Uproad Mobile App Review

A transponder is not the best solution anymore: a convenient mobile app takes over its job. Originally from California, this mobile tolling solution is soon expected to cover all the 5,000 miles of toll roads in the USA.

Uproad’s Mission

Uproad was launched in order to help drivers stay free while on the road. Its goal is to not have to worry about uncertainty when it comes to taking the least costly route or the fastest one. It also helps deal with payment options, toll prices (they can be really confusing), and the overall unknown final costs. Uproad claims to help you stay in your seat as you drive and get freedom so you could travel without being limited, all on your own personal trends. Also, it was designed to save money and time. 

How To Activate Uproad

After you download the Uproad app, you do not need to go through very complicated steps to make it work. Everything revolves around just 3:

  1. You input the car you drive – In one account you can add a maximum of 10 vehicles with 2-axles. This obviously allows you to share your wealth as you can use one app account for every single family member. 
  2. Choose the payment option – Uproad lets you add your credit or debit card in just a few seconds. If this is not ok with you, it is also possible that you add PayPal or Venmo. With online payment wallets, the addition is done just through a few clicks. 
  3. Add funds – The last step is to add funds so that rides can be fueled. After this, you do not have to do anything else. Just drive. It is possible that you set up a manual payment through which you pay every toll as you drive or automatic payments, which automatically transfer funds from your accounts to the Uproad app

A pro tip you can use is to activate the application’s Toll Alert. This will help you discover the hidden fees that you might not expect. If the Uproad account does not cover one of the tolls that you passed, Toll Alert gives you the information you need to make the payment. 

How Does Uproad Work?


When you drive on a toll road, Uproad sends a notification with the trip’s estimated cost to your phone. Once the tolling authority posts the toll charges to your account, the app sends them the payments automatically using funds from your balance.


Try Uproad on your smartphone right now! It’s available for free download in the App Store and Google Play Market. The app is exceptionally user-friendly — but from a technological viewpoint, it has complex technology under the hood.


It takes just a few minutes to configure your account before hitting the road. Uproad allows you to add up to 10 vehicles, and you can choose Venmo, PayPal, Credit, or Debit Card as your preferred payment option. Usually, it takes just one night to activate your vehicle with tolling agencies which means you’ll pay tolls using Uproad the next day after setting up your account! You’ll receive a notification as soon as your car is activated. 


Before setting out on a trip, check out the map with state-by-state coverage. Then all you need to do is to keep an eye on your balance. Uproad will do the rest. Within a few days, the toll agency validates the cost of each toll you passed, and the charges are deducted from your balance automatically. 

Advantages Of Using Uproad

The main advantages of using the Uproad app are the following:

  • You can easily use the app in order to automate toll paying as you focus on driving. 
  • There is no windshield hardware needed like the bulky transponder or the toll bag. 
  • As you pass a toll you will be notified so there are no surprises at the end of the trip. 
  • Discounts might be available because Uproad constantly negotiates payment rates with the toll agencies. Savings are passed to users. 
  • The several payment options available cover all possible users. 
  • All your related expenses and usage are tracked. This means you can budget the travel and clearly track spending, all with the smartphone you use. 
  • You can save time because you get to skip the toll’s cash lane and go for the fast lane. 
  • You can avoid late penalties and fines because your mailbox will have only accurate data. 
  • Toll costs can be calculated before traveling. The Trip Calculator feature allows you to find the cheapest and fastest route. 
  • Uproad has access to a huge network of tolls and plans to cover the entire country. 

Uproad Pricing


Uproad charges a small service fee for each toll payment. Those who frequently use toll roads might want a $19.99 yearly Premium membership for lower costs on every trip. 


Apart from payment features for specific regions, the app has a built-in trip calculator. Next time you plan your trip, the app will estimate your total toll charges quickly and precisely.

If you activate the Toll Alters function, Uproad will also let you know how much money you spent on tolls during each trip.  In this way, you’ll stay informed of the toll roads you pass so that you won’t discover surprise payment notices in the mail later. 

Uproad’s Partnerships

Uproad constantly works very hard to offer extra support to all their toll agency partners. Special care is put on reducing financial risk and operational costs. As a result, customer service is also improved and travel experiences are much more streamlined. All of this allows the partners to focus on the business and not care about dealing with missed payments. 

Uproad is basically a service that aims to supplement the customer operations of the agencies. The service is capable of removing additional support calls or costs linked with operation violations. 


On the whole, Uproad is a very interesting mobile app that can help you turn your smartphone into a payment processor for tolls. 

Enjoy the progress and plan your budget more efficiently!

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