you can transfer or copy the vCards into the Android device and save them into the contacts. You will be able to save all of your contacts in one go.

Method 3: Using a Third-party app

There is an app for everything that you wanna do out there. And we found one for you too. While there are multiple others available, we will be naming My Contacts Backup app. It’s just that the name is easy to remember and you are free to choose any other one you like. Here is what you need to do.

  • Open the app and backup your contacts. The app will do it using the VCF format.
  • Send the file using email to your Gmail account. Some apps let you do this while you might have to locate the file yourself in others.
  • Open the email you have sent to yourself in Gmail. Download the VCF file.
  • The VCF file will let you save all the contacts in one go. However, you also have the choice of saving only the ones that you want.

The biggest upside to this method is that you don’t need to use a computer for this. Your iPhone and Android device will suffice. There are multiple apps available and you can choose on the basis and reviews of the app.

Method 4 : Import contacts into your Gmail account

One of the reasons that people switch to Android from Apple is that they find it way more user friendly and easy to operate.

There are plenty of functions on Android that can be done with a clap of hand which take a long time in Apple. Here we will elaborate on one of such methods. You can save contacts in your Android device by importing them from Gmail. Here’s how.

  • Log in to your iCloud using a computer.
  • From there, select the contacts that you want to save on your Android device. You can select the contacts that you want to copy specifically or you can select all the contacts at once.
  • Export the contacts using iCloud. The contacts will be saved as a VCF file.
  • Now, head back to Gmail.
  • Click on the Google logo on the top left corner.
  • Click on the ‘contacts’ option.
  • On the dropdown, click on the ‘more’ option and then click on ‘import contacts’.
  • The contact list will be uploaded to your google account.
  • Now, open your Android device. You will be easily able to download the contacts from here. The contacts uploaded to the Gmail account can be accessed from all the devices having access to that account.

If your iPhone is running on ios 4.x or lower, the other methods are not of much use to you. You will have to head to iTunes.

Now, using iTunes is a bit tricky but we are sure you will be able to do the job easily. The method is not much difficult with respect to the previous methods.

  • Launch iTunes and connect your device to your computer.
  • On your device, launch the device summary page.
  • Click on the ‘sync contacts with’ and select the ‘google contacts’ option.
  • You will be required to punch in your google account and password.
  • The contacts will be uploaded to the google account.
  • You can easily access the contacts on your Android device. Make sure the device has access to the Gmail account that you punched in the iTunes contact syncing.

Use the methods that suit your needs best. You can try different methods if one of them does not work for you.

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